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Health News and the Blu RoomTM: A New Cancer Therapy: Ultraviolet Light!

Bravo!!! – New Cancer Therapy: Ultraviolet Light!
Journal of Clinical Oncology, Vol 34, No 15_suppl (May 20 Supplement), 2016

“Researchers at the University of Texas San Antonio have developed a way to kill cancer cells using ultraviolet light. They used the technique on one of the most aggressive cancers: triple negative breast cancer. This type of cancer is also one of the most difficult to treat. The new technique may also help cancer patients with hard-to-reach or inoperable malignant tumors.”

“The therapy involves injecting a chemical directly into the tumor, then shining a UV light on the tumor. This causes the tumor cells to become highly acidic and die. In just two hours, up to 95 percent of the cancer cells can be eradicated.”

“Unlike chemotherapy which affects all of the body’s cells, this technique targets only the tumor making it a very precise therapy. The researchers hope that this noninvasive cancer therapy will help doctors get rid of the most challenging tumors such as ones located in the spine, brain stem, and aorta.”

Read the Breaking-through Scientific Research Article here

The Blu RoomTM, created by JZ Knight

The Blu Room created by JZ KnightThe Blu RoomTM is Now open and available in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Ecuador!

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A Summer Party and Auction in Support of The Phoenix Rising School

This event is on Saturday, June 4, 2016 at 03:00 PM
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At the Phoenix Rising School, students are seen and assessed as whole children on differing developmental strata, not as numbers on a test score. We believe that success can be best measured by personal, individualized assessment. In addition to differentiated traditional academics, we provide weekly art, science, outdoor education, and mindfulness training.

A Summer Party and Auction in Support of The Phoenix Rising School!

Congratulations to RSE Student Jessica Whitney of Fire Within Yoga in Yelm for Making Headline News with her Great Work

Congratulations to RSE Student and Yoga Instructor Jessica Whitney of Fire Within Yoga in Yelm for Making Headline News with her Great Work!

Read News Articles:
“Remember to Breathe: Fire Within Yoga”
“Yoga Can Help With Back Pain”

Jessica Whitney will be holding an optional Yoga Class during the upcoming RSE Extended Mind Training event and July Events, 2016 at RSE.


A letter from Jessica Whitney

During my first RSE event in 2005, I got to know my body in a new way. I was never asked to demonstrate my will of sitting for long periods of time. Among other things, I experienced severe low back pain from my poor posture sitting on a pillow in the Arena. I had felt back pain chronically in my life before, but the mechanics of Ramtha’s disciplines humbled me greatly, as I realized that I lacked the core muscles and the will to keep my spine erect for the duration of the disciplines. It was apparent to me that I needed to take care of my body, in a new way. I had taken Philosophy of Yoga classes in college, and I learned that yoga perhaps was originally a preparation for long hours of meditation. But I remained a philosopher and did not engage in yoga practice.
“A partner at my next event recommended yoga, and mentioned that yoga was even taught before disciplines at RSE, at a long retreat. My interest was piqued, and thus ten years ago began my yoga journey, nearly the same time as I began my journey with Ramtha at RSE. I took classes and became an instructor. I competed in yoga, I injured myself in yoga, I taught 14 classes per week for years, and then taught no yoga for years. I used yoga to be seen and to look good, and I practiced yoga to surrender in the final relaxation pose (the most important posture) to self-correct those very attitudes toward my body. I experienced yoga in many ways, but I always knew, from my greater self, that a conscious yoga practice, done righteously, with the attention on the breathing, posture, and relaxation, is one of the most elegant and effective preparations of the body … for Focus …. and the Great Work.

“My own healing journey through yoga has been multifaceted and it continues. I now teach yoga sessions, both one-on-one and in group classes, in Yelm and the surrounding areas. I have been featured in the Nisqually Valley News twice, and once with an article on yoga postures to help with back pain. Yoga helped my back and improved my physical agility and strength, and also helped prepare my body for long disciplines. I am excited and honored to be considered to teach yoga classes at the upcoming July 2016 Extended Mind Retreat!”

New On-Demand Ramtha Audio Teachings available in Spanish from Bel Shanai Productions

Congratulations to Valeria Scherbinin of Bel Shanai Productions for New Web site and Translation of Ramtha’s Teachings to Spanish 

“This month of May 2016 I am joyfully celebrating my 20th year of being an RSE student, and 18 years being a Spanish Translator and Interpreter for RSE! Since the beginning it has always been my greatest dream and passion and my mission to contribute with my skills to deliver Ramtha’s life-changing and timeless message to the Spanish speaking population around the world.

“Thanks to applying the disciplines and the knowledge imparted by Ramtha, my dream that started eight years ago with the founding of Bel Shanai Productions has now come into fruition. After long hours of focus and finding numerous cards in the Field related to my business, my focus has now materialized in this plane with the recreation and renovation of my upgraded Bel Shanai Productions website in English and Spanish. I have translated more than 30 Ramtha teachings to the Spanish language in CD format and now we are implementing the new On-Demand Audio Teachings that can easily be accessed in our new page.

“We now count with an extensive distribution system to sell our products that includes high-end Bookstore Chains in prominent Latin-American cities, and our talented and efficient RSE Coordinators and Distributors in United States, Mexico, Spain, Venezuela, Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Brazil.

“It has been a very exciting journey and I am grateful for the great team effort of all the people involved in this creation who have supported me unconditionally throughout the years to make this dream come true, and the good news is that there are still many more teachings to translate, so we will continue serving the Latin RSE community and all the Spanish speaking people who are interested in this profound and valuable knowledge.

“This would have never been possible without my beloved Teacher Ramtha and JZ Knight’s labor of love and her unwavering commitment to the Great Work.

“With my deepest gratitude and great love,”

Valeria Scherbinin

Melbourne 2

Owner and Director of Bel Shanai Productions LLC.

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