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Childhood adversity, disorders shorten telomeres
– Select Ramtha teachings on telomeres and DNA health

“Results of the study show childhood adversity and lifetime psychopathology were each associated
with shorter telomeres and higher mtDNA content.” Credit: © Phils Photography / Fotolia

“Connection between childhood adversity, psychiatric disorders seen at cellular level”
“An association between biological changes on the cellular level and both childhood adversity and psychiatric disorders has been identified by researchers. These changes in the form of telomere shortening and alterations of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), are important in the aging process.”

“This new research provides evidence that psychosocial factors–specifically childhood adversity and psychiatric disorders– may also influence these cellular changes and could lead to accelerated aging,” by Women & Infants Hospital research in ScienceDaily.
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Click here for an abstract of the study

- Ramtha on telomeres and our cellular DNA
“You are going to die. Your telomeres in your body are one of the greatest indicators because telomeres are worn down by emotion. As I have taught you, the first three seals are absolutely addicted to emotion. And the more you have it, the older you are going to get. I don’t care what you do.”
- Ramtha
July 21, 2000
Yelm, WA.
All Group Workshop

- Ramtha’s 2011 suggestion to research the brain’s effect on DNA
“When you return to your hovels and to your World Wide Web, investigate how are the brain and DNA connected, the latest research on DNA, and how do these two affect the environment or the environment affect them. It is wonderful research.”
- Ramtha
Spiritual Integrity Assay
Yelm, WA
July 2, 2011

- Ramtha’s disciplines underscore how we affect our genes and DNA
Ramtha: The more you change, your DNA is going to change”
“Are you going to run out of life in this lifetime? No. The more you change, your DNA is going to change. It will occur to you one day that there is a way that you want to get to a certain age and that you want to just put that on hold while you enjoy the exploration of mind in the most unlimited fashion. Perhaps it will be working yourself up to the grand mental acceptance of dancing in parallel realities and time-shifts. The advanced students in this school are just starting to walk up, or approach, those steps. You may want to do that. And I say, in short, that the best is yet to come. Do not weep for what is gone. Celebrate what is coming.”
— Ramtha
October 2003
Yelm, WA.
Excerpt from: Beginning Follow-Up
Click here to purchase the book with this teaching: “Fireside Series, Vol. 2, No. 5 – Who Are We really?”

- Ramtha’s Teaching: “Genetic Evolution”
Click here for the 2001 excerpt from “A Master’s Reflection on the History of Humanity, Part I”

- Ramtha on the hidden potential of ‘Junk DNA’
Click here for five Ramtha quotes dating to 1998.

- “Surveillance: The hidden ways you’re tracked”

You are being watched! Photo credit:Thinkstock

- “Surveillance: The hidden ways you’re tracked”
“Do you have secrets? Security expert Bruce Schneier has little patience for those who say they don’t.”

“Schneier, who spoke at BBC Future’s World-Changing Ideas Summit on 21 October (see video, above), helped journalist Glenn Greenwald analyse Edward Snowden’s leaked documents from the National Security Agency. The controversy was recently documented in the film Citizenfour, and consciously or not, Schneier’s sentiments echo Snowden’s own words in an early email to the film’s director Laura Poitras: “Every cell phone tower you pass, friend you keep, article you write, site you visit, subject line you type, and packet you route, is in the hands of a system whose reach is unlimited but whose safeguards are not.”

“Indeed, pretty much everything you do can be tracked now, says Schneier. “Everything involves a computer. You know that your Kindle tracks how fast you read, right? Everything you do online, everything you do on your phone, everything you do that involves any kind of payment system,” by Chris Baraniuk, World-Changing Ideas, on the BBC.
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- “An Artist’s Pioneering Masks Shield Us from Future Surveillance”

“Zach Blas explains why we should all be wary of the coming wave of biometric technology”

“The ninth annual Biometrics for Government and Law Enforcement conference kicks off today in Arlington, Virginia, where the F.B.I., Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Army, California Border Patrol, and more gather to plot the future of snagging bad guys. This year’s festivities showcase the F.B.I.’s new $1.2 billion “Next Generation Identification” system (N.G.I.)—taken fully operational last September —a massive database and suite of tools (accessible by 18,000 federal, state, local, tribal, and international agencies) for capturing, storing, and analyzing fingerprints, palm prints, faces, and iris biometrics. The bureau calls it “a significant step forward for the criminal justice community in utilizing biometrics as an investigative enabler.” In other words, the robocops are coming.

