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Ramtha’s Predictions about Oil Platforms, Rigs, Pipelines, and Tropical Storms

Ramtha’s Prediction from Ecuador, June 17, 2016

“In the coming days, you will see the fall of land, mining, and oil corporations. And you will go, ‘Oh, my goodness, this happened.’ If you invested in stock, you just lost a fortune. Good. You deserve to lose it. You are going to see this in the coming days. When you read the headlines, I want you to know you heard it from me. We are after saving terra firma. Every soul that lives here is supposed to be intelligent, cognizant, and cogent about the Earth, and these corporations are not. They are profiteers. I love bringing down profiteers. In the days ahead you will see the sinking of oil wells, the breaking up of pipelines. Yes, that has already happened. It will grow extreme now.”

“I will send tidal waves to swamp ocean-floor drilling. And all we have to do is go under the water and come out and take them out. Well, it looks like a natural cause. You are going to see that.”

“Furthermore, you are going to see people who plotted against the Earth for greed be brought down in the most mysterious and bizarre incidents ever seen. So stay tuned. We are about to make headline news. So be that. Remember, we are looking at this and saying, ‘We are here.’ And we have witnesses to this.”

“Now there is war brewing in many places. How wretched and how evil the murder, torture, starvation — the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse — that come from religion. It doesn’t come from the future. This is the warring machine of religious adversity.”

— Ramtha

Ecuador, June 17, 2016

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Two months after Ramtha’s prediction in Ecuador . . .

Platforms and rigs evacuating in path of Hermine [August 31, 2016]

“Offshore oil and gas operators in the Gulf of Mexico are evacuating platforms and rigs in preparation for Tropical Storm Hermine, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) Hurricane Response Team reports.” News Report, August 31, 2016

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Dakota Standing Rock Sioux Access Pipeline Protest Continues

Dakota Standing Rock Sioux Access Pipeline

North Dakota pipeline: Veterans get ready to join protest (CNN, November 30, 2016)

“The tribe started the anti-pipeline campaign months ago to protect sacred sites and their water supply. But the protests have ballooned to include celebrities, a former presidential candidate and now the group of veterans offering to come help.” CNN, November 30, 2016.

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California Water Crisis: Ripping out lawns and planting gardens? Another Ramtha prediction and warning from 1986


Southern California Cities May Be Out of Drinking Water by January 2017

“Residents of Southern California are already feeling the effects of water stress. A five-year (and still going) drought has left reservoirs drained. In Santa Barbara County, for instance, Lake Cachuma, a reservoir built to hold the area’s drinking water, is now more than 90 percent below capacity.”

“Unless heavy rainfall occurs, the lake may be too low to distribute water by January 2017. Nearly half a million people may be affected as a result, including households, businesses and farms.”

Is Ripping Out Lawns a Practical Solution?

“A lush green lawn is a mainstay in the proverbial American Dream yet represents a drain on precious resources like water without yielding anything in return.”

“New York Times author Michael Pollan was one of the first to tackle the absurdity of the pursuit of lush green lawns — which he says are a “symbol of everything that’s wrong with our relationship to the land” — over environmentally friendly and productive landscapes like vegetable gardens, meadows or orchards.”

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The long sight of our Master Teacher, Ramtha

“One should not live in the cities. One should not live in the cities, for in the days to come not only are the plagues to run rampant, and not only shall it be in their water system, but when that which is called a drought comes forth, there will be murderers on the street who will rob your cupboards and slay you nigh for only a sliver of bread, for they are dangerous places indeed. So if you cannot move to the western sphere, it is imperative, I urge you, to move out of your cities and seek you a place that has high land. And if the land is only large enough to support an elaborate lawn and flowers, dig it up and plant food.”

– Ramtha
May 1986

For more information on this subject, read Ramtha’s original prophetic teaching on Earth Changes, Preparedness, and Sovereignty from the 1980s: Ramtha, The Last Waltz of the Tyrants

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– Video clip animation of Dark Matter: “The Cosmic Web: What does the universe look like at a VERY large scale?”

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Older Arctic Sea Ice Disappearing: What does this mean for us and our planet?

Ramtha forecasted the melting of the icecaps and warned about its devastating effect decades ago — since the early 1980s — before Climate Change became a scientific fact as it is today.

See NASA’s satellite generated animation. Seeing is believing!

“Arctic sea ice has not only been shrinking in surface area in recent years, it’s becoming younger and thinner as well. In this animation, where the ice cover almost looks gelatinous as it pulses through the seasons, cryospheric scientist Dr. Walt Meier of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center describes how the sea ice has undergone fundamental changes during the era of satellite measurements.” (NASA’s Goddard Space flight Center/Jefferson Beck). Watch NASA’s Animation from Satellite data here

Now what does this really mean for us and our coastal cities?


