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Senior RSE students inspire their Retirement Community

David Naber on-stage to share his story

On Thursday, April 4, 2013, Steve Klein asked Beginning Event student David Naber to share his unique experience after the teachings on Orbs and in making contact with entities in the unseen. Dave reported having made a connection with his deceased twin brother.
Read more of Dave’s touching story.

Dave’s wife Lizbeth got her first-ever Fieldwork® card
at the second session of that event

Lisbeth and Dave have been changed by what they experienced at RSE and in continuing to read and listen to Ramtha’s teachings. They have shared their inspiration with their friends and neighbors and asked if they could bring a busload to RSE for a campus tour and introduction to the teachings:

“Forty-two active seniors from Panorama Retirement Community in Lacey, WA came to RSE campus for a tour [May 7, conducted by Mike Wright and Laura Mooney] of the grounds and an orientation to our philosophy.

RSE students and long-time Panorama residents David and Lisbeth Naber proposed the idea to both organizations, and it was a rousing success for all involved!”
Click here for their photos, including the Neighborhood Walk® and Remote View.

42 guests in the Neighborhood Walk®, May 7

‘Ramtha Collection’ housed in the Univ. of CA. Santa Barbara Library

– From the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) Library, American Religions Collection:
“Approximately 1,000 linear feet of manuscripts mainly relating to 20th century non-traditional religions and splinter groups of larger religious bodies in North America. The core of the collection, assembled by J. Gordon Melton, includes major sections relating to Astrology, Buddhism, Christian Science, Evangelical Christian, Hindu, Islam, Magick, Mormon, New Age, Spiritualism, Theosophy, and numerous other groups and movements. (ARC Mss 1).”

“Ramtha Collection, 1991-2004. Audio and video recording of the teachings of the spirit Ramtha, channeled by JZ Knight. (ARC Mss 26).”
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Exclusive interview with Dr. Matthew Martinez, DC

Dr. Matthew Martinez, DC
Photo courtesy: Absolute Health Clinic,
taken by Marc Hazewinkel

Yelm Community Blog Interview with Dr. Matthew Martinez
Conducted April, 24, 2015

Yelm Community Blog, Copyright © 2015 Stephen R. Klein, used with permission.

Dr. Matthew Martinez, DC (Dr. Matt) was prominently featured in a March 13, 2015 Nisqually Valley News story about his landmark and historic DNA test results of JZ Knight and Ramtha, channeled by Knight. Then a week later, the newspaper published a front page article alleging that Dr. Martinez committed fraud based on an inflammatory accusation several years ago.

Yet the State of Washington Chiropractic Quality Assurance Commission ‘stipulated’ that:

– Dr. Martinez failed to document in his clinical record three CPT codes corresponding to chiropractic manipulations and therapeutic exercises.
– The Commission only took issue with this clerical omission, NOT with the quality of treatment given to a patient by Dr. Martinez. The “sanction” against him amounted to a procedural fine, continuing education and monitoring focused upon his attention to more appropriate clinical note-taking.
– Of note was their mention that Dr. Martinez had no past disciplinary record.

Since the Nisqually Valley News apparently chose to publish a sensationalistic headline story in an apparent effort to discredit the DNA lab results of JZ Knight and Ramtha by running their story without waiting to interview the doctor until after his return from his family holiday, I asked Dr. Martinez to sit down with me to learn about his background to inform our community about this wonderful physician in a two part interview. Part II will feature a discussion on the significance of the DNA test results JZ Knight & Ramtha.

– Part I began by asking “Dr. Matt” about his early life and his interest in the healing arts.

“Prior to my birth, my South American father Pablo was a cargo pilot and seriously injured in an aircraft accident that led to mercury exposure, which is very toxic to the human body right down to the cellular level. My father knew instinctively to seek out alternative treatments to save his body from certain death due to such a large exposure. All of his crew later died, except him.”

Dr. Martinez’s family became very concerned when his American-born mother became pregnant with him, as his parents were already advanced in the knowledge of health sciences. They knew the potentials that his DNA could be damaged in-utero from his father’s mercury exposure.

Quoting Dr. Matt,
“My father taught herbs while living in Ecuador, where they are abundant in the higher elevations of this mountainous country. When I came into the world, this was my life: vitamins, healthy foods, and a balanced diet, as examples.”