Biometrics, or ways of identifying individuals based on singular physical characteristics, have been used for criminal investigation since ancient imperial China began tracking citizens’ fingerprints, but recent advancements have taken body and face quantification mainstream, “by Tosten Burks, Good Magazine.

- Ramtha on giving up liberty and being controlled
“In your Book of Books there is a prophecy in Revelations — appropriate term — that was not tampered with. If you were John of old, the entity who prophesied hideous things in the last days, and an angel manifested a vision of a very big computer blinking at you — humming, turning, churning, ominous — and you had never seen one of these before, wouldn’t you refer to it as a beast? Yes, of course you would.
John saw through a vision of actual manifested destiny the climax of the very times you are living in, and the beast fed on a number, and the number was 666. The mark of the beast is represented by the beast embossing the number 666 through a tally of gold. Those who take this debit card will be owned and will have given up their liberty and freedom to their controllers. You give up absolute choice and freedom through it. When the vacuum becomes so severe that the vacuum collapses, the law of that collapse is change and those who take the card will be changed.
This is rightfully a prophecy of truth and it is on its way, rolling out in destiny, coming to pass. Why have you been warned you should not take it? It goes back to choice. Remember choice, that you make the decision? You are free to make the decision. You can come and go wherever you choose. You can choose to believe or not to believe.”

- Ramtha
From: Last Waltz of the Tyrants, the Prophecy Revisited
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USA’s Northeast buried in snow/ice from blizzard-hurricane –
Ramtha in 2010: Strange ice storms coming to the American north

”A combination of the day-night band and high resolution infrared imagery from the Suomi NPP satellite shows the historic blizzard
near peak intensity as it moves over the New York through Boston Metropolitan areas at 1:45 am EST on January 27, 2015.”
Photo credit: NOAA/NASA

- “USA’s New England pummeled by blizzard hurricane from Winter Storm Juno”
“By the morning of Jan. 27, the central pressure of Winter Storm Juno had dropped to at least 975 millibars, according to analysis from the National Weather Service’s Weather Prediction Center.

The gif …from earth.nullschool.net illustrated the storm’s impressive wind field.

Wind gusts up to 78 mph were clocked on Nantucket, Island.

Blizzard conditions were reported for 14 consecutive hours in Marshfield, Massachusetts.

Blizzard conditions were also satisfield (sic) at Boston’s Logan Airport, Worcester, Massachusetts, Providence, Rhode Island, Portland, Maine and Augusta, Maine.

The persistently strong winds triggered major coastal flooding along the Massachusetts shore, from the north shore to Cape Cod and Nantucket Island,” quoting the Weather Channel.
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- Three graphic videos from NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams
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Click here
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- Ramtha: Why “winter [will occur] in the most severe ways”
“It is no coincidence being in London in the very place that will soon be covered with ice — not a lot of ice but enough to say this is a knock on your door — that after I left [September, 2010] , scientists make this breakthrough explanation that the current belt that brings that warm water up to the Far North of Europe and to the Atlantic seaboard is less now than half of its ability.
More cold water from the melting of Greenland is sloughing off in the North Sea, and the winds from the North that are cooling down everything could stop this current conveyor belt. And do you know what happens when it stops? You have winter in the most severe ways. That is already under way.
To all of Europe — including right down to the ankle of Italy — an ice is coming, a warning is coming. That nasty little environment will start to show itself only slightly this winter, so look for strange ice storms in Europe and the American north, and even look for them around the equator.”

- Ramtha, Afternoon Live Stream from Yelm
October 9, 2010

The Journey Begins for new Ramtha School Students

JZ Knight teaching at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, Yelm

“Fundamental Journey Begins for new Ramtha School Students”
“Two Classes Introduce Students to Ramtha School Teachings in January and February”

Students in the U.S.A., Mexico, South Korea, Italy, and South Africa can learn the basics of the teachings of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment during the Class 101 and Class 201 courses.

