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Caltech Scientists Have Now Found Evidence for a New Giant Planet in Our Solar System That Ramtha Described in Detail back in 2001

Ramtha drawing the solar system orbits in Cadaques, Spain, April 2001(Ramtha drawing the solar system with extra elongated orbital planet, Spain 2001)

“This week [January 22, 2016], two Caltech scientists announced that an unseen giant planet some 10 times the mass of Earth may lie beyond the Kuiper belt, the icy ring of debris where dwarf planet Pluto resides. If true, it would become the first planet found in more than 150 years, since Neptune was discovered in 1846,” quoting the Los Angeles Times, January 22, 2016.

Read more and watch the Caltech video report here

Caltech scientists Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown make the case for Planet Nine, a giant planet tracing a bizarre, highly elongated orbit of about 20,000 years in the outer solar system.

Ramtha described in 2001 that the planet of the beings who came to Earth and had a hand in jump-starting our genetic evolution has an extremely long elliptical orbit, as the research of the Caltech scientists shows. Ramtha explained that it takes 25,000 years for that planet to complete one orbit around our sun.

Ramtha's solar system diagram

Elliptical orbit of a potential 9th planet, from the Caltech video interview in the LA Times news report, Jan. 22, 2016

Elliptical orbit of a potential 9th planet, from the Caltech video interview in the LA Times news report, Jan. 22, 2016


Ramtha’s description of the elliptical elongated orbit from Cadaques, Spain, April 2001:

“The Hubble Telescope is able to tell scientists about the value of light coming from what is photographic. But what is blocked out by the sun that is on the same periphery as you are? Don’t you think those scientists know that? They just don’t say anything, because they know that it isn’t about nine planets but what are the planets we do not see yet feel the gravitational pull.”

“So they came here to mine gold, because wherever you find a watery planet you will find gold. And why would gold be needed? To subsidize an atmosphere that goes to the elliptical from the sun so far out in space it takes 25,000 years to make a singular orbit.”

— Ramtha

Cadaques, Spain, April 5, 2001.

Copyright © JZ Knight

Ramtha’s original teachings on this subject

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“This win was a result of my focus, so reminiscent of finding my card on the field”

I was overjoyed, not only because I had some much needed cash, but there was absolutely no doubt that this win was a result of my focus, so reminiscent of finding my card on the field.

– Judy Scott

Judy Scott-1

My name is Judy Scott. I have been a student of Ramtha since 1993.

I decided to go to Red Wind on Nov 11, after not having gone for many months.  I had not been winning and began to have a fear of losing, I took to heart Ramtha’s words of caution about playing without focus which is gambling, and did not go again for many months.  Through focus I began to regain my confidence and decided to go on 11/11.  I had been saving a twenty dollar bill to use at the casino and on that day felt I was ready, I did my C&E®, and did my Neighborhood Walk® on the way in.

Since I hadn’t been in a while I figured I’d better check to see if my card was still active so I went to the desk.  My card did need to be renewed and since I went to the desk I was entered into the November game of “$54,000 Pumpkin Patch Drawing” which was happening hourly that day.Judy Scott-3-Redwind game

I walked some more and chose a slot machine. I won a little, and then lost some and cashed out of that machine.  I thought about the drawing and looked at my phone to check the time, it was 4:32.  I was re-assured, I refocused and went to another machine, same results, and no winnings.   I repeated this on two more machines and finally donated my entire $20.

After my “donation” rather than give in to an old attitude I self-corrected, and reminded myself that I had faced my fears and enjoyed my experience.

I then heard the announcement that it was almost time for the drawing.  The announcer said something about being seated and having your card in a machine, so I sat at the one nearest me and put in my card, I had the thought that I didn’t have any more money to put it, and I decided that that didn’t matter.   I glanced at the slot machine next to me and the person that had last won had won $32 dollars and some change, I smiled at this second number 32 runner.  Seconds later I heard the announcer calling my name! 

I went to the desk somewhat in a daze, very much like having found my card on the field. They took me the display for the game; to win a prize I had to choose from several “bags of groceries” each having a specific dollar amount.  I was to choose one, and then I would win that amount.  When I saw the display my eyes fell on one specific bag.  While the attendant was explaining to me how to choose and joking that I couldn’t have the groceries in them, I was focusing on all of the bags.  Then I remembered what Ram had taught me so I chose the one I first laid eyes on, and that one was a $1000 winner!  This is the most I have ever won!  They took me back to the desk and gave me the $1000 voucher as seen in the picture.

Judy Scott-2-wins

I was overjoyed, not only because I had some much needed cash, but there was absolutely no doubt that this win was a result of my focus, so reminiscent of finding my card on the field; and most importantly for me that I had conquered an attitude and negative thought.   And upon further reflection, I realized that I had been so worried about my$20, and ultimately winning that drawing cost me nothing.


