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JZ’s Fresh Air III – July 24 -27, Event Links

Thursday, July 24, 2014
JZ’s introduction of local Democratic candidate Greg Hartman & Democratic officials
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Rob Simone’s exclusive interview with Ramtha – Aired in 4 Parts
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Friday, July 25, 2014

Class 101: Remarkable Mind Yelm Beginning Event:
July 19 – 23, 2014, Event Links

Saturday, July 19, 2014
Brain, Neurons and Triad Prints
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Sunday, July 20, 2014
Brain that Changes Itself by Norman Doidge, M.D.
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The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle
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Return to Life by Dr. Jim Tucker
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Monday, July 21, 2014
Alien Interview edited by Lawrence Spencer
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Blue Body pen
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Blue Body® prints
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Live Wire Blue Body Dance Music – Mix 1
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Tuesday, June 22, 2014
Ramtha’s predictions, 2014 highlights – Part 1
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Ramtha’s predictions, 2014 highlights – Part 2
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Student Accomplishments:
Canadian students’ manifest significant temperature drop

  Canada’s Laura Craig
    and Holly Nutter  

Canadian students Laura Craig and Holly and Judy Nutter accomplished a really awesome temperature drop in early July and agreed to share story to inspire fellow students. The following is their report:

Temperature Drop Manifestation by two RSE students-
one residing near to Rock Creek, BC and the other student residing near to Oliver, BC (72 km apart)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014
Laura takes her neighbour (82 years of age), who needed help to get to a medical appointment in Penticton.
The temperature was 37.5 degrees celsius (99 F) that day.
Laura said right then and there-
‘I want the temperature dropped 5 degrees on Thursday when I come back to town with Holly.’
(Holly and Laura had been to Penticton on the 3rd of July for his first appointment)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014
In the evening, Holly over in Rock Creek makes his mandate of a 5 degree temperature drop for Thursday, July 10.
The temperature that day was 36.7 degrees celsius (98 F).

**Unbeknownst to each other – as this was not spoken of and agreed upon prior:
either the date, nor the amount of degrees for a significant drop in the temperature.

Thursday, July 10, 2014
When Holly arrived at Laura’s on Thursday the 10th at midday- Laura mentioned how flipping hot it was on Tuesday when she had taken her neighbour in to town and that she laid out the mandate of:
‘I want the temperature dropped 5 degrees on Thursday’

Holly’s jaw pretty much dropped at that point, and he said, ‘Laura, I did exactly the same thing! Only I said it last evening’.
Did we ever have a big laugh right then!

The temperature dropped from a high of 36.7 degrees celsius (98 F) on Wednesday, to a high of 32 degrees
(89 F) on Thursday, July 10!!!

Totally amazing for both of us. That we accomplished a very noticeable drop in the temperature in the area, that we did it independently of each other and that we had created it on different days and in different locations, yet choosing the same number of degrees!

We can just do this!

Holly Nutter (Rock Creek, BC), Laura Craig (Oliver, BC)

Note: All of the temperatures listed were sourced from Government of Canada Weather and are the recorded temperatures for the dates involved in this manifestation.

“Scientists Find Hints for the Immortality of the Soul” –
Ramtha has spoken extensively about immortality

Ramtha in Australia – June 25, 2014

- “Scientists Find Hints for the Immortality of the Soul”
“Some international physicists are convinced, that our spirit has a quantum state and that the dualism between the body and the soul is just as real to as the “wave-particle dualism” of the smallest particles.”

“Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Dürr, former head of the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich, represents the opinion that the dualism of the smallest particles is not limited to the subatomic world, but instead is omnipresent. In other words: the dualism between the body and the soul is just as real to him as “wave-particle dualism” of the smallest particles. According to his view, a universal quantum code exists that applies for all living and dead matter. This quantum code supposedly spans the entire cosmos. Consequently, Dürr believes – again based on purely physical considerations – in an existence after death. He explains this as follows in an interview he gave:

‘What we consider the here and now, this world, it is actually just the material level that is comprehensible. The beyond is an infinite reality that is much bigger. Which this world is rooted in. In this way, our lives in this plane of existence are encompassed, surrounded, by the afterworld already.’”