“Atmospheric CO2 at the tracking station in Mauna Loa, Hawaii averaged over 401.5 parts per million in October, more than 3 ppm higher than a year ago.”

“The monthly global average concentration of this greenhouse gas first surpassed 400 ppm in March 2015.”

“Scientists estimate that the last time that carbon dioxide levels remained as high as 400 ppm was probably between 3.2 million and five million years ago.” Read full report by NUNATSIAQ NEWS

Ramtha on Climate Change and the melting of the icecaps:

“Now your world is in trouble. Your icecaps are melting. The North Pole’s icecaps are melting and when all that cold water enters Greenland in the upper Atlantic, the flow of warm water will cease in Atlatia and in a short time you are going to have catastrophic conditions in the world.”

– Ramtha
November 20, 2006.
Excerpt from: Ramtha in Mexico

For more information on this subject, read Ramtha’s original prophetic teaching on Earth Changes, Preparedness, and Sovereignty from the 1980s: Ramtha, The Last Waltz of the Tyrants

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Ramtha’s Magnificent Toast, The “I” Concept

The full version is available as a graphic print at the Quantum Cafe online Store here!

These are the first few lines of this classic and inspiring toast of Ramtha from January 21, 1995:

“I want to be born beyond the North Star.
I want to live in a universe of a blue sun.
I want to live where war has no meaning.
I want to live thousands of years so that I can journey to the most extraordinary conferences of mind.
I want to be enamored and enjoy the beauty of God manifested in all forms.
I want to be open-minded enough that I am born into a level of beingness that approves and embraces a mind that knows no boundaries.
I want to love an unfathomable love….”

                                                                      – Ramtha

– The Pituitary Gland Video Clip Animation: What is the Pituitary Gland? (from Swedish Seattle Hospital)

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Breaking News: Dr Matthew Martinez’ Great Work and Defense of the Truth and RSE


Congratulations to Dr Matthew Martinez for his continuing Great Work and Defense of the Truth and RSE on the local Newspaper


It takes sincerity and courage to seek the truth in our personal lives, but it takes fortitude of will and love to publicly stand up and defend it, regardless of its consequences. We at RSE thank Dr Matthew Martinez for his support and example.


Ramtha’s Long Forecast of the Future Continues to Come to Pass Now!

“Australia Is Drifting So Fast GPS Can’t Keep Up,” reports

“A significant correction must be made by the end of the year for navigation technology to keep working smoothly.”

Read Full Report Here

Ramtha spoke about these future Earth changes coming to pass more than 9 years ago at an event in Bathurst, NSW, Australia, in July 22, 2007.

I am going to tell you something about your country that a few great scientists know or suspect about this place. But I want you to know about your home and your landmass … You are on a unique plate that constitutes your particular continent. And the countries next to you and to the north of you have the most active plate tectonic activity occurring, but that is not the plate on which you are sitting.”

The plate that sits north of you that has the greatest fire is not your plate. In fact when the Earth does tilt three degrees, you would have floated into Antarctica and have all perished because you are an island nation, and this would happen with astonishing speed. This will not happen to you. In fact you are going to move sideways — sideways — to New Zealand, run into New Zealand once again. You will be one country once again. I am sure you will be happy with that. So be that. And the two of you on this oily plate will be moving to the periphery. You will be moving west and north. So you will be moving up to nearly be a coastal nation off of upper Africa.”

– Ramtha

July 22, 2007
Australia Q & A. Bathurst, NSW, Australia

Listen to the full teaching from this event, available on CD at the Quantum Cafe Online Store:


For more information about Ramtha, Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, and Ramtha’s focus disciplines of Remote Mind and Remote-Viewing, visit or enroll in the Class 101: Remarkable Mind, available online, and live at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment’s events around the world!

Headline News: Washington Supreme Court Denies Coverdale Petition for Review

Washington Supreme Court

Washington Supreme Court Denies Coverdale Petition for Review

(Supreme Court Nos. 89193-1 / No. 92803-7)

Congratulations to JZ Knight for her long and sustained focus in her defense of the truth and the integrity of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, Ramtha’s teachings, and the Great Work of all the students of RSE worldwide!