“The Age of Philosophers is coming to an end. Truth does not come from words written in a book. Truth comes when you apply the words in your life to produce a wonder, a profound result. At RSE you will learn grand knowledge and experience it so that the truth is awakened in you. The most marvelous knowledge — the greatest teaching of all — is Behold God.

RSE’s Beginning Events offer participants the environment of a true ancient school of wisdom affording each student the opportunity to participate in a transformative experience away from normal activities. Lessons include a deeper understanding of the brain’s mechanics. Students will learn how to use their brain more skillfully to consciously create reality.

The training at Ramtha’s School starts with Class 101: Remarkable Mind. Students can participate online via streaming or at the Yelm campus and select international venues.
The second step is Class 201: Genetics of the Future. The two courses can be taken individually or as a Combo event,” quoting PRWEB.
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RSE students making a difference in our community –
South Sound Seed Stewards join Seed Coalition

Many South Puget Sound RSE students serve on the Board of Directors and/or participate as members of South Sound Seed Stewards (S4), which now comprises the South Sound Seed Coalition.

- About the South Sound Seed Coalition:
“The SOUTH SOUND SEED COALITION, [is] a partnership between the Olympia Seed Exchange, South Sound Seed Stewards (S4) and Eastside Urban Farm & Garden Center. We are combining forces to create a more powerful seed and farming resource for the South Puget Sound.

In 2015 the Coalition will sponsor training sessions, garden tours, seed exchanges, and field trips to assist the home gardener and local farmer in expanding their knowledge regarding the importance and specifics of seed saving.

Community members can join us for the trainings to become a Certified Seed Saver.”
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- From RSE student Lois Willman, VP of South Sound Seed Stewards (S4):
“We are thrilled to announce this collaboration in an effort to expand the educational and practical skills in the area of seed preservation. The South Sound Seed Stewards organization, which was founded 21 years ago, sees this as another step forward in community independence and self-reliance by producing and sharing locally adapted, open-pollinated seeds.

When one considers our current environmental and geopolitical climate, we believe it is now more important than ever to provide the home gardener with the educational resources necessary for sustainable gardening—not just how to grow, but how to select, harvest and preserve seeds for the future.”

- Ramtha’s “Recommendations for Sovereignty – for everyone includes storing locally sourced, non-hybridized seeds
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Mind as Matter January 2015 – Event Links

Event Photo Album & Orb Show
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Tiara Webb awarded scholarship from WSU -
will be studying in Belgium

Tiara Webb jumping for joy, Antwerp, Belgium

- RSE student Tiara Webb awarded scholarship from Washington State University
“Tiara Webb, the daughter of Renee Webb, the former [Bermuda] Progressive Labour Party Member of Parliament, has been awarded the Barney Scholarship from the Office of International Programs at Washington State University [WSU] to study in Europe.

Ms Webb graduated from the Annie Wright School in 2011 and plans to graduate from WSU in May 2016, with a degree in journalism and media production.

She has been on the honour roll during her time at WSU and has been working as a resident adviser for first-year students.

Ms Webb is also a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and the Society of Leadership and Success, and will be studying in Brussels,” quoting Bermuda’s The Royal Gazette.
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Tiara Webb in Antwerp, Belgium

“JZ Knight hit it out of the park!” –
Listen to the free Q & A replay!

January 20, 2015 webinar with JZ Knight and host John Burgos

“JZ Knight hit it out of the park!”
Listen to the Replay from January 20, 2015
Interview with host John Burgos, Founder and Host,
Beyond the Ordinary Show

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- Creating Your Future Now
“If you have not experienced JZ Knight before you are in for an out of this world, heart inspiring and adrenaline-rushed soul treat!

If you have, you know what I am talking about, BUT there was depth that we reached on tonight’s [Jan. 20] webinar that will lead you to places within that will take you out of the your present circle and into the beauty of the unknown that will awaken your unknown and the power of the God that is within you. The message is simple and the reminder profound.

Listen and open to the Love and divinity that you are!”
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- “Dive into JZ and Ramtha’s powerful Beyond the Ordinary Special Offer”
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2015 Orb Shows and Event Photo Albums

New Mind Workshop
January 9-11, 2015.
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Mind As Matter
January 24, 2015.
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New Mind Workshop January 9-11, 2015 – Event Links

Event Photo Album & Orb Show
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