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RSE responds to Dr. Keay’s letter and interviews

JZ Knight

In March 2014 Thurston County released a November 2012 letter to its health officer from Dr. Brian Keay, a Yelm-based physician, wherein Keay requested an investigation into his allegations about a former patient, JZ Knight.

The Nisqually Valley News (NVN) and KCPQ-TV 13 FOX News in Seattle published interviews with Dr. Keay April 18, 2014, and many facts (listed below) were omitted from both reports.

1. Dr. Keay stated under oath in deposition in April 2013 that JZ Knight was a former patient. In Keay’s November 2012 letter to the Thurston County Public Health Officer, he made a diagnosis and prognosis WITHOUT having examined JZ Knight.
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2. Knight did not authorize Keay to communicate with, or divulge any healthcare information to, the Thurston County Public Health Officer.
Click here

3. Dr. Keay testified that he relied on information given to him by other patients and that he failed to investigate their accuracy in any way.
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4. Dr. Keay’s medical opinions in the letter may constitute a breach of HIPAA and the standards of professional conduct of the Washington Department of Health Medical Quality Assurance Commission. Click here

5. The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office reviewed Dr. Keay’s letter. In an email to County Manager Don Krupp, Undersheriff Tim Braniff stated, “We reviewed the letter you provided addressed to Dr. Yu from Dr. Keay, and there is no current investigation pending on the individual mentioned, and without first-hand knowledge, we cannot continue our investigation.”
Click here to read this public record.

6. Dr. Keay failed to disclose to the media that when he wrote the letter, he was involved in an intimate relationship with one of his patients, Virginia Coverdale.

7. Dr. Keay failed to disclose that while involved with Coverdale, she was also working in his office and had access to the medical records of his patients.

8. Dr. Keay failed to disclose that Coverdale was the defendant in a lawsuit in Thurston County in which two judges ruled that she made improper disclosures of Ramtha School of Enlightenment (RSE) materials.

9. Dave Champagne, Coverdale’s brother, issued a statement to the media in October 2012 about his side of a long-running family drama that has been ignored by the media.
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10. Virginia Coverdale was only an RSE student from September 2006 through 2010. She never received any firsthand knowledge of the mineral tonic formula, which was given many years before she came to RSE.

11. The same tonic students learned to make for themselves has been — and still is — available commercially through online sources.
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12. Click here for the letter sent by RSE’s publicist to FOX News addressing the lye consumption allegations of Keay and Coverdale.

13. Dr. Keay has never been a student of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (RSE) and has no firsthand knowledge of the school.

14. Dr. Keay placed a display advertisement in the April 18 NVN saying he is closing his Yelm Office April 30, 2014.
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In the Q13 Fox interview clip, Keay was right about one thing. If people in the mid- to late-1990s had actually consumed a lye solution, they would have had severe burns in the mouth and throat. So if hundreds or thousands of people in Yelm really were drinking lye as Coverdale alleged, why didn’t she hold up voluminous newspaper articles about the 911 calls?
Why didn’t Dr. Keay wave a stack of ER reports?
Why not? Because there were none.
Because Coverdale and Keay epitomize ignorant rumormongers in their attempts to demonize RSE with lots of scare tactics but no facts. And Q13 Fox drank the Kool-Aid Coverdale and Keay served up.

RSE World Tour Travel Cases get new logo

JZ created this new design and directed RSE Graphics Designer Steve Handlan to apply this logo to all of the RSE World Tour Travel Cases that accompany staff. When you see these at an airport, you’ll know that RSE has arrived!

From JZ Knight: “I Thought You Should Know”

JZ Knight addresses Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment students, November 7, 2013

JZ Knight’s exchange with Nisqually Valley News (NVN) Sports Editor Tyler Huey was published and released in their print edition Thursday, April 17, in response to his opinion column.
“You should know and be glad you attended Fresh Air II and what you have been taught at RSE about physics.”


To read JZ’s letter in the NVN, click here.

