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The “I” Concept

Ramtha in Australia – June 2014

- Ramtha: “The “I” Concept”
“I want to be born beyond the North Star.
I want to live in a universe of a blue sun.
I want to live where war has no meaning.
I want to live thousands of years so that I can journey to the most extraordinary conferences of mind.
I want to be enamored and enjoy the beauty of God manifested in all forms.
I want to be open-minded enough that I am born into a level of beingness that approves and embraces a mind that knows no boundaries.
I want to love an unfathomable love.

I want to bring a lifeform into life, that my gift to it is the foundation of its life Source, its innate, genetic wisdom.
I want to be born beyond the North Star.
I want to travel to the center of suns.
I want to toy with time.
I want to be the rider of it.
I want to know how to disassemble and assemble.

So if you want all of these things, you don’t go to the light.
You go to the Void and remember the dream, and there you shall be.
And let us hope you remember about dreaming the dream of an extraordinary civilization because the moment you do, the light disappears, the being disappears, and you are caught up in the bosom of some foreign creature unknown to you in familiarity.”

- Ramtha
January 21, 1995
Yelm, WA.

JZ Knight and others witness and photograph UFOs

Photograph courtesy: Carol Caughey, see Carol’s story below

From JZ Knight:
“Please read carefully this email and view the picture [above]!
I can tell you that on a bright and cloudy morning I was sitting with Rebecca Capezio outside our house on a hill overlooking Sportilia and the Italy event venue. I had been studying a particular cloud and noting all the jets taking off from the distant airport in Bologna, rising in the sky with vapor trails left in the markings of the sky.
I saw a flash and saw a UFO traveling above one of the jets but going in the opposite direction, leaving NO VAPOR TRAIL.
Later that day I looked outside and saw that our place was enveloped by a cloud in which one could not see beyond 30 feet in front of you.
I contacted Kirk (Techno-Genius) at the venue and he went outside and confirmed that he could not see us up on the mountain.
Soon, the venue became enveloped too.

Debbie Christie had a shocking event happen to her in Italy and confirmed by the Ram.
More on Italy in detail and the supernatural events that happened at our house, as well as events that occurred at the venue.
It was truly an alien and supernatural event, which I will go into further at our October new event called the 2014 FALL CAPSTONE EVENT.

An amazing event — and more to come affecting us all.


From RSE student Carol Caughey:
“On Aug 21, a few hours before Ram’s closing Italy teaching, I went out to take a picture of the heart shaped meadow that had been given to me as a gift of friendship.
I looked out to the meadow.
Out of the blue, an object appeared on the right hand side. I was very calm and I knew it was a UFO.
I zoomed my iPhone camera to full zoom.
There it was.
A real UFO.
It just stayed there.
I took the photo and looked at it.
The UFO was in my photo! I loved the meadow and it’s heart shape.
An Italian student named Alex Aquareno had “given me the meadow” a few days earlier as a token of friendship because he had found his first card as an RSE student and the large heart on his card was the the same shape as the meadow. (Alex lives in Sportilia).
I knew this UFO was a gift from Ram. A sign.

I decided to take another shot. The UFO was still there. But as I started to look through the camera, it just disappeared. Gone.

As an airplane pilot, I had observed an occasional jetliner fly at very high altitudes over Sportilia. This was not an airplane or a helicopter. I have
been on the UFO lookout for years while flying. This is the first real UFO I have ever seen. I am sending a photo I took a few hours earlier with my
iPhone. It is a normal photograph of the meadow and students doing their neighborhood walk. No orbs in the photo. Orbs don’t show up in my iPhone.”

From RSE’s Taiwan coordinator Wen-Chun Liao:
“I am RSE Taiwan coordinator, Wen-Chun.
Last weekend [August 31], throughout Taiwan, many flashes of light were seen in the sky.
This was not a storm, not lightning or thunder.
And one of our fellow RSE students told me her saw UFOs in Taipei.
It looked like Ramtha’s UFO.
I send the photos to JZ for verification.

With Love,
Wen-Chun Liao

From JZ:
“These are very important pictures of the triangle UFO, Wen-Chun.”

