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Ektara responds to NVN story about Dr. Martinez

Jeanne Jarecki [aka: Ektara]

RSE student Ektara sent a Letter to Nisqually Valley News (NVN) Publisher/Editor Michael Wagar, which was published in his newspaper’s April 16 online edition and the April 17 print edition. Used with the permission of Jeanne Jarecki [aka: Ektara].
The letter was in response to the NVN story of March 19, 2015 about Dr. Matthew Martinez, DC,
Chiropractor Who Led Ramtha DNA Study Sanctioned for Fraud.”
Ektara said, “This is a little scary for me to be so bold, out of my comfort zone. Dr. Matt has been there so many times for everyone. I really wanted to stand up for him and the school.”

“Challenging ‘Brilliant’ Doctor’s Credibility Marginalizes the NVN”
Posted: Thursday, April 16, 2015 12:13 pm


I am challenging Nisqually Valley News Publisher Michael Wagar on the promise you made when you came to our school, Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, stood on our stage and promised that you would write honest, unbiased articles about us. The article that you allowed about Dr. Matt Martinez was neither.

To go after the credibility of a brilliant doctor, (did you look up his credentials?) to undermine the DNA test that would give credence to our school by using fraud, marginalized you and your paper. For what end? I surmise, to keep the doubt in skeptical minds about our lovely school. To reinforce the line of polarity, to continue the onslaught of those for and against us.

Maybe truth would have been a more noble way to sell papers. Even though the article was fraudulent and the proof forthcoming, I have not seen an apology or a retraction clearing the name of Dr. Martinez, nor a follow up on the DNA study. Had you sought a higher action, you just might have been involved in reporting the cutting-edge technology stemming from some of the new founded results.

So now concerning Dr. Matt:

After a head-on collision 11 years ago in which the car that hit me with the thrust from someone passing a car in my lane around a blind corner totaling my husband’s heavy 4×4 truck, three years of therapy, no longer insured, not able to work and going to a chiropractor every three or four days, I made the decision not to continue and to work on healing in my mind. Eight years passed before I went back for a treatment. Then I saw remarkable results in two of my friends and decided to try Dr. Matt with the hope for my own results, in which I am getting.

Besides being a stellar chiropractor and healer, he is ever present, kind and loving to each and every patient. There is a 10-year-old boy in a wheelchair, damaged at birth, now with some movement and feeling in his feet. A young man in Australia, also damaged at birth, is now walking and his speech is clearer with Dr. Matt’s help.

So when I read your scandalous article, it was clear to me that you choose not to do proper research. A caring man who charges seniors $20 a treatment would never not pay an employee or overcharge a patient. I knew immediately that this was an attack on our school at the expense of Dr. Martinez to undermine the DNA study.

In my eyes you no longer deserve our trust. You are not an advocate for truth and you have not kept your word.

Jeanne Jarecki [Ektara]

Click here for the Nisqually Valley News online post.

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JZ’s and Ramtha’s Big Event (Video Replay)
Yelm, April 3-11, 2015 – Event Links

For the complete list of links from the original JZ and Ramtha’s Big Event in February, 2015,
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Saturday, April 4, 2015
Blood Moon over RSE

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

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Wednesday, April 11, 2015

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RSE Student Carolyn GiaMarco uses C&E® and Blue Body® for healing

Carolyn GiaMarco

Carolyn GiaMarco tells the story of healing her eye using the disciplines taught by Ramtha in her own words:

“I noticed last New Year’s Eve (2013 into 14) after putting on a costume that included an eye patch (which I put over my right eye) that my left eye was very blurry and I felt very stressed trying to use just it rather than both eyes so I began webbing it every time it noticed it. My yearly eye checkup was due so I made an appointment as soon as they could fit me in. When I did get there my distance vision in the left eye was grossly worse than it had been the year before (Jan 2013) and although the doctor could see a small rupture of a vessel had occurred; it had by then already grown new vessels circumventing the blocked torn spot. But that didn’t explain the continuing vision problem. So, she suggested I see a specialist to make certain there wasn’t a worse condition her equipment couldn’t detect.