Dear NVN Editor,

Sports Editor Tyler Huey’s April 4th column said “Belief Is a Powerful Asset for Everyone,”
and that “The notion of Ramtha being real seems silly” and that “Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (RSE) appears to be a cult.”
In correspondence with one of my staff, Huey said, “No credible scientists believe the assertions taught of quantum physics,
and how one can literally predict the future and change your reality.”

Yet he received a published paper link to the American Society for Psychical Research co-written by the then-foremost leading parapsychology researcher in the US, Dr. Stanley Krippner, describing how I allowed him to conduct 3 PUBLIC tests on my body in 1997 to demonstrate if science supported my channeling Ramtha was authentic. Who would allow that public testing to occur if not genuine? Krippner publicly said “[JZ Knight] is not a fraud,”

Huey was also shown quotes from two of the greatest scientific minds of the 20th Century about the validity of quantum physics taught at RSE:

1. “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness.”
Max Planck, one of the founders of quantum theory, which won him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918.

2. “The first person to suggest that quantum theory implies that reality is created by human consciousness was not some crank on the fringes of physics, but the eminent mathematician John von Neumann.
In his quantum bible [Mathematische Grundlagen der Quantenmechanik or The Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics] …, the most influential book on quantum theory ever written, von Neumann concludes that, from a strictly logical point of view, only the presence of consciousness can solve the measurement problem.”
Physicist Nick Herbert

I asked Huey if in his opinion there is no scientific basis for Ramtha, then what is his opinion on creationism, the talking snake story in Genesis
and that the world according to Christian belief is only 6,000 years old?
Where is the scientific basis for these stories?
And, how DID Cane & Abel have children? Who did they marry?

He responded, “I do not believe in the talking snake story; I do not believe in God; I do not believe the universe, living organisms, etc., originated from divine creation; I believe in evolution and science; I believe anyone who thinks the Earth is 6,000 years old is like an ostrich who sticks its head in the sand, follows a book that was written thousands of years ago, and ignores modern-day facts that have disproven many things they believe to be true. Perhaps I am wrong on some accounts, but that is what I believe.”

I said,
“Great answer.
And we let folks believe whatever they choose,
even in talking snakes and a 6,000 year old earth”.
That you and your newspaper solicit community debate is an important role in fostering understanding in our community.
I acknowledge Sports Editor Huey for his views on science supporting the knowledge of our world today. And, on this we agree:
“Belief Is a Powerful Asset for Everyone.”

JZ Knight

UPDATE: April 19, 2014
This was posted on the Ramtha Facebook page today:
The Yelm newspaper’s Assistant Editor Tyler Huey stated in his opinion column his thoughts about Ramtha & the curriculum at RSE. Huey said he relies on science and after he received scientific documentation to dispel his assertions about RSE, JZ Knight questioned and encouraged him to stand-up for what he does believe.

Shouldn’t a newspaper reporter be challenged when using the “power of the pen” in their position of influence when they make statements on something they have never experienced?
[Mr. Huey has never attended an RSE event, however after their e-mail exchange, JZ invited him to a Beginning Event as her guest.]

JZ sent her e-mailer again today so you can read in this light, her letter now posted on the newspaper’s website and is important for your review.
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Preparedness & Food Storage now mainstream news -
“Ramtha’s students are sovereignists”

“A United Nations panel of scientists says that globally, rising temperatures will make it harder for crops to thrive.”
Photo credit: Josh Haner/The New York Times

The Nisqually Valley News story of March 19, 2014 reporting government agents detained a couple who are students of RSE and found on their property what “could have comfortably housed [an entire] family for months or years, judging by the amount of food stored in the structure” was clearly sensationalistic with their front-page photos laced with the newspaper’s innuendo about their possessing a structure with food storage.

Sovereigns, patriots, militia, law enforcement, military service personnel from nearby Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), Mormons, RSE students and many others are well-prepared to provide for their families and neighbors in an urgent situation in Southeast Thurston County. We have to look not further than 100 miles away to see how friends and neighbors pulled together in the recent Oso, WA mudslide before, during and after the government helped.