[Read below the full Press Release by JZK, Inc. Posted September 6, 2016]

“YELM September 6, 2016 – The Washington Supreme Court has issued an order solidifying JZK, Inc.’s legal victories against Virginia Coverdale, a former student of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (RSE). A five-judge panel unanimously denied Coverdale’s request to review a 2013 trial court decision finding that Coverdale had breached two separate written contracts in which she agreed not to disseminate RSE materials without the school’s permission. A three-judge panel of the Court of Appeals, the state’s intermediary appellate court, affirmed the trial court earlier this year. The Supreme Court also ruled that Coverdale would be required to reimburse JZK, Inc. for the legal fees occasioned by her conduct—a sum now exceeding $1 million.

“The controversy began in 2012 when Coverdale paid a videographer to heavily edit footage from an RSE event and then posted that video online. JZK, Inc. sent Coverdale a letter reminding her that as an RSE student she had signed “Conditions of Participation” which prohibited her from misappropriating the school’s teachings. The letter asked Coverdale to take down the video and warned that JZK, Inc. would be forced to take legal action if she did not comply. Coverdale scoffed at the letter, stated her intent to post more of the school’s materials, and invited the lawsuit against her. In the months and years that followed, every judge that presided over this case—a half dozen before it reached the Supreme Court—unanimously rejected Coverdale’s many excuses for not abiding by her contracts.

“The Supreme Court’s refusal to accept the case also brings closure to an array of meritless counterclaims that Coverdale asserted against JZK, Inc. and its founder, JZ Knight. In both the original action and a subsequent lawsuit, Coverdale asserted over a dozen separate causes of action including defamation, misrepresentation, violations of consumer protection laws, and civil conspiracy. Despite being represented by at least four separate law firms over the course of the litigation, Coverdale failed to prove a single allegation. Her counterclaims were dismissed in 2013 and her subsequent lawsuit was dismissed by yet another judge in January of 2016.

“Nine strikes and you are definitely out,” said Mike Wright, Legal Affairs Manager for JZK, Inc. “Five justices, three appellate judges, and the trial judge all unanimously agreed with JZK, Inc.” Wright added, “JZK, Inc. is grateful for the Court’s decision to put this lengthy battle to rest. We are pleased that the courts have once again upheld our right to protect the unique spiritual message taught at RSE.” Now that Coverdale has exhausted all avenues for appeal, JZK, Inc. and Ms. Knight look forward to continuing to serve their students.

“This case was not about free speech. It was about theft. This case was only about Virginia Coverdale’s use of a private teaching from an event in February 2012 without permission from JZK, Inc. in breach of her agreement.

“This case was not about restricting Coverdale’s right to free speech. It was also not about restricting her right to petition. She has done a lot of speaking and petitioning about our organization and we did not intervene in any of those acts.

“Coverdale countersued JZK, Inc. with a host of claims (affirmative defenses), all of which the courts rejected. She also filed a separate lawsuit against JZ Knight and JZK, Inc. (14-2-00328-2) with more claims, which went nowhere. So not only did JZK, Inc. win but Coverdale lost big time: in cross-motions for summary judgment at the trial level, in the Court of Appeals, and in being denied review by the State Supreme Court on three separate petitions over the course of the case, and finally in having her case against JZK, Inc. dismissed.

“JZK, Inc. is not embarrassed by the original content of the February 2012 private event teaching. Coverdale’s heavily edited video completely changed the context to suit her agenda. Coverdale claimed she received a video in the mail from an anonymous source so she could not claim in court that it was an unretouched original. Neither Coverdale nor any of her supporters ever verified the original material. None of them ever produced a forensic analysis. With modern, video editing tools, no one can claim they are showing an unadulterated copy of an original recording without such efforts. The context of the original video was not relevant to the act of manipulating our private content without our permission. Nine judges and justices agreed.

“In addition to her court losses, Coverdale walks away with a large debt of court-awarded fees and costs. With accrued monthly interest, the total is presently over $860,000.

“On January 19 of this year, Division II of the Washington State Court of Appeals upheld the decisions of two separate Thurston County Superior Court judges validating JZK, Inc.’s Conditions of Participation agreement and determining that Coverdale violated her agreement.

“As a result, the lower court’s order directing Coverdale to pay JZK, Inc. $600,021 in attorneys’ fees and costs stands. This judgment against Coverdale has accrued interest at 12 percent since the July 19, 2013 fee award was entered.

“JZK, Inc. received an additional award of attorneys’ fees and costs in the amount of $83,625 for prevailing before the Court of Appeals.

“JZK, Inc. was also awarded attorneys’ fees and costs in the State Supreme Court Order in an amount to be submitted and finalized in the week ahead.

“Finally, Coverdale owes large sums to the two law firms that have represented her since 2013.

“Coverdale’s rehashing of the same arguments brought the same results. Wisdom comes with a steep price.”

RSE Students group photo

RSE Students group photo at the Yelm, WA Campus

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