Dr. Matt described how he was always interested in being mindfully aware of taking care of his body, always knowing he wanted to share this knowledge with others. He viewed the medical system as being hypocritical with their focus on emergency critical care vs. the preventative nature of healthcare providers. While emergency critical care is an important facet of the medical system, the majority of the medical profession’s focus in training on that protocol overlooks so many other more patient-friendly options.

Therefore, Dr. Martinez chose the latter for his field of study.

– What led to Dr. Matt’s decision to become a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC)?

Dr. Matt married and started a family with the birth of his first son. He worked as a Massage Therapist focused on supporting his young family.

Yet, something was calling inside him – he realized he was limited in what he truly wanted to do to serve his patients. Following a divorce and being single again, he decided then was the perfect opportunity to go back to school to learn more and build upon his undergraduate degrees, as the extreme rigors of long hours acquiring an education in medical school does not lend itself to family life. Dr. Matt enrolled in Parker University College of Chiropractic in Dallas and after extending his 4-year studies for an extra year of concentration in adjustment technologies, he graduated in 2009 with a Doctorial Degree.

– What was your view of your career possibilities on receiving your Doctorial Degree?

“Practicing medicine as a doctor in utilizing what is the God-given innate ability in the body, Chiropractors help you to bring out your own natural ability to heal. Chiropractors are the number one choice in the alternative health care field in the entire world – because it works.”

Dr. Martinez described in detail his post-graduate training in achieving four Doctor Degrees:
– Doctorial Degree
– Neurological Diplomate
– Acupuncture Diplomate (to provide his patients a broader base of understanding)
– Post Doctorial Graduate Program (Masters Degree level equivalent)

He said, “Helping people was always something I gravitated to. As a first generation American on my father’s side, I wanted to help and contribute to this great country.”

– Explain the difference between Medical Doctors and Doctors of Chiropractic?

“The main difference is in the treatment protocol. Chiropractors have more classroom hours on the human anatomy, where Medical Doctors base 90% of their practice on prescribing drugs. Chiropractors do not dispense drugs, rather use a hands-on approach with their adjustments. Both are valid, however their focus and treatment protocols are very different.”

– Tell us about the path that led you in DNA research?

After graduation from Parker University, Dr. Martinez joined a large chiropractic practice in Texas. In October 2010, he moved to the Pacific Northwest near the home of his mother and opened a practice in Olympia, from where his office has grown in a short 4 1/2 years.

Dr. Matt explained that every medical student has intense genetic training. He was always especially interested in how DNA contributed and affected one’s life. With the training he had acquired and further developed, Dr. Matt looked at DNA and genetics in a different way, through a unique lens if you will – most are concerned with pathology instead of how genetics affect that pathology and he always wanted to understand those subtle differences. For example, he contemplated the differences between siblings with the same DNA from the same parents, yet how different they can be and how it can affect pathology.

Quoting Dr. Matt, “For four years, we have been testing genetics in my [Olympia, WA] office. That and serving my patients have been my passion.”

– Can you simply describe the difference between genetics and genealogy?

Yes, simply put:
Genetics is the study of how you are articulating the individual expression of your DNA helix. This includes, yet is not limited to your hair, hair color, and right on down to the cell structure.

Genealogy is the study of the lineage from where you came – yet stops about who you are by only looking from the point of view of where your DNA set originated. As an example, the genealogy associated with the R1B gene can be traced back to the lineage of King Tutankhamen.

– What is a haplogroup?

This relates to the number of chromosomes in a gamete (a reproductive cell or sex cell) of an organism. This connects you to another individual. There are different ways of connecting you to the source of a group.
As an example, you obtained:
* the Y chromosome from your Father,
* the X chromosome from your Mother.
This is a wonderful collaboration of genetics which is YOU!

– For Part II, I would like you to explain the DNA testing you did at the invitation of JZ Knight on her and when she was channeling Ramtha. Thank you for your candor and your time, Dr. Martinez.

I am happy you set-up this interview and I appreciate your interest and that of Yelm Community Blog readers.

Memorial Day 2015 – Remembering those who gave of themselves

A caisson entering Arlington National Cemetery across the Potomac River from Washington, DC
Photo from Arlington National Cemetery website,
Courtesy of Andrew V. McMaster, May 2006

– America’s Memorial Day
This weekend in America is our Memorial Day holiday when America pauses to honor those that have given their lives in service to their country. Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment appreciates and honors all of those who have served to defend, protect, and preserve our country from outside invaders and those within our land.