The history of our nation’s citizens has always shown preparedness is a key element in their lives; from the 1800′s-1900′s concept of most homes outfitted with basements or “root cellars” to the “Civil Defense Shelters” of the mid-20th Century. Almost every home in America’s “Tornado Alley” has a shelter. Only in the last 40 years has self-reliance become unfashionable and waned as more rely solely on government to always come to their aid. Yet government officials have acknowledged they may not be able to get into ravaged areas for days – and call on people to be self-reliant.

Now, having a shelter with food storage to provide for one’s family has become mainstream news:

- From the United Nations: Climate Panel’s March 31, 2014 warning
“UN Climate Panel Issues Dire Warning of Threat to Global Food Supply, Calls for Action and Adaption”
Read more from Amy Goodman and Nermeen Shaikh, Democracy Now!

- From FEMA: “National Preparedness Goal”
“A secure and resilient nation with the capabilities required across the whole community to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to and recover from the threats and hazards that pose the greatest risk.”

“The National Preparedness Goal, released in September 2011, defines what it means for the whole community to be prepared for all types of disasters and emergencies.”
Read more

- From Ready.gov: “Campaign designed to educate and empower Americans to prepare”
“The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) launched in February 2003, Ready, a national public service advertising (PSA) campaign designed to educate and empower Americans to prepare for and respond to emergencies including natural and man-made disasters. The goal of the campaign is to get the public involved and ultimately to increase the level of basic preparedness across the nation.”
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- From former Presidents Bush and Clinton: Public Service Advertisements to prepare – in 2006
“Former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton are urging Americans to take steps to better prepare themselves, their families and businesses for emergencies,” quoting the Dept. of Homeland Security.
Read more

- From JZ Knight: “Ramtha’s students are not survivalists; they are sovereignists”
“RSE students are not survivalists. We are sovereignists. We have always been taught to be prepared for anything, to be able to provide and care for ourselves and our families. A sovereign person is able to support their life without gambling on banks, the stock market, or paper investments. I am very proud of this culture of RSE and that our students have heard this message from Ramtha for over 25 years,” quoting JZ Knight.
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- From Ramtha: Stressing the importance of storing food for over 3 decades
“The important issue of preparedness I taught many years ago is that I asked for all of the people who would listen to put up food and to become sovereign and to have lots of water but to have it out of the ground, and to put up food for all of those concerned in your life, and to be sovereign — utterly sovereign — to save your clothing and to put it up, and to work towards a point that regardless of what would happen with the world you could continue to sustain yourself. Now that is not a new teaching. That happened many years ago in your time. But it is still important because the times that I spoke about are already here and are unfolding.”
- Ramtha
September, 1993
(Excerpt from: Taking the Journey Inward, September 16, 1993. Ramtha Dialogues®, Tape 9322 ed.)

- Ramtha’s “Recommendations for Sovereignty – for everyone”
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Technology of our “higher brothers in wonderful craft”

Click here to order the book.

- Book describes how alien spacecraft are controlled by operators’ thoughts
“The space craft is operated by IS-BEs who use “doll bodies” in much the same way that an actor wears a mask and costume. It is a like a mechanical tool through which to operate in the physical world. She, as well as all of the other IS-BEs of the officer class and their superiors, inhabit these “doll bodies” when they are on duty in space. When they are not on duty, they “leave” the body and operate, think, communicate, travel, and exist without the use of a body.

The bodies are constructed of synthetic materials, including a very sensitive electrical nervous system, to which each IS-BE adjusts themselves or “tune in” to an electronic wavelength that is matched uniquely to the wavelength or frequency emitted by each IS-BE.

Each IS-BE is capable of creating a unique wave frequency which identifies them, much like a radio
signal frequency. This serves, in part, as identification like a finger print. The doll body acts
like a radio receiver for the IS-BE. No two frequencies or doll bodies are exactly the same.

The bodies of each IS-BE crew member are likewise tuned into and connected to the “nervous system” built into the space craft. The space craft is built in much the same way as the doll body. It is adjusted specifically to the frequency of each IS-BE crew member. Therefore, the craft can be operated by the “thoughts” or energy emitted by the IS-BE. It is really a very simple, direct control system. So, there are no complicated controls or navigation equipment on board the space craft. They operate as an extension of the IS-BE,” quoting the book “ALIEN INTERVIEW – Based On Personal Notes and Interview Transcriptions Provided by: Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy, edited by Lawrence R. Spencer.
Read more

Click here to order the book.