I love my school, My Teacher and this Great Work!

Creating my Future Now!

Judy Scott


In her story, Judy Scott mentions some focus techniques that she learned at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment. You can learn these effective techniques of mental focus at the beginning of your training at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, available online, on-demand, and open to the public through:

The Class 101: Remarkable Mind.

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Ramtha on “Historic” storm effects on East Coast of USA making Headline News

“Epic blizzard with heavy snow begins to move up East Coast”
“A potentially historic snowstorm whipped by gale force winds began hammering the Mid-Atlantic coast Friday, threatening to shut down big eastern cities for days with more than 2 feet of snow, widespread power outages and impassable roadways.”
From USA Today, January 22, 2016.
Read News Report here

“Blizzard 2016 Barrels Up East Coast With Deadly Force,”
By Alex Johnson and Jon Schuppe, NBC News

“A killer snowstorm that paralyzed parts of the South then swept into the nation’s capital turned its sights on greater New York City early Saturday, packing gale-force winds, heavy snow and coastal flooding.”

From NBC News, January 23, 2016
Read News Report here

“Winter Storm Jonas Buries Baltimore, New York City and D.C. Areas With More Than 2 Feet of Snow”
From the Weather Channel, January 24, 2016
Read News Report here

Ramtha spoke of an impending winter on the American East Coast last October 2015:
You are on the West Coast of North America. It is the East Coast and Europa that are about to suffer the agonies, severe winter, catastrophic weather — catastrophic weather.
– Ramtha
October 3, 2015
Yelm, WA.
Intimate Day

Ministers Meet Ramtha: A Mystic Memoir by RSE Student Rev. Dr. Richard W. Banach, D. Min.

Mary and Rev. Dr. Richard Banach

“On a Sunday afternoon in JZ’s rose garden (March 21, 1999), before a group crowded around Ramtha, Richard was asked to stand and speak about the ministry he and Mary shared into together as a ministerial team. Ramtha specifically asked about WHAT minister, WHAT faith, WHY it was delineated from other faiths, and WHAT his message was during that time, before they met Ramtha. These ongoing chapters being written focus on Ramtha’s inquiries that day.

These Free eBook writings, courtesy of Rev. Dr. Richard Banach and Masters Connection 2020, are available here.

JZK, Inc. wins on all issues in Coverdale, et al. case – Court of Appeals issued ruling today siding with the trial court and JZK, Inc.

JZ Knight

JZ Knight
Photo Copyright © 2016 JZ Knight.

– JZK, Inc. wins against Virgina Coverdale on all grounds except one, JZK awarded atty fees.
The Court of Appeals agreed with the trial court and JZK on all issues,
A. upheld the summary judgment in JZK’s favor (including the attorney fee award to JZK),
B. strongly upheld the language of the Conditions of Participation (CoP),
C. upheld the contempt finding against Coverdale for failing to get the court-ordered appraisal on her car,
D. awarded JZK the company’s reasonable attorneys’ fees under the CoP for opposing the appeal.
E. reversed the contempt order in part and remanded to the trial court to reconsider its contempt decision consistent with this opinion.

– JZ Knight, President of JZK, Inc. said this to the Yelm Community Blog:
“I am elated the Appeals Court saw the merits of all points in our case, also siding with the determinations of the Trial Court.”
“Yes, this was a long process to reach the conclusion of this case, however I have always stood firm against anyone attempting to rewrite the history of our school [Yelm-based Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment – RSE].
In the final analysis, the facts and truth prevailed.”
I want to acknowledge the Courts, the Justices and their staffs, JZK, Inc’s crack team of attorneys, my staff, and the students of RSE, who stood united with all of us and never wavered amid a torrent of negative publicity.”

– Unpublished Opinion filed January 19, 2016 in the case of:
JZK, INC., a Washington corporation, Respondent,
VIRGINIA COVERDALE; JOHN DOES 1-20 and JANE DOES 1-20, also known as ENLIGHTEN ME FREE, Appellant.

– Quoting from the official filed document signed by Judge Worswick
“JZK, Inc. obtained an injunction, a judgment for attorney fees, a writ of execution, and an order of contempt against Virginia Coverdale after Coverdale posted a video on the Internet in violation of a nondissemination agreement. Coverdale appeals several superior court orders arguing that the court erred by (1) granting JZK summary judgment and denying Coverdale summary judgment on the issue of the contract’s breach, (2) dismissing Coverdale’s affirmative defenses and counterclaims, (3) denying Coverdale’s motion to amend her answer to the complaint, (4) failing to strike JZK’s summary judgment rebuttal brief, and (5) finding Coverdale in contempt of two court orders. We affirm all the superior court’s orders except for the order finding Coverdale in contempt. Accordingly, we reverse the contempt order in part and remand for the court to reconsider its contempt decision consistent with this opinion.”