Yelm’s Nisqually Valley News covers RSE in 2 stories

“Laura Eisen reads through her children’s book ‘Clouds For Breakfast,’
which was named a 2014 Book of the Year by Creative Child Magazine.
Photo Credit: Steven Wyble, Nisqually Valley News

Publishers, Authors Fill Yelm With Books
“Nisqually Valley Book Publishers Range From Large To Small”

“Books help shape people’s lives. They can inform, entertain and inspire. It’s not surprising books play an important part of people’s lives, even as the Internet threatens to change the way people consume the written word.

Yelm is filled with book publishers, large and small, motivated more by spreading their message than by making money — though money is still important. The companies range in size, to authors who publish their own books. What’s clear is that Yelm is a hotbed of publishers printing all kinds of books — guides to spiritual enlightenment, epic science fiction and fantasy novels, children’s books and dictionaries. And while there’s far too many publishers to explore in depth, there are a few that illustrate the kinds of books people in the Yelm area are producing.

JZK Publishing, Sharing Ramtha’s Teachings

Laura Eisen’s Children’s Book

Bettye Johnson, Self-Published Author,” by Steven Wyble, Nisqually Valley News.
Click here to read the full story.

“Ramtha, through channeler JZ Knight, speaks on state at his school headquarters in Yelm.
Ramtha will end his nine-month world tour with a five-day event in Yelm in late October.”
Photo Credit: Nisqually Valley News file photo
Editor’s note: This photo is actually from Italy, August 2013.

Ramtha World Tour Nearing Its End
“Two More Stops: Lumurian Warrior Headed To South Africa; Will Return for Capstone Event in Yelm”

“Ramtha’s 2014 Masters of Divine Jazz World Tour is nearing its end after starting out in Guadalajara, Mexico this past February.”

“According to Steve Klein, RSE’s event services manager, ‘Ramtha’s Summer Prophecy Events have garnered huge interest worldwide.’

Klein stated the starting event in Mexico attracted about 400 students, and the Yelm event in late July had 600 participants at the RSE campus with another 600 joining online via a live stream that went out to 24 countries in nine languages.

Why is it important for students to see Knight channel Ramtha in the flesh rather than over an online video feed?

‘The students like to have direct contact with their teacher Ramtha,’ Klein said. ‘Certainly the stream is the next best thing if you can’t get here or haven’t seen him, but the students like to have direct instruction and contact.’

A tour stop in Italy, according to Klein, was attended by about 500 students,” by the Nisqually Valley News.
Click here to read the full story.

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Used with permission – can not be republished for commercial use/advertising.

Class 201 Advanced Training: Genetics of the Future -
Yelm Event Links September 10-14, 2014

- Wednesday, September 10, 2014
This is the fundamental discipline of manifestation taught at RSE. Through this breath technique students learn to shift to an analogical state of mind and create a new reality. Everything that exists originated in consciousness and manifests through the modulation of its energy into mass.

- Thursday, September 11, 2014
Create Your Day®
The technique created by Ramtha 1992 that was popularized by the movie What the Bleep Do We Know?! The student learns to alter the day before it starts by intentionally modifying their neurological state of mind with a plan of experiences for the day. This technique is exclusively taught at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment.

The Neighborhood Walk®
This exercise offers the power to change your life — intentionally shut off old habits and limitations and then engage reality through your newly activated connections.
Read more

JZ recommends these books dovetailing with today’s teachings:
“Return To Life”
Click here to order soon.

“Life Before Life”
Click here to order.

- Friday, September 12, 2014
The remarkable discipline that demonstrates how focused observation affects the environment. Fieldwork also teaches you how to hold a vision and intentionally mold reality to create a greater destiny.
Read more

Evening Product Presentation
* In Search of the Self
* Do You Have a Plan?

* Twilight® Visualization Process (Restricted – no link. Can order by request)
* The Little Flame
* Gods of Eden
* Los Dioses del Edén

* Ramtha, An Introduction

* Gentner listening devices, used, on sale $25.00 (no link yet)
* International Ordering Information
* Or check with one of your nearest World Tour Coordinators.

- Saturday, September 13, 2014
Afternoon Product Presentation
Alien Interview is available for purchase in English, Korean, and Spanish via the Quantum Cafe online store and available online in these languages:
* English
* French
* German
* Korean
* Spanish
* Other versions.