- Ramtha on our “higher brothers in wonderful craft”
“I have spoken many times about your higher brothers in wonderful craft. Long ago I said that the craft of the future was a living cell, and it is so. From the pilot’s focused mind — from consciousness and energy —the cell became in space/time. Well, it seems the leak got out. I told you that your space program isn’t active anymore because it is simply public relations. It is not going anywhere. They have already been.

There are higher brothers and they are interested in you. But don’t be possessed of them. Just know that when you are doing the Great Work with your mind, you are connecting with great minds. You don’t need to channel them, again, to show how important your connection is. Just stop trying to be important and be happy.”
- Ramtha
March 30, 2014
Yelm, WA
Divine Jazz – 2014 World Tour USA

“Quantum Entanglement” in the news –
Ramtha on “entangling” with him – last weekend

A current quantum computer chip
Photo credit: © D-Wave

- “What is Quantum Entanglement?”
“Quantum entanglement is one of the most out-of-the-box areas of study in physics today, including research into cool sounding things such as quantum cryptography, quantum computing, and quantum teleportation. But whereas lots of big things can become entangled, like your ball of yarn or your hair, quantum entanglement refers to how tiny quantum entities like photons (particles of light) can come together, bond, and share quantum bits of information (or qubits, as they are called in the bizz). Once these particles have become entangled, they continue to share information no matter how far apart they become in space and, perhaps, in time as well.

“The term “entanglement,” used in physics to describe this inseparable relationship between quantum systems, was first introduced by the physicist Erwin Schrodinger in 1935,” quoting Suzanne Nichols in SuperConsciousness.
Read more

- About Quantum Entanglement
“Quantum entanglement is one of the key features of quantum mechanics. Quantum systems are the basis of new paradigms in quantum computation, quantum cryptography, or quantum teleportation.”

“Entangled quantum systems have properties that have fundamentally overthrown the classical worldview,” quoting PNAS, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
Read more

- “Extreme Superposition: Researchers Record Quantum Entanglement In 103 Dimensions”
“In a recent PNAS paper, scientists have described how they managed to achieve a quantum entanglement with a minimum of 103 dimensions with only two particles.

103 dimensions rather than 3? Is that a typo?

Elementary particles such as photons can produce superpositions – where they exist in many possible quantum states simultaneously. In addition, when two particles are entangled a connection is generated so measuring the state of one (whether they are in one place or another, or spinning one way or another, for example) affects the state of the other particle instantly, no matter how far away from each other they are.

Scientists have spent years combining both properties to construct networks of entangled particles in a state of superposition. This allows constructing elementary quantum computers capable of operating at unimaginable speeds, encrypting information with total security and conducting experiments in quantum mechanics,” .
Read more

- “Entering the 103rd dimension: Scientists reveal major quantum breakthrough that could lead to ultrafast computers and unbreakable encryption”

“Could lead to unbreakable encryption and superfast computers
Researchers created entanglement of 103 dimensions with only two photons – smashing the previous record of 11
NSA also working on quantum computer that could break encryption systems
Researchers joke their discovery means Schrödinger’s famous cat could actually be alive, dead or in 101 other states,” by Mark Prigg in UK’s Daily Mail.
Read more

- Ramtha on “entangling” with him
“I ask this question — and you need to contemplate it — are you entangled with me? And do you even know what entanglement means? If you have been following your physics course, two light particles — two photons — that occupy the same space before going out are entangled. One affects the other. If you are in a human situation and you are bonding with your partner, you are doing sending-and-receiving. You are entangled.

If I give you an envelope and say what is it, then you are entangled with the question and immediately know the answer. We have proof all over the walls. So don’t say you don’t understand without investigating. See for yourself. So then I ask you, are you entangled with me? And before you answer, ask yourself that question.”