Memorial Day, an American holiday observed on the last Monday of May, honors men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Originally known as Decoration Day, it originated in the years following the Civil War [to honor Union soldiers who died and after World War I, expanded to include those who died in any war or military action] and became an official federal holiday in 1971. Many Americans observe Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries or memorials, holding family gatherings and participating in parades. Unofficially, at least, it marks the beginning of summer,” quoting The History Channel.
Read more and see the video.

– RSE’s corporate travel partner, Delta Airlines, honors our military on their last flights home.
A group of Delta Air Lines employees has made a commitment to honor and recognize members of the military who have made the ultimate sacrifice.
The Delta Honor Guard, which has been operating since 2005, is composed of approximately 30 men and women who volunteer their time to honor fallen troops whose remains come through Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport aboard Delta flights, according to Brian McConnell, coordinator of the Delta Honor Guard.
Delta Airlines is a vendor to RSE, our school’s corporate travel partner carrying our staff to events worldwide.
Click here for this moving ceremony from February 13, 2013, which occurs plane-side, even in the rain and snow.

– “The Path of the Warrior”
A moving tribute from the Humanity Healing Foundation.
Click here for the video.

– JZ Knight recommends a contribution to the Wounded Warrior Project.
Click here to donate.

Dr. Martinez, DC: changing the world being a love of mind!

“A beautiful tribute to a man that you have had the blessing to watch and receive treatment!”

– JZ Knight

RFK, Jr. to open Ramtha’s Bootcamp July 24 –
JZ recommends reading his new book: “Thimerosal”

Photo courtesy: Keppler Speakers Bureau

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will return to The Great Hall to open Ramtha’s Spiritual Bootcamp Event on Friday, July 24 at 7pm.
Mr. Kennedy will be discussing his research that he uncovered and published in his latest book, “Thirmerosal – Let the Science Speak: An Analysis of the Scientific Literature on Mercury Toxicity in Vaccines and the Political, Regulatory, and Media Failures That Continue to Threaten Public Health.”

JZ recommends reading this book prior to the event.
Click here to purchase your copy.
Mr. Kennedy will be conducting a book-signing following his talk and Q & A.

This event is open to all RSE students, both current and non-current and will be live-streamed. Non current students must have attended or streamed a Class 101, Beginning Retreat, or Campaign at some point since 1988.
This event will not be open to the public.

Ramtha: “To become unlimited is to be without fear…”

“What Are Plastics Doing to Our Children’s Brains?” –
Ramtha on the “consequences” of using plastics

Photo courtesy: Care2.com, Inc.

– “What Are Plastics Doing to Our Children’s Brains?”
“Plastic isn’t just bad for the environment.

A group of chemicals added to plastic can impact human health…especially children’s brains. They’re called phthalates.

Phthalates are found in hundreds of plastic products like rubber duckies, beach balls, plastic raincoats, plastic food containers (including the prepackaged foods in markets). They act as carriers for fragrances in products like laundry detergents, fabric softeners, soaps and shampoos as well as your favorite cologne or perfume.

Phthalates are also in cosmetics. They keep your mascara from running, stop your nail polish from chipping and help perfume linger.

Scientists have shown that they’re a probable human carcinogen as well as endocrine disruptors—gender-bender chemicals that make girls develop earlier and reduce testosterone levels in boys. They affect behavior too. One study from Environmental Health Perspectives found that prenatal exposure to phthalates caused an increase in ADHD behavior in children aged 4-9,” quoting The Green Divas.
Read more

– Ramtha spoke about the greater “consequences” of using plastics
“The Earth has turned on you. It has turned on you because you have sucked its blood out of its veins, its oil. You have dug up its metals and you have poisoned the mountains and the stream and the trout and the flower and the water necessary for all life. You have thrown your trash into the sea. You have made products convenient for you without understanding its consequences because you don’t want to wash pottery. Pottery is biodegradable; a plastic cup isn’t. Long ago a child’s loincloth was woven from reeds, beautiful linen, that could be broken down simply, but not today. It is made with dangerous gases and plastics that will never break down. How many children were born to six and a half billion people? How many of them were not put into linens, whose waste the Earth can only tolerate by putting it in its fires to destroy it? Now its creatures are sick.”
– Ramtha
“Change – The Days That Are Here”
April 14, 2007
Click here to purchase the CD of the entire teaching.

Ramtha: “The Source gives to you…”

“WALK yourself out of a bad mood.”