When I saw him with different imaging he could see a large hole had formed in the back of the eyeball because of fluid from the tear and he put me on a new test eye drops treatment for the next 90 days. I continued to web it every time I thought about it. It was only slightly improved when I returned 6 weeks later and he asked me to continue on the treatment for another 3 months till the drops ran out. By June it was a little better but still no where near gone and he suggested I have surgery to remove the fluid, but I told him since it wasn’t going to make me blind and was only annoying when I tried to read or do candle focus, I preferred to continue working on healing it myself. (webbing it to heal it) When I returned in Sept it had shrunk, and healed a lot and the doctor said he thought I had made the right decision not to do the surgery. I continued webbing my eyes whenever I thought about them for another 3 months and had another check up in Dec. when he found the fluid was nearly totally gone, my vision was markedly better, and the hole had mostly disappeared too. (See the 3/18/14 photos of the hole and 12/16/14 photos of the once hole.)

The doctor did stress that I still needed to get my blood pressure under control or it could happen again. So I’ve been doing C&E® daily with daily wine and pipe as often as I can get it, webbing, and occasionally doing Blue Body® dance. I agreed recently to participate in a research study to test some more natural blood pressure treatments and cardio vascular care products. After they lent me a BP reading machine I’ve checked it every day and found that although I take my three BP meds daily it is still running high (182-193), except when I have a couple glasses of wine and pipe daily and then it runs in the (140’s-150’s). When I went into the doctor again to check, we found my BP level was 35 points below what it had been at home so the doctor asked me to bring in my machine for a check. When I did it was definitely reading 30 points higher than my actual reading. I have been watching my diet and taking the herbals too, but this proved the C&E® had helped because the readings have been consistent from before I began using the herbals. I still have some work to do but I’m looking to a time soon that I can quit all my pharmaceuticals and even permanently cure it with Blue Body and natural products & supplements. Eventually not needing any of it anymore.

- Carolyn GiaMarco

Click here for the before and after scans.

Jackie Reid-
Personal Healing from the Blue Body® Advanced Workshop

Jackie Reid

Congratulations to Jackie Reid for her successful healing from the Blue Body® Advanced Workshop:

“I would like to share a small healing story.
A few months ago I noticed abnormal cells growing on my right upper forehead.
I had not attended the first Blue Body® evening so I could not attend the second
but I did watch the first one from Ramtha.TV. I marked the spot and
others and along with the recording did the Blue Body® Dance. Not too
long afterwards, I went to check the growth and to my great joy found
that it was completely gone. I know this was a small healing but a very
big event for me.”

Thank you again to Ramtha & JZ for all they do for our school and students.

Ramtha: “to become unlimited means change…”

From JZ: “I wanted to share this with you”

Linda Barnes responds to NVN story about Dr. Martinez

Linda Barnes

RSE student Linda Barnes sent a Letter to Nisqually Valley News (NVN) Publisher/Editor Michael Wagar, which was published in his newspaper’s April 9 online edition and the April 10 print edition. Used with the permission of Linda Barnes.
The letter was in response to the NVN story of March 19, 2015 about Dr. Matthew Martinez, DC,
Chiropractor Who Led Ramtha DNA Study Sanctioned for Fraud.”

“NVN Publisher Wagar’s Journalistic Ethics Are Substandard”
Posted: Thursday, April 9, 2015 12:48 pm


In response to the Nisqually Valley News article dated March 20, 2015, entitled “Chiropractor Who Led Ramtha DNA Study Sanctioned for Fraud,” according to the Stipulated Finding of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Agreed Order the allegation of fraud is not true. The article is character assassination of a skilled doctor and caring, giving man.

Fraud has legal implications and is commonly understood as “dishonesty calculated for advantage.” Legal fraud is a specific offense with certain features. The definition of medical fraud is “The intentional misrepresentation or deception resulting in payments for services not rendered.”