“When I said to you that power is to see it as it is and that all things are as they should be, that is power. That is not an exit from conflict. That is an understanding of the reality of conflict. When you establish this, indeed — you will know your own good — and stop lying to yourself and to be honest to yourself, then you will find no one is to blame, no hatred needs to be supported. It all goes away and in its place is peace, an intentional peace. It is the outcome of emptying conflict from one’s life.

When I taught you that, how many of you were listening very closely to my talk? So were you in essence entangling with me. So be that. And I sent you the runner on this message. And what possibly could have been the runner? Joy and peace. And the doom was lifted from the group — and the conflict and the angst and all of the things — and in its place was an effervescence of happiness. So be it.
The greatest of things are achieved in a light heart. That gave room to grow and prosper, to listen uninterrupted, to revel in a kindness and in a happiness. That is all that you can say. That is what it was. And you should say, it is what it was.

I sent you my runners, and why? Because you entangled with me, that is why. I gave you a philosophy of manifested truth, and because you were with me you entangled it and received it.”
- Ramtha
March 30, 2014
Yelm, WA
Divine Jazz – 2014 World Tour USA

Student Acomplishments:
Paula Luiken on her mom living on after death

Paula Luiken

Paula Kuiken from Rainier, WA describes her mother living on beyond death.
Here is her story in her own words.

“Beyond The Grave”

“I just returned from my mom’s passing, which occurred on Feb. 23rd, 2014 in Peace River, Alberta, Canada.

Along with my other four sisters and one brother, I was with mom during her last forty days.

My entire family is of the Catholic faith. I, on the other hand found my way to Ramtha’s teachings in 1986. I have been a student of R.S.E. ever since.

I came to realize that my family was not certain about what transpires after one passes. ‘No one really knows’ they would say to me. To which I replied that there is a lot of recorded evidence now of people having passed and having communication with those of us on this side. I don’t think that they truly believed this.
Anyway, when I arrived in Peace River (after hearing about my mom’s condition getting to end-stage),I had the thought to focus upon her Holy, Holy Spirit. This I did. Perhaps I had hopes of seeing her spirit leave her body at the moment of her passing. That did not happen.

However, one afternoon, I was alone with mom in her palliative care room. She had been sleeping most of the morning. Suddenly, her face became transformed. She was looking much younger and there was a glow about her. I was in awe of what I was seeing! She no longer appeared eighty eight years of age…but rather as if she were forty. She was beautiful, young and glowing! I kept my vision on her.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes and looked upward toward the ceiling at the back of the room. She just stared in that direction as if mesmerized by something. Eventually, without moving her gaze, she smiled and closed her eyes again.

Having spent those last forty days with mom, whom I love very much, and having observed her energy diminish daily until it was all gone has been an unforgettable experience.

I had only been back in Rainier a couple of days when my younger sister calls me and tells me about what a woman at mom’s funeral had witnessed. I will use this person’s initials only (A.Z.) to relate the story.

A.Z. had met my sister for coffee. My sister wanted to give A.Z. a kerchief that had belonged to mom but had most likely been a gift from A.Z. upon her return from Magigoria.

A.Z. proceeds to tell my sister that she has had the ability to see spirits ever since her younger sister had passed years ago. A.Z. had also learned to be very cautious as to whom she discusses this with. A.Z. must have felt it was o.k. to talk to my sister.

As it turns out, A.Z. has two stories to relate. The first involves mom. The second is about my sister’s first husband who had died from a head injury thirteen years ago. He was only forty one. I will use his initials K.N. later when I relate his story.

Both stories confirm what we have learned from Ramtha and J.Z. at R.S.E.

The first story took place at mom’s funeral. This is what A.Z. saw: mom was standing in the area between her casket and the first pew (bench)- in front of her boyfriend. I was sitting next to mom’s boyfriend but did not see her. A.Z. said that mom was radiating and smiling. Mom even went to A.Z. Immediately, A.Z. asked mom: ‘Are you from God ?’ She said that mom gave her this look like ‘Really A !’ It seems that A.Z.has always asked this question to the spirits, because if they are not from God, she tells them to leave !