- Sunday, September 142, 2014
Event Music List
Click here soon

Photo Album and Orb Show
Click here soon

RSE’s 2014 Capstone Event with JZ and Ramtha

Ramtha School Presents Capstone Fall Event in Yelm Oct. 20-26
Year’s final event live in Washington and available online

YELM, Wash., September 9, 2014 – Current students of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment are eligible to attend the Capstone Event in Yelm, Washington, Oct. 20-26 to further their studies.

The Capstone Fall event finishes the year and caps off the remarkable “Masters of Divine Jazz” World Tour which featured visits around the world in Switzerland, Italy, Australia, South Korea, Mexico, and South Africa. Cost of the 6-day event is $1000, half price for children ages 6-19 and for seniors age 65 and older.

The teachings of Ramtha the Enlightened One will be taught in the Great Hall by JZ Knight, Ramtha’s appointed teachers, and by Ramtha, who will speak directly to the students in Yelm and around the world via live online streaming.
There are more than 26,000 RSE students globally located in almost every country in the world. Those who have maintained current status are welcome to attend or live-stream the Capstone Fall event.

Ramtha’s appointed teachers will reinforce core teachings of Ramtha’s disciplines for creating personal reality and techniques that initiate each student into a direct experience of personal truth to “Become a Remarkable Life®.”

Event participants will study
• The Neighborhood Walk®, an exercise with the power to change your life, intentionally shutting off old habits and limitations and then engaging in reality through newly activated connections.
• Create Your Day®, a technique created by Ramtha where students learn to alter the day before it starts by intentionally modifying their neurological state of mind with a plan of experiences for the day, and
• Mind As MatterSM. Mind is the product of streams of consciousness and energy acting on the brain to create holographic thought-forms. A well-trained mind extends beyond the brain and body to become the environment.
To register for the event, students can email registration@ramtha.com, visit the website, www.ramtha.com, or call 360.458.5201 ext. 110. Travel and hotel information can be found here: http://ramtha.com/events/current.aspx

Student Accomplishments:
Sally Mysko on the subtlety of of going within

Sally Mysko from Alberta, Canada describes how she is building consistency and the subtlety of her awareness. Here is Sally’s story in her own words:

“On Sept 6th I won 1224$ CAD ($1,114 USD).
This time, to avoid so much chaos, I took my own trance music.II had been away from the casino for about a month as I realized I was starting to gamble, so this time I did alot of disciplines.
I focused on listening to my God.
I closed my eyes focused on the jackpot and then went someplace else in my brain opened my eyes and there it was.
Perhaps soon I won’t be so surprised at what I can do and stop pretending that I don’t know.”
Sending love.

- Sally won over $7,500 USD last March.
Read more

- Sally won $10,328.00 CAD ($9,410 USD net) at the casino [May 1, 2014].
Read more

- Sally won $3,006 CAD ($2,765 USD) on May 30, 2014

Student Accomplishments:
Don Wagner uses disciplines in another $2,000+ win

- Don’s latest experience in his own words:
“Judy and I went to the Red Wind Casino on Sunday the 7 September 2014.
I was already up $300 when I decided to play Wild Panda.
I hit the bonus first thing for 5 free games.
On the last spin I hit the Jackpot for $2244 ($2,241.50 net).
It made my day as I had promised Judy I would hit a Jackpot and share it with her.
I have always kept my promises.
Thanks Ram for teaching me focus and knowingness.”

Don and Judy Wagner have shared they are retirees and have supplemented their lifestyle with all of their wins as a result of using focus learned at RSE!

Student Accomplishments:
Ana Mihalcea on her Inner Peace now!

Dr. Ana Mihalcea’s story in her own words:

The Plan is the best thing I EVER learned!

“Throughout this year, I have written several upgrades to my Plan. I had designed that I was an unlimited Being in my future life.
Obviously I needed some help here. I was unwilling to wait for unlimited Being-ness in some future lifetime, or after death. So I have been writing very specific instructions to my future Self that I wanted changed in my current incarnation now. I wanted personalized Divine Intervention now from me in the future.

I put my Plan away and forgot completely about my instructions.

After the Italy 101 and Prophecy, which were profound Events for me, I came home full of new insights and ready to upgrade my Plan once again.

