Ramtha on Healing Others and Ourselves

October 2009

“I tell you, you cannot change the world but you can change yourself. And if you do it greatly enough and with enough love, wherever you walk, things will be healed. When the energy moves from sexual appetites, from the endless cast of characters of victims and tyrants and unending wants of power and suffering, when energy no longer has to live there and moves to the loftier realms of consciousness, so extensive and evolved will its freedom be that by the nature of your being you shall make better the path that you walk. People will feel better when they touch you, when they look at you, and they won’t know why. You are mysterious to them. Somehow their hearts will be made lighter because of you, because the same science is applied in a different focus of energy.

“This is what is meant by mastering all these limitations, getting ready to take those steps in the journey, and getting ready to sacrifice and become greater because of the sacrifice. Think about it for a moment. How do you think you would evolve in this school? What would you have to do in order to make room for a new focus? You are not bad now, just ignorant and addicted. This is a hard, hard journey. It is going to take everything that you have got to make it: all of that passion that you have saved for other people, all of that energy that you have wrapped up in unfulfilled dreams. You are going to have to get rid of your fantasies and make some sacrifices on a personal level, which is going to be hard.

“What is the idea? The idea is to move that focus to a loftier place. And if you can hold it there long enough in focus, long enough to interface, your life will start to change like magic. You are going to have days that you feel like a warrior from old and you are going to have days that you have cried an ocean and feel like a failure. The addiction is strong. You don’t have to give it up but if you stay in this school, this school is not about natural evolution. It is about the hard right angle of evolution. It is forcing the issue enough to say, ‘Is it possible that in one lifetime I can finish the Book of Life?’ Yes. I only had one chapter; it was fairly long.

“You already know that it works. You already know and have seen those little miracles occurring in this school. Perhaps you have had one yourself. When I tell you that everything that we are going to do is going to be difficult, I mean it. But here is the irony. What I am endeavoring to get you to do is so simple. It is so simple.”

— Ramtha

January 1992


Excerpt from: CD-9201, Ramtha, Love Born in the Fourth Seal: Beginning the Journey. Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, January 19, 1992. Copyright © 1992, 2006 JZ Knight.

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