Once the service was complete, and we all proceeded to walk behind the casket, to exit the church, A.Z. saw mom walking along with us. And she did not limp! (mom had limped for the past sixty years – as a result of a leg operation.) So mom was radiating and smiling! She was waving goodbye to all. With one hand she was waving to the family; with the other she was waving to her friends.

After the service, my sister’s 3 year old grand-daughter was sitting with her family in their vehicle. She says to her mom: “great-grand-mother came to say goodbye to me.’ Her mom asks her, “what did great-grandmother look like?” The little girl replied: ‘cute’. So her mom inquired some more… ‘was she great-grandmother cute or angel cute ?’ The child’s reply, ‘angel cute.’”

Just like we learned from Ramtha – people who pass get to attend their funeral and say their goodbyes.

The second experience A.Z. related, concerned my sister’s first husband K.N. I had mentioned earlier that K.N. had died of a head injury when he was only forty one years old-and that had happened thirteen years ago.

At the time of his passing, K.N. believed that once he was buried in the ground- he would remain there. There was no other place to go.

However, A.Z. told my sister that soon after his passing, K.N. went to visit her and told her that he was lost. So A.Z. took his hand and they went toward the light.The moment K.N. heard heavenly music, he said: ‘I know where I am now, I can find my way.’

Then, some time later, K.N. came back to see A.Z. and told her that he did find his way and that he is o.k. now.

We have been taught so well at R.S.E. about one’s moment of passing…and the transition to the other side.

Thank you Ramtha and J.Z. for informing us and preparing us .

With much love for the School, Ramtha, and J.Z.”,em>

Paula Luiken and her mother

Student Accomplishments:
Sally Mysko casino wins earn event tuition

Sally Mysko

Sally Mysko from Alberta, Canada describes how she won the funds to pay for her Divine Jazz Event in March 2014. Here is her story in her own words.

“I want to share with you my experience at this event
This is the first time in 14 years as a student that I have really received and accepted the Ram.
I was running away from truth.
This morning (March 30, 2014), the coverup was revealed and I have seen my lies.
I have been doing the Neighborhood Walk® that, “I have always been truthful and honest,” and so I got Ram’s runner.

Something in my soul has opened and I feel a peace.
I realize I have not been living my dreams and it’s about time to start making a plan with clear intent
It’s been difficult to write this and to say truth without my imagination wanting to go wild in my own self-deceptive favor.
I do however realize my acceptance is only going to grow and grow into a great future.

I love this school, there is nothing like it.!

I also manifested the money for this event at the casino $2,000 CAD ($1,810 USD) on Wednesday, March 26th prior to the event start.
Previous to that, I won at least $8,000 CAD ($7,240 USD) in jackpots over several days.

What I have learned from this is that when I was getting addicted to the money, I was the wish and not the genie and I would lose. When I was in the win, I had no ulterior motive.”

“Is the U.S. stock market rigged?” –
Ramtha on the tenuous Markets

Photo credit: The New York Times

- “Is the U.S. stock market rigged?”
“Steve Kroft reports on a new book from Michael Lewis that reveals how some high-speed traders work the stock market to their advantage”
Click here for the report from CBS News “60 MINUTES” program which was broadcast March 30, 2014.

- “Fault Runs Deep in Ultrafast Trading”
“While the big Wall Street banks may have invented high-speed trading, it has gained widespread use because it has been encouraged by stock markets like the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq and Bats, an electronic exchange that was a pioneer in this area. These exchanges don’t just passively allow certain investors to connect to their systems. They have created systems and pricing tiers specifically for high-speed trading. They are charging higher rates for faster speeds and more data for select clients. The more you pay, the faster you trade.

That is the real problem: The exchanges have a financial incentive to create an uneven playing field,” quoting Andrew Ross Sorkin in The New York Times.
Read more

- Ramtha has spoken many times on the tenuousness of the stock market and economy
- “When I tell you to get out of the stock market, I mean it absolutely. If you choose not to — because your altered ego and your pride says I don’t know but you do — you get to enjoy the ride down.”
- Ramtha
August 10, 2011
Yelm, WA
Afternoon with Ramtha Afternoon

- “Monetarily speaking, your country is bankrupt. Your country does not have the gold reserves to back up their monies by fiat. At present, your economy is bankrupt and there will be a fall of the stock market to where your dollar goes to seven cents.”
- Ramtha
November 1986
Yelm, WA

- “In the days to come, your in-God-we-trust dollars should be invested in gold, for gold has sustained a three-thousand-year barter system. In the final analysis it will be the only thing that will have the value to buy your sovereignty completely when the transfiguration from economic monies to one card occurs.”