I had noticed many astonishing changes in me and in a moment contemplated that in the past weeks since the Event I was really experiencing a Peace that surpasses understanding despite being absolutely busy and having a lot of responsibilities to tend to.
It was so astonishing to me because I had been plagued by this sense of racing to nowhere in my Life for a long time, TRYING really hard to become something, and having a physical sense of being anxiously enslaved by Time.

That feeling was gone from my Being!

When I finally found some quiet moments to upgrade my Plan, I had a surprising moment while reading it:

I had actually written in my Plan that I from the future would intervene and change the Brain Controls of Ana Mihalcea to a Peace that surpasses understanding now. I had no recollection of having written that or having given those instructions.
I completely realized that I already am my future actively intervening in my current state!
I know I am alive in my future NOW! And my future can hear me now and read my Instructions!! I have an unlimited Pal in the future that is me! WOW!

How has Life changed? – JOY!

I had been to the Casino a lot, winning on and off on the Machines but not having consistency.

This past week, after a days work, and maintaining my Peace, I won :

9/2/14 $1,300 Net on Rainbow Riches
9//3/14 $1,715.75 Jackpot on Cheetah (Net $1,520)
9/4/14 $700 Net on Cheetah
9/5/14 $750 Net on Rainbow Riches
9/7/14 $1,973 Jackpot on Count Vampire (Net $1,898)
I went to the Casino on 9/6. I for the first time in days got angry about something at work and did not immediately self correct. I won that evening, but did not walk out with a net Win. That was a great lesson that Nothing and Nobody is worth loosing my Peace for and interrupting my future Consciousness Stream.

I am so happy I learned about the Plan. I think my Winning now is a result of the Peace I have changed to in my Being and maintaining it with my Neighborhood Walk 3 times a day. I KNOW now that I already won.

It is the Father within me that does these things!

Thank you JZ and Ramtha for teaching us about the Importance of the Plan!”

Patricia Smith writes JZ about The Magic Book –
Inspiring for her life!

Patricia Smith

RSE student Patricia Smith shares her experience of The Magic Book in this letter to JZ:

OMG “LOVE YOURSELF INTO LIFE” is the most magical inspiring book one could ever own.
It answers every question every time.
It is thought provoking inspirational and it never has not helped me every day.

I keep it under my pillow—-and read very day—and it is always what I require in the moment.
I love Love Love it.
Thank you Ramtha and JZ!

Love and grand blessings,

Patricia Smith

Click here to order.

Norma Klinger’s deceased husband let’s her know:
“She was right!”

Norma Klinger

RSE student Norma Klinger shares her story in her words:

“My husband, Monty Klinger, always believed that there was nothing after death, you just died and that was the end. One day we were talking and the subject of death came up. I said that there was more to him besides his body; that he was an eternal spiritual being that had always lived and would always continue to live despite the fact of the body dying; that he had already lived many lifetimes and would live many more. He said: ‘yeah, yeah, sure sure.’

So, finally I said: ‘Listen, after you go, you will have the opportunity to see this whole lifetime pass before your eyes and the conversation that we are now having here will come back for you to see. When that happens I want you to do me a favor.’
He replied, ‘Okay what’s the favor?’
‘I want you to say three words. The words are: SHE WAS RIGHT!’

He laughed, I laughed, yet he promised he would say it and then we forgot all about it.

Monty died on 25th October 2013. At the end of December our best friends from England, Basil and Susan, came to stay with me. On New Year’s Eve we invited three friends (Masters) to celebrate with us. We started the evening with a bottle of champagne but did not finish it. There was a tiny bit left and we closed it with a special champagne saver and put it in the fridge.

We then had dinner and, after we finished, went again to sit in the living room. It was getting close to midnight. I brought out the champagne, both the one with a little left in it and an unopened one. But Basil didn’t move to uncork the new bottle. I was thinking: ‘My goodness. he’s cutting it close. Monty would never have left it so late. By now he would have had the bottle open and the glasses poured ready to toast the New Year.’ Susan was thinking the same thing and giving her husband meaningful looks.

Just then there was a loud explosion as the champagne saver burst out of the bottle and, after hitting the coffee table, flew across the room and broke on the floor. I guess Monty agreed with me and Susan, and was telling Basil to get on with toasting the new year.

I guess he was also telling me and all of us that he is alive and well and that he has kept his promise to say: SHE WAS RIGHT!”