“Dr. Christian Hellweg is also convinced the spirit has a quantum state. Following his studies in physics and medicine, he researched brain function at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen for many years,” quoting Dr. Rolf Froböse in the Huffington Post, author of
The Secret Physics of Coincidence. Quantum phenomena and fate – Can quantum physics explain paranormal phenomena?
Read more

- Ramtha has spoken extensively about immortality
Adapted from the Introduction by the Editor to the new book of Ramtha’s teachings, The Mind Gladiators of the Future
“The Secret of Immortality”
“How could it be possible that the key to immortality and eternal life was always hidden inside us? How can it be something so subjective, so within our reach and apparently simple, that at the same time slips away from our grasp? The greatest legendary masters who have survived and are still remembered in history offer us their life’s example as a testament of truth that immortality and a life worthy of being remembered throughout time is not mere fantasy but something reachable and real for those who understand what those legendary beings knew and learned and still know. It is true, nevertheless, that such a conquest is the crown of glory of a splendid radical few!” quoiting SuperConsciousness.
Read more

Ramtha’s interview excerpt below is courtesy of “What the #$*! Do We Know!?

Paulina Amador connects with a “ship”

Paulina Amador

- Paulina Amador shares her story in her own words in photographing a “ship.”

  Two photos  

“On July 6th 2014 I visited the Nisqually Refuge National Park. While doing my neighborhood walk, I AM LIVING MY FUTURE NOW, two ships appeared on daylight at 2:00pm.

I have always been fascinated by ships and have had many encounters since early age, the most amazing ones happen in New Mexico, USA; as well as through various RSE events, in the name field, while doing the grid in Puebla, Mexico, at the parking lot at the RSE campus, etc.

The Ram recently gave a FABULOUS teaching where he spoke about our MILLION YEARS IN THE FUTURE NOW- ALIEN DNA. He mentioned that he was going to send us runners to prove to us that he/we are changing and awakening our DNA from its dormant state to a SUPER HUMAN state.

The night of the Friday 4th of July, I went outside late at night to see if I could see any fireworks. I could hear them far but I saw none, although a beautiful shooting star showed up and a huge flash, 10 times bigger than the glow a star, like a gigantic flashlight beamed at me. I thought WOW that was amazing it must have been a ship. It was for sure not a firework, it was quite high up in the mountains.

The following Sunday July 6th while looking at the sky and focusing on I HAVE ALWAYS LIVE MY FUTURE NOW, I saw one ship gliding across the sky, I got totally excited and immediately texted the photos to my dear friend Sonya (German translator). We have been recently thrilled about Alien Interview by Lawrence R. Spencer and all what we have learned about the ISBE’s and the domain. Right after I put the phone down a second ship appeared. These ships glided across the sky for maybe 5 minutes, they glowed a few times, as they where aware that I was looking. They made sure to shine a few times as soon as I had them perfectly on my camera visor (cell-phone). In previous years most of the time they would go in and out pretty fast. I feel as if this time they wanted to be seen. It may be time for the so awaited big event in the sky that the RAM has talked about for some years.

Love to the RAM, JZ and all the Majestic beings on the other side.”

“Earth’s magnetic field is weakening…” –
Ramtha has spoken many times on this subject

The Earth’s magnetic field, which protects the planet from solar radiation, has grown weaker over the past six months, according to satellite data. This map shows the filed from January to June. Shades of red represent areas of strengthening, while blues show
areas of weakening over the 6-month period.” Courtesy: UK’s Daily Mail

- “Earth’s magnetic field is weakening 10 times faster than thought in the Western Hemisphere”
“- Data was collected by the European Space Agency’s Swarm satellites
– First data set reveals dramatic declines over the Western hemisphere, but a strengthening of the Earth’s magnetic field over the southern Indian Ocean
– Changes could be due to the magnetic poles getting ready to ‘flip’
– Latest measurements confirm movement of magnetic North towards Siberia
– Scientists previously estimated the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening at five per cent every century and now think it could be 10 times as fast,” quoting Sarah Griffiths, UK’s Daily Mail.
Read more

- CBS News reported this news in the US.
Read more

- “The North Pole Could Soon Drift Over to Siberia”
“Earth’s magnetic field seems to be weakening and potentially migrating”
By Rachel Nuwer, Smithsonian.com.
Read more

Read more: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/north-pole-could-soon-drift-over-siberia-180952016/#WKGF01ZBOQ1JCvlr.99
Give the gift of Smithsonian magazine for only $12! http://bit.ly/1cGUiGv
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- Ramtha has spoken often about Earth’s magnetic field changes
“The Earth is going to change. It is going to change in many ways. The nature of the Earth and its magnetic field is shifting because the Earth is in agony. It is a living being. It has been destroyed by a cancer, and the cancer is civilization, ignorance, religion. Religion, I told you, is the emptying of the human being, their God, their divinity, and giving to them the Earth under the guise of economics to destroy it. It was all planned.”
- Ramtha
September 16, 1993
Yelm, WA.
Winds of Change III

Oz’s Sarah Macdonald applies disciplines to heal ankle

Sarah Macdonald celebrates healing with a friend

- Sarah Macdonald of Australia shares her story in her own words by applying The Great Work in healing her broken ankle.