The Chiropractic Commission concluded, “the alleged conduct fell within Practice below the Standard of Care.” This practice was related to patient documentation and billing process. It appears this conduct was related to one patient. Actions ordered by the Commission were for a two-year period and Dr. Matt Martinez was ordered to:

• Pay a fine of $1,000.

• Take continuing education classes.

• Hire a mentor/consultant who would do a review, submit findings/recommendations to the Commission that were to be implemented within six months.

• The Department of Health could perform three unannounced record audits per year.

Dr. Martinez complied with all Orders. It is noted this Order was signed May 10, 2013. On March 20, 2015, there was less than two months to completion of the Order. For a two-year period, patient’s records/billings were scrutinized without further difficulty. The Nisqually Valley News reporting of the allegations and findings of fact appear distorted to support the alleged accusations.

On March 13, 2015, the Nisqually Valley News published an article titled “JZ Knight Claims DNA Switcheroo.” Dr. Martinez was the physician taking the DNA samples that were submitted to three independent laboratories for testing. The Nisqually Valley News article questioned and ridiculed the significant medical and scientific results. The article quoted information gathered from a plant geneticist. I wonder why the Nisqually Valley News did not search for a Board Certified medical geneticist. A simple web search found six Board Certified Medical Geneticists at the University of Washington.

The article labeling Dr. Martinez a “fraud” was written one week later on March 20. The articles appear to be designed to demean and discredit Dr. Martinez due to his involvement with the DNA testing. On March 27, the Nisqually Valley News’ “Question of the Week” was related to Dr. Martinez’s credibility. I cannot recall any individual who was presented by the Nisqually Valley News in this manner for public judgement/condemnation.

The Society of Professional Journalism Code of Ethics states: “Ethical journalism should be accurate and fair. The journalist should be honest and courageous in gathering, reporting and interpreting information.

“Journalist should: Take responsibility for the accuracy of their work. Verify information before releasing it. Use original sources when possible.

“Remember that neither speed nor format excuses inaccuracy.

“Support the open and civil exchange of views, even views they find repugnant.

“Never deliberately distort facts or context, including visual information.

“Ethical journalism treats sources, subjects, colleagues, and members of the public as human beings deserving respect.”

The above standards appear to have been applied by Nisqually Valley News Publisher Michael Wagar in a Nisqually Valley News article on March 27, 2015, regarding a Rainier School District lawsuit. In the March 27, 2015, Publisher’s Column titled “Lawsuit Allegations Tell Only One Side of the Story,” Mr. Wagar spoke of the Rainier lawsuit article. He pointed out that “anyone can file a lawsuit” and that “this is still an emerging story” and “the Nisqually Valley News will follow this lawsuit to its conclusion, no matter the results.” Unfortunately, it appears the same standards were not afforded in the article on Dr. Martinez.

Linda Barnes, BA, MA, Ed.D


Click here for the Nisqually Valley News online post.

Copyright © 2015 Lafromboise Communications, Inc.
Used with permission – can not be republished for commercial use/advertising.

Jan Pfeiffer-
A Light to his World

Jan Pfeiffer and his grandma , Oma (Johanna)

Jan Pfeiffer’s story of being inspired by what he learned at RSE in 2014 and to utilize the teachings as a light in his world in his own words:

“My name is Jan Pfeifer from Germany, have been in school for almost 10 years.
Inspired by Steve Klein, I gave a little speech at the Catholic funeral of my grandma, who recently died at the age of 93.
This is something I had actually experienced with her after her death.
I had written down this experience and then an idea came to me inspired by Steve, to read it aloud at her funeral.
This all came to me in the middle of her requiem mass – to say something about my grandma, which is what I read in front of more than 100 more or less depressed people.”

Click here
for Jan’s touching eulogy for his beloved grandmother, Oma.