“The gold is to pay off your indebtedness so that no one owns you, and your foodstuffs are for your survival.”
- Ramtha
November 1987
Yelm, WA
Update on Changes – the Days to Come

- “I asked you to buy gold when it was cheap and put it up and not spend it. Just put it up. Its value will replace a destroyed currency. Are you not on that now? What is the value of gold? Everyone is going to it because the currency has no value. Do I think you should buy it now? You should have bought it a long time ago. That is what prophets do.”
- Ramtha
October 9, 2010
Yelm, WA
Afternoon Live-Stream

“Laughter Does the Body Good” –
Ramtha on the value of laughter

Photo credit: SuperConsciousness.com

- “Laughter Does the Body Good”
“Since 1985, Dr. Berk and his colleagues at Loma Linda University have been conducting and publishing their research findings for medical and scientific audiences who, up until recently, were often unresponsive. However, his patience and tenacity paid off: The evidence is unquestionable and no clinician or researcher today doubts the biological value of laughter. Further, Dr. Berk, who earned his Ph.D. in public health, is regularly interviewed on CNN, 60 Minutes, The Discovery Channel, BBC, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Korean Broadcasting System, and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The ability to intentionally create happiness and health exists within us and people want to know about it.

The type of laughter that Berk and his team studied is specific: Mirthful laughter that arises from happiness is very distinct from the kind of laughter that often accompanies emotions such as embarrassment and anxiety. This research covers a broad range of biology: endocrinology, immunology, psychobiology, neurology and genetics,” quoting the interview with Dr. Lee S. Berk by Danielle Graham in SuperConsciousness.com.
Read more

- Ramtha on the value of laughter”
“The greatest prayer you could ever say would be to laugh every day. For when you do, it elevates the vibratory frequency within your being such that you could heal your entire body.”
- Ramtha
The Magic Cards

- Ramtha: “The Greatest Things Are Achieved In A Light Heart”
“The first thing I said to my daughter is that the greatest things are achieved in a light heart. It is not the heart, the pump, but the heart in humanity, meaning the true self, not the intellectual self. The heart always represented God. The intellect really represented man. Emotions represented man. Somewhere God had to be represented so they put the soul right beside the heart, and in reality that is where the soul’s essence sits. So the greatest things are created in a light heart.”

“If we were to investigate a little bit, we know that the most remarkable healings that have ever been recorded medically were those that were healed in a light heart. The greatest diseases were healed in laughter. The most dreadful disease was healed when you suddenly dropped the façade, the victimization, the stress, and all the things that your personality thought were important and started to engage life lightheartedly. You should see every morning as a great morning to get out of bed, run to your window and look at God and see whatever nature has brought. The sun shining is not the greatest day; every day is the greatest day. The most important thing, first and foremost, is to be a part of it, to be alive and be jubilant with that energy. When we can laugh in the early morning, heavy with sleep in our eyes, we have indeed found the secret to longevity. Because every day is a lightheartedness of being, then every situation in our life sort of becomes dim and we can approach everything with lightness and laughter. Trading stress in for lightness is to have a body without disease.”

“If lightheartedness is the cure for every disease, and the only one we know that can cure every disease is God, then our God must be a riotous, lighthearted entity. God is the ultimate jester, absolutely laughter, happiness, joy, and mirth. Everything we have asked to come from the Lord God of our being we ask in respect, but we celebrate in laughter because God is the hallowed halls of mirth and laughter.”
- Ramtha
Excerpt from the book: Fireside Series, Vo. 2 No. 6
“Gandalf’s Battle on the Bridge in the Mines of Moria (Companion CD)
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