People from the Blue Sun

January 2010
“God made you in its own image, and no matter where you travel in the cosmos, you will always meet beings that look like you. They will have exaggerated eyes. Sometimes their eyes will nearly be the palest blue you have ever seen or the deepest black. Maybe they will be large or small. The nostrils will have either a huge flare or a small flare to them, and they will have a variant degree of skin colors. Those who come from the systems of the blue sun don’t look like your skin color. They don’t have pink hues. Pink hues are a part of the warmth of the yellow sun. Those who come from the blue solar systems have beautiful degrees of blue skin, from the palest, palest blue to the deepest, deepest indigo, but they still look like you.”

— Ramtha

Excerpt from: Ramtha Dialogues® Tape 376, The Observer, Part I. Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, February 20 to 24, 1998. Copyright © JZ Knight.

Posted: January 27th, 2010 - Alien Life, Ramtha, UFO
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