Ben Hammott and Bruce Burgess from the movie Bloodline Speak at RSE

July 2009

Author of Lost Tomb of the Knights Templar, Ben Hammott and Bruce Burges, from the movie Bloodline, visited Ramtha’s Assay in Yelm where they shared their astounding findings with RSE students.

“The fact that Yeshua ben Joseph was married is a truth, and married not to a whore but an initiate from a royal family connected to the house of David, a woman of exquisite power and mind.  The two of them in their initiation changed their DNA, changed their seed, changed their eggs. Every day that you engage your life, beloved entity, however you engage it, and whatever the outcome is to emotion, determines your semen, determines your eggs, and changes your DNA, your gift to the future.”

— Ramtha

May 2006

Excerpt from: CD 0613, Suppression, Love, and the Power to Change. Ramtha In Los Angeles, May 20, 2006. Copyright © 2006 JZ Knight

This teaching is available at the RSE Quantum Cafe Online

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