“And by the way, one day before, when I was on my way to south of Germany (about 300 miles from my home) to the funeral,
I passed by the Casino, hit a new record of mine, and made 5000 Euro ($5,500 USD) at Roulette.
And if not enough, when I met my sister at and after the funeral, with whom I had no contact for many years, the relationship developed in wonderful ways, which was a big wish of mine.

This all never would have been even thinkable without RSE.”

Thank you,
Jan Pfeifer

Geologist: artifacts suggest Jesus was married, fathered a child –
Ramtha has always taught this was true

“Aryeh Shimron, a geologist based in Jerusalem, said the soil found on two sets of ancient
burial boxes was a geochemical match.” (Rina Castelnuovo for The New York Times)

- “Findings Reignite Debate on Claim of Jesus’ Bones”
“Hailed by some as the most significant of all Christian relics but dismissed by skeptics amid accusations of forgery, misinterpretation and reckless speculation, two ancient artifacts found here have set off a fierce archaeological and theological debate in recent decades.

At the heart of the quarrel is an assortment of inscriptions that led some to suggest Jesus of Nazareth was married and fathered a child, and that the Resurrection could never have happened.

Now, the earth may have yielded new secrets about these disputed antiquities. A Jerusalem-based geologist believes he has established a common bond between them that strengthens the case for their authenticity and importance.

The first artifact is an ossuary, or burial box for bones, bearing the Aramaic inscription “James son of Joseph brother of Jesus,” that the Israeli collector who owns it says he bought from an East Jerusalem antiquities dealer in the 1970s.”

“The second artifact is a tomb unearthed at a building site in the East Talpiot neighborhood of East Jerusalem in 1980 and thrust into the limelight by a 2007 documentary movie, “The Lost Tomb of Jesus.”

“The burial chamber, which subsequently became known as the Talpiot Tomb, contained 10 ossuaries, some with inscriptions that have been interpreted as “Jesus son of Joseph,” “Mary” and other names associated with New Testament figures.”

“Enter the geologist, Aryeh Shimron. He is convinced he has made that connection by identifying a well-defined geochemical match between specific elements found in samples collected from the interiors of the Talpiot Tomb ossuaries and of the James ossuary,” quoting Isabel Kershner, The New York Times, April 4, 2015.
Read more

- “Ramtha on Jesus being married and his children”
- Ramtha teaches that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and had children
“He was a being that was gifted with the royal blood. He was an entity that had everything going for him, and he could certainly seduce with that kind of power. Jesus was an entity who put aside the woman that he loved, his children, the throne, and had a message. The message was, In order for me to be the king of the Jews, I must first be the son of God and so I must live my life in that refrain and not that I am the son of my mother and my father. Everyone can be the sons and daughters of their parents, but very few ever finally decide to say I am the royal blood of my Holy Spirit and this is the life that I must live.”
- Ramtha
Fireside Series 4.1 “Jesus the Christ: The Life Of A Master
Click here to order.

- Ramtha expanded on Jesus being married and their lineage
“The fact that Yeshua ben Joseph was married is a truth, and married not to a whore but an initiate from a royal family connected to the house of David, a woman of exquisite power and mind. The two of them in their initiation changed their DNA, changed their seed, changed their eggs. Every day that you engage your life, beloved entity, however you engage it, and whatever the outcome is to emotion, determines your semen, determines your eggs, and changes your DNA, your gift to the future.”
- Ramtha
Los Angeles, CA
May 20, 2006
Excerpt from: CD 0613, Suppression, Love, and the Power to Change. Ramtha In Los Angeles.
Click here to order

- “Ramtha: Jesus’ Final Initiation”
“Yeshua ben Joseph knew that however he saw anything is exactly how he agreed for it to be. When he saw the blind man, the blind man asked for help. He bent over and picked up some clay and he spat in it. And what he was doing with the clay and his spit, he was creating a new biofield of particle relationship. And when he did this and put it together and put it on the blind man’s eyes, in molding the clay Yeshua ben Joseph saw perfect vision. So as he was molding the clay, the clay became the catalyst to perfect vision. So when he put the clay on his eyes, that biofield or morphogenic field reconstructed immediately the visual nerve supply to the back of the brain and he saw instantly.