From JZ Knight: “Now that is doing the great work.”

  Before and After  

My name is Sarah Kate Macdonald, age – 36.
Social Consciousness Job title – Practitioner in health and body work at GSAC – Goonellabah sports and aquatic centre – Lismore city council.
Colleague and Spiritual job title – Healer.
Degree in Clinical Sciences, Diploma in Remedial massage, Dux of MSQ. Atms registered. First aid certificate and CPR, Blue Police back ground check, Certificate in child related self-employment, CERT 3-4 Business management and Retail store operations.

December 29, 2013:
Year of the snake – I created New Year in hospital to roll into year of the horse. Had an accident with my horse.
Location – Council’s town water supply tank paddock, beside my horse paddock in East Lismore – Northern Rivers NSW, AUSTRALIA.
Medical diagnosis – 360 dislocated ankle joint, with bi lateral compound fracture to the malleolus. Tibia bone roughly 65 degrees out of the ankle socket – exposed bone. Foot/ Ankle twisted outward and facing back to front. E.g instead of being set in the correct position looking like an L, foot was facing backwards and out to the side.
Treatment – 6 screws, wires and surgery – an hour to clean out the mess, an hour to clean out, restrip and rethread tendons and ligaments into bone, reset and fix a titanium plate to the bone to hold in correct position.
Medical conclusion – ambulance driver – ‘omg, I have never seen anything like it in 25 yrs of being an ambulance driver, there is one word to describe this poor lady, catastrophic, she will be out for at least 6 mths and it will take close to 2 yrs to heal fully’ – 3 weeks before Bathurst event went and saw ambo driver to thank him and show him what I had achieved – he had to take 2 days off on sick leave, because he had post trauma stress and threw up after my accident.
Doctors – ‘this accident, Sarah, is bad, really bad, in lay terms your ankle is spaghetti. It’s a mess, it took a lot of work to clean it up and repair the damage you have done. You did a good job, so good you tore every tissue in your ankle, destroyed your tendons, ligaments and minced up your lymphatic drainage/ vessel bed in your ankle, you will be out for a long time, 6 mths and you should be able to walk again, at least 18 mths before the ankle takes full recovery’.

My Story - I had a traumatic 2013 and it wasn’t until later I realised the year of the snake was pushing me to live the very essence of blue body Shiva both as an awakening god and as a HEALER – his reward is the necklace of a snake for he conquered his demons/ back story. I left early morning on Sunday the 29th of Dec, and headed up to ride my horse Dusty – a 16.5 hand Arab, who I’ve owned for 12 yrs. Creating my year is important to me and so is the lead up to it, it’s a process I begin with myself, finalising the years events and while doing so dreaming of new events I desire to add into my new year. I contemplate best either on the back of my horse or driving up long and unknown high ways.

Dusty was saddled up, and of course I had only just got on him, my bottom had not even hit the saddle before he pig rooted ever so slightly, not enough for an untrained eye, but enough for me to sense something wasn’t right. I pulled him up to a standstill, swung my right foot over and planted it on the ground, full body weight on it, as my left foot was awkwardly coming out of the stirrup – my boot grip got stuck on the stirrup and I was left legs spread apart unbalanced. My whole entire body weight swung around on my ankle and I fell over. Thinking I had over balanced I got up right handed, right footed full throttle – not realising I had just done part 1 of my accident – full dislocation. Slammed my foot down to propel myself back up and that is when part 2 occurred. – My bi lateral compound fracture and the tibia bone bursting out my socket exposed past the skin.

I went over again and realised the severity of my accident. Horror washed over me and so did panic. I was alone and looked up to see my car over 25 meters away from any form of help. Stubbornness, courage or self-survival or all of them kicked in, I dragged myself over to my car and then discovered my phone was in my pocket the whole time. It was the start of conquering I, and a huge 54 item list of epiphanies I was yet to have. I’d literally been broken out of my past, all be it only one foot and ankle deep, to be present, to observe and to give it all up and trust your god.