“A majority of the panel having determined that this opinion will not be printed in the Washington Appellate Reports, but will be filed for public record in accordance with RCW 2.06.040, it is so ordered.”
Click here for the complete filing.

Student Accomplishment: “Hey, I won a new roof, from out of the Blue!”

RSE student Teri Simpson with her focus card – Photo Credit: Barbra Kates

“I won a new roof for my house from King 5 Evening Magazine Home for the Holidays Roof Contest! I thought I’d share my story. It was out of the blue, because my personality sure couldn’t have dreamed up winning a roof. It was a door that opened, and I took it.

“One evening during the first part of October, the show I usually watch while making dinner was replaced by football. I scanned all the channels and it seemed that there was nothing on at all except King 5 Evening Magazine where they do upbeat stories about the Northwest and Washington State.

“As I was working in the kitchen, a couple of segments in, they played a video clip about a family who was in desperate need of a new roof which they couldn’t afford, and they won a free roof in last year’s ‘Home for the Holidays Win a New Roof contest.’ By this time I had stopped everything to listen. They said that the contest was on again this year. Who should win a new roof this year? I was rooted to the spot, saying ‘Yes! Yes! I am in desperate need of a new roof too. They WON a FREE roof…? I’m going to win a free roof for MY house this year!’

“Not in a million years was winning a new roof inside my box of acceptance. I recognized that this was a door and I was going through it.

“I had only a few days to register and submit my story. Deadline was October 14. Then I held the focus that I would be chosen as one of the 3 finalists, the first goal for me to reach. I made my card and focused on ‘New Roof.’ ”

“During one morning’s focus when I had gone home during the RSE Capstone Fall event, while creating my day and doing my focus, all of a sudden I saw a man standing on the two-story part of my roof. I thought, ‘Hey, there’s some guy on my roof! What the bleep is he doing on my roof???’ I jump out of bed and looked out the big window and sure enough, there’s a guy on my roof. I race around the end of the bed, go down the first part of the stairs to a small landing where they turn, and all the rest of the stairs and the door to the downstairs hallway are all wibbly-wobbly weird. And I say ‘HEY, I’M OUT OF MY BODY!!’ which instantly slams me back into my body. At that point, I realized there is no way to see the roof on the two-story part of the house while I am IN the house because of the overhang.

“Still not ‘getting it’ I shared the story with a couple of close friends. One friend instantly says, ‘That was the roofer!!! You’re going to get that new roof!’ I said, ‘So be that!!!!’ It made total sense.

“I got word October 30, 2015 by email that I had indeed been chosen as one of the 3 finalists. So be THAT card! Now a new card, and time to reach out to the community for their help because voting was November 1 through 30 and the person with the most votes at 11 pm November 30 would win.

“I emailed everyone asking them to pass on the request to vote for me. It was amazing. It was humbling. It was so far out of my personality box. So I just held that focus all day, every day (still working, of course). By 11 pm November 30, at end of voting I was 501 votes ahead of second place.

“But it still wasn’t official until the King 5 man spoke with me and said, ‘You’ve officially won a free roof.’ That would be the moment where I was ‘in the Void’ and Ram called the Tank: ‘This Test is over.’ ”

“It was 2 months to the day from when I first heard about the contest to when there were roofer boots on my roof. Way cool.

“On a side note that ties in to this whole ride, many years ago (like in the 90’s when we did the Tank a lot) I had a vision that at some point, it would no longer be, ‘These guys made it to the Void and these other guys didn’t.’ ”

“I saw clearly in that moment that the evolution of making it to the Void would be that it wouldn’t count until every last entity in the test made it into the Void, and only when every last person made it was the Tank accomplished.

“The roof was kind of like that. It wasn’t ONLY my long focus. It was the whole supporting group focusing on the same end result that made it happen. When the King 5 guy gave me the official word, THEN it felt like I had made it to the Void in the Tank. But not just me made it, it was like we ALL made it to the Void in this Tank. We rock!

“Many thanks to all you awesome people who voted for me online and in consciousness – WE DID IT!!!

“And thanks JZ for all you do and for who you are. My life has been unequivocally changed over and over, many, many times because of all you have done (and because of Ramtha too, of course!!) I have no words to adequately express it.

– Teri Simpson
Roof Winner

Here’s the link to Teri Simpson’s great focus, manifestation story in King 5. She rocks!!!

Watch King 5 News Report Here

Here is a photo of the new roof. They did a really upgraded type roof too. It is much more robust than the previous one.