Now we call that a miracle-worker. But how powerful is it to be like this entity, who every day of his life worked up to this level of relationship with the particle field? What did he have to do? Walking down the path he would see — he would choose immediately — whether to agree with the landscape or change it. So if he was walking and stirring up saffron dust, if he found delight in that then he was agreeing with the dust. So the dust never changed. How many times do you walk down the path and stir up dust and are agitated with it? That only enforces its nature.”
Excerpt from: Ramtha, A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Reality
Published the week of April 6, 2015 in SuperConsciousness.
Click here

- Míceál Ledwith published this story title in 2007: “Have the Burial Boxes of Jesus and Mary Magdelene been Found?
Míceál Ledwith, L.Ph., L.D., D.D., LLD (h.c.) has a distinguished resume, having served for 17 years under Pope John Paul as a member of the International Theological Commission, a small group of theologians of international standing charged with advising the Holy See on theological matters.

Ledwith is co-author of The Orb Project (Simon and Schuster/Beyond Words, November 2007) and author of three DVDs so far, The Hamburger Universe (2005), How Jesus Became a Christ (2006) and Orbs: Clues to a More Exciting Universe (February 2008). He is at present writing a three volume work Forbidden Truth which deals with fundamental areas related to human destiny and the mechanics of spiritual evolution. For more information visit his website at www.hamburgeruniverse.com .

Astonishing results to make old people young again –
Ramtha: “Your Thoughts Matter… Literally”

Photo credit: Business insider, Australia

- “A radical experiment tried to make old people young again — and the results were astonishing”
“The ‘counterclockwise’ study”

“Imagine, for a moment, living in a nursing home. Your meals are in a cafeteria, your recreation is at scheduled times, and you’re surrounded by other old people, mostly strangers. You’ve been robbed of your autonomy, maybe even your identity — the very things that make you you may be more tied to your past than your present, and nobody expects very much of you anymore.

No matter your age, this is not an environment in which most people thrive. But Langer thought that maybe, just maybe, if you could put people in a psychologically better setting — one they would associate with a better, younger version of themselves — their bodies might follow along. ‘Wherever you put the mind, you’re necessarily putting the body,’ she explained many years later, on CBS This Morning.

* Eight men in their 70s stepped out of a van in front of a converted monastery in New Hampshire. They shuffled forward, a few of them arthritically stooped, a couple with canes. Then they passed through the door and entered a time warp. Perry Como crooned on a vintage radio. Ed Sullivan welcomed guests on a black-and-white TV. Everything inside — including the books on the shelves and the magazines lying around — were designed to conjure 1959.

The men didn’t just reminisce about what things were like at that time (a control group did that). They were instructed to behave as if it were actually 1959, while the control group lived in a similar environment but didn’t act as if it were decades ago.

They discussed historical events as if they were current news, and no provisions were made that acknowledged the men’s weakened physical state; no one carried their bags or helped them up the stairs or treated them like they were old.

“Nothing — no mirrors, no modern-day clothing, no photos except portraits of their much younger selves — spoiled the illusion that they had shaken off 22 years,” Grierson wrote.

A week later, both the control group and the experimental group showed improvements in “physical strength, manual dexterity, gait, posture, perception, memory, cognition, taste sensitivity, hearing, and vision,” Langer wrote in “Counterclockwise.”
Read more from Business Insider, Australia.

- “Ramtha – Your Thoughts Matter… Literally”
“Ramtha has captivated and inspired audiences worldwide for 30 years. His teachings have empowered tens of thousands of people to consciously create their reality and change their lives in ways that exceed their expectations and what they thought possible,” quoting the RSEWebTeam on YouTube, from 2008.
Click here for Ramtha’s teaching on video.