I lay on the ground and monkey mind began to kick in and it was here I closed my eyes and said ‘don’t be ridiculous Sarah, you have never had a dislocation, you have never had a break before, your brain doesn’t know what the pain is, this is unknown, don’t be a victim, pull your head in and focus’. I lay there and made all the necessary phone calls, the ambulance, and contacts that would take care of my zoo’s worth of animals and rental tenants I had left at home. The ambulance had arrived by this stage, dusty caught and de-saddled, and stood at the gate looking straight at his mum laying on the ground, letting out warrior like bellows as she went from focus to ‘can someone get me a pipe and a stiff rum or wine.’

By this stage it was 10:30 am and 35 degree (95 F) heat, the bull ants and horse flies were going crazy in the heat and zoned in on my open flesh wanting to take great bites. While in focus I had no pain, the only registration of it was my nerves had been twisted back to front, and every time I swished nature’s enthusiastic attackers away, it would cause my foot to shake, rattle and roll. I felt them adjust and crack my ankle back into semi position to brace it, but still no pain as I held myself totally connected to my god and the determination of my holy spirit.

Going through the medical process with the ambulance drivers, my focus by this stage was so strong, I left the paddock still conscious talking as fluently as I am now but with 6 times the level of morphine in my system for my height, weight and age.

I arrived at the hospital under a code 3, the only way to knock me out was to gas me, but I hate things over my face. I woke up in full consciousness and ripped the mask off, only to declare to the medical profession ‘don’t cut my jeans, they are my favourite and my butt looks great in them’. They held the mask on me and knocked me out again. Thinking they were safe, I woke again and sat up declaring ‘don’t cut my Lorna Jane bra it’s $160 AUD, not my bra!!’ They then held my mask on and sent me off to surgery.

I received crutches a day early 02/01/2014 (January 2, 2014) and was cleared to move around, so it was here I snuck out of hospital and found the best location I could to create my year. I was released 3 days early from schedule. I had 3 goals in mind:
1. to march again,
2. to be so healthy that I am physically worthy to conceive my first born child,
3. to be physically capable of looking after all my critters.

I marched every day on my crutches – I have always marched fwd, into my future now. I have always been radiant health. I have always connected to my god. I have always been filled with the love of my god. I have always mastered self. Failure didn’t enter my head and nor did being a victim to this accident, which taught me more about myself, my journey and my ability to heal. This accident had become the best thing in my life. I utilized the discipline Create Your Day® every day; I greeted my day every day. I greeted my foot and my god every day. I reflected, pondered and self-assessed every day, there was no leeway, no half this or half that, it was full throttle, pulling myself apart, assessing, redefining and re calculating my next step and how powerful did I want to become. I saw every potential coming in and leaving, it also gave me the opportunity to discover and observe who was real and fake, THE PEOPLE, PLACES, THINGS TIMES AND EVENTS THAT were or were not honourable, worthy, or IMPECCABLE in my life. It showed me what I was doing and what I wasn’t doing and I cut the head off the snake in every aspect of my life. I cleaned up, owned and conquered. I took it all to the next level, and each time I did this, my ankle got stronger, faster, more flexible, and I began to feel nerve growth. To most it would bring on excruciating pain, but I treated it clinically and spiritually and said ‘oh hello young nerves welcome, do grow and settle in, for will march again very shortly’.

6 mths turned into 2 wks walking, 4 weeks my cast was taken off, 6 wks I was cleared. The healing was not just alone journey, the accident had caused trauma to Dusty as well. He had slipped into deep depression blaming him-self for the accident. The therapy and marching was done together as a team- he my avatar and I his. I laughed, and lived every day in utter joy, often dancing to Madonna’s song – celebration by Benni Benassi dj mix. Titian dreams – Two steps from hell AND Titanium – David Guetta feat Sia. I mastered with Blue Body® focus on my ankle and returned to work healing others by February 28th, 2014. Two weeks before the Bathurst event, – under 6 mths, I had my final podiatrist and fracture clinic appointment – x – rays confirmed, the plate and bone has set, I have full ROM of my ankle, I have full sensation and nerve function with only the superficial dermatome nerve replacement to finish healing.

I have never felt so alive, so powerful, so IN LOVE WITH MY GOD, more than anything I have never felt so JAZZED about life, living and being totally connected to something more outrageously wonderful and delicious – being divine. The Bathurst event for 2014 – divine jazz – allowed me to be up and moving with fellow masters, to dance, jump, and celebrate the totality of all that I have gone through and not compromising me, myself or I as a god awakening or the truth behind everything RAM/ JZ has taught us. It is the disciplines and the deep love of my god that has allowed me to be future now…presently and always marching.