Teri Simpson’s new roof, December 30, 2015 – Photo Credit: Barbra Kates

And here is an article written for by Heidi Smith, another RSE student:
Read News Report Here

A remarkable Story of Healing Love and Hope that transcends all by RSE student Karen Reid

“My 20 year old daughter, Jessica, came a couple of times to Ramtha’s School here in Australia as a child/teen and understands some of the basic principles of the school.

“At the end of August 2015, she was diagnosed with lymphoma, where cancer is almost unknown in my family, though CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) exists, which we can now see the correlation too.

“Initial diagnosis was a T-cell lymphoma. She had read up about it on Doctor Google and knew T-cell was, for the most part, untreatable, with high levels of death. I watched her face death.

“The hospital said she could go to another hospital where they were trialing a new drug for T-cell lymphoma. They sent her sample there to be verified by that hospital’s lab. The other hospital said it was not T-cell, but B-cell lymphoma, a far more easily treatable form with very high success rates. The two labs were at odds with each other.

“I immediately said to Jess that she had an opportunity here to change her diagnosis for good. She said she would focus on verification of the B-cell diagnosis. The sample was returned to her hospital and retested. It came back as indeed a Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma, which has a protocol that in the last 2 years has seen a 97% success rate. The doctor’s response to the results change was, ‘Most unusual.’

“Staging then had to be done, and a Bone Marrow Biopsy was performed to see if it had gone into her bone marrow as well, which would have included bone marrow transplants and Stem Cell therapy. She said, ‘I’ve got it, Mum. It’s not in the bone marrow.’ ”

“Sure enough the results came back as she said. Her reaction was a true epiphany, ‘We are so powerful, Mum!’ I reminded her of Ram and JZ and how she was now really experiencing the teachings for herself. She immediately got on her iPad and went to Wikipedia to read up on JZ!

“She has done four rounds of chemo and the tumor has gone. Two more rounds to go and she will be officially in remission.

“Our youth may wander off and get involved in their lives and forget the school, but when it is important, they will draw inspiration from the teachings themselves. Our efforts as parents are not in vain.

“Love to Ram and JZ for this. Dr Matt, I will be bringing her to the Blu Room next to clean her up for good!”

“With deep gratitude,”
– Karen Reid

Cordula Herzog-Hall Lotto Win

CYY Event Student Accomplishment: Lotto Win

“I want to share my experience during the New Mind Workshop last weekend which I was streaming from my home.
“During the lunch brake on Saturday I went to the Clearwood Store for some lemons and while checking out I spontaneously got a Lotto quick pick for one dollar. I didn’t believe in winning the Millions, but a thousand dollars I could easily envisage.
“Sunday morning I found out that I had five correct numbers and the sixth I missed by one digit. I was not really surprised and I certainly hadn’t earned the Millions, it would have brought too much responsibility.
“In this lifetime my theme is ‘freedom of self-expression’, and I do accept to get what I need when I need it, which makes me feel blessed.
“The CYY workshop was so powerful, such an excellent event!
Thank you beloved JZ for all your sacrifices to make this School possible! I keep learning and changing and look forward to a glorious future!”
– Cordula Herzog-Hall

Lotto winning numbers for January 9, 2016:
My numbers:
I cashed in and got a picture with the ‘big check’!

Cordula Herzog-Hall Lotto Win

Capstone Winter
December 8 – 13, 2015 – Event Links

– Event Photo Album & Orb Show
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Headline News: “Earth May Spin Faster as Glaciers Melt,” researches say

From a recent article published by

“Melting ice triggered by global warming may make Earth whirl faster than before and could shift the axis on which the planet spins, researchers say.
This could also affect sunset times, as the length of Earth’s day depends on the speed at which the planet rotates on its axis.”

“When polar ice caps melt, they remove weight off underlying rock, which then rebounds upward
This makes the poles less flat and the planet more round overall. This should in turn cause Earth to tilt a bit and spin more quickly.
However, previous research mysteriously could not find evidence that melting glaciers were triggering a shift in either Earth’s rotation or axis that was as great as predicted.”

“Now, in a new study, researchers may have solved this enigma and shown that rising sea levels are indeed affecting Earth’s spin and axis.”

Read More

Ramtha has always warned his students since his advent in the late 1970s – before this was even headline news – about the Critical Earth Changes we are experiencing Now, precipitated by human action.

For more information on this subject, read: Ramtha, The Last Waltz of the Tyrants

“The Earth is going to shift on its axis — a small amount but a lot — three degrees at first.
A three-degree axis shift is momentous. That is coming because of the melting of the icecaps.”
– Ramtha
April 14, 2007
Yelm, WA