I’ve never questioned my God but I doubted myself – doubt from/of how much do my wings flap and push me to higher levels – this ankle break pushed me to soar greater than I ever imagined. Now there is no doubt or questioning – only allowing and doing it with such joy…

Xxoxo Sarah Macdonald

Let’s turnout July 15 in support of candidate Hartman -
“Worthy of your vote,” says JZ Knight.

WA Supreme Court denies review of Coverdale’s appeal

Washington Supreme Court responds to Coverdale’s request for direct review

YELM, WA., July 9, 2014 —The Washington Supreme Court has determined that the appeal of a judgment in JZ Knight’s favor does not warrant its review. In July 2013, Thurston County Superior Court Judge Gary Tabor granted summary judgment in favor of JZK, Inc. in its lawsuit against Virginia Coverdale. Coverdale appealed and took the unusual step of trying to bypass the Appellate Court level to ask for “direct review” by the Supreme Court of Washington. After reviewing the pleadings and motions by both parties, the Supreme Court declined to accept the case directly and transferred the appeal and pending motions to the Division Two of the Court of Appeals.

Upon hearing the news, Knight said, “I am elated to know that the Supreme Court decided not to question the trial court, who saw the potential harm to the well-established contract laws as they apply to private entities. This decision sends a clear message to those who enter into contracts that contracts are enforceable and upheld in Washington State, even when those who enter into contracts later declare they were adversely impacted.”

Knight’s attorney stated the Appellate Court will now review JZK, Inc.’s motion to dismiss the whole appeal for lack of merit. The Appellate Court will also decide what to do with the temporary stay of JZK, Inc.’s efforts to collect on its award of over $600,000 as well as penalties for Contempt of Court assessed against Coverdale.

“Ms. Coverdale’s appeal is based entirely on trial court orders that were properly issued according to controlling settled law, and clearly within the discretion of the trial court. As a result, the appeal is meritless and should be dismissed in its entirety,” said JZK, Inc. attorney Jeffrey Grant.

- “JZK, Inc. Lawsuit Fights Freedom Foundation”
“Alleged Copyright Violation Surrounds Video of RSE Event”
By Steve Wyble in the Nisqually Valley News.
Read more

RSE Ghana coordinator Sam Acquah’s inspiration from Ramtha’s teachings

RSE Coordinator in Ghana, Sam Acquah (left) with a dear friend
promoting the arrival there of The Mind Gladiators of the Future.
Photo credit: Jenny Gifford

Noting Ramtha as the main inspiration in his life, RSE Ghana Coordinator Sam Acquah recently shared with Beyond the Ordinary (BTO) that writings from his contemplation of Ramtha’s teachings helps him absorb and integrate what he is learning. The following is the poem Sam penned that he shared with BTO listeners:

Author – Sam Acquah

“If you can turn water into wine

And walk on water and a mine

And not drown or be hurt

By treading upon serpent,

Then 3 loaves obey the multiple rule

One fish turns into a school

Health becomes a contagion

And every element your minion.

If you were such a master

What will be your chatter,

If the common is a friend

And they desire you to bend?

For they do prefer to align

With fate while you live by design.

Their anchors in the past and regrets

You live in the now with no footprints.

So you won’t cast to them pearls

Lest they trample on them to hell,

You won’t be equally yoked

Lest your life becomes a joke,

You shall talk to them in parables

Lest your wisdom stir troubles

And grant them all innocence

When they err in ignorance.

These you can do and greater.

But when Masters haven’t mastered

And loaves have to be baked,

And wine has to be made

For palates to brand by taste,

And need boats to cross water,

And thoughts delayed into matter,

And still be in idiots’ world but

Be and not be part of its rut

Till the body’s chain is dropped

And the mind’s wing is flapped,

Then Masters we become in hard labor.

A Master lives not by his senses

A Master lives by making choices

A Master is a not taker

A Master is a giver and creator.

In challenges he sees gains

Not problems and time of pains

And when he exhausts his haul

He turns within to his God

For in the common he sees his limit

And parlays not with any idiot.

These are a Master’s daily chores.”

RSE’s African Coordinators: Nelson Letshwene (Botswana), Kathy Somma (South Africa), Sam Acquah (Ghana) with RSE Event Services Manager Steve Klein. Yelm, Christmas 2012 gathering of all of RSE’s worldwide coordinators.