Ramtha on President Obama and the Black Pope Prophecy

February 2009

“What do you have to look forward to in 2009? You have elected the last black pope, the last black pope of history. The seers of antiquity never knew what a president was. There was no such thing as a president. A superior, inspiring, spiritual leader was called a pope, so the seers saw in the lens of their future a black pope. He would be the runner to the end. He is called the last black pope.”

“Do I love his color? I absolutely do. He is closer to the color that I really look like. I am cinnamon-colored and dark-colored and I have very black eyes. Do I love him? Absolutely do. Is he the last figment of hope? He absolutely is. But if he prays to a Christian God, he will lose. If he follows his intuitiveness, he just might win.”

“Now 2009 is the beginning of the breaking up of America. The great stalwart being, the lady liberty that represents the West, is much against theology. All the wars going on today are not about land. They are about theology and belief systems and changing everyone’s belief system to take them back before the Stone Age, taking them back to a place of terrible laws that were only about some men’s fixation upon what they thought was right and their revenge upon others who enjoyed the liberty of freedom.”

“The social consciousness of this democracy will go into rebellion beginning this year, but its worst rebellion is happening the year that follows in the final collapse and destruction of the Earth coming in the beginning of 2012. The falling apart of the American society, as you know it, will be a falling apart because its citizenry is insecure, as there is no respect for the law. Not even the lawmakers who made the law respect the law. They will be held on the gallows as targets to say you should never do this again. Those who are supposed to protect the law abuse the law. By abusing the law, they fed in part a whole civilization’s collapse from its most beautiful redeeming quality, a civilization that was not enslaved by religion, kings, queens, and priests, a civilization that was of the people itself. Freedom given to the greatest of crooks works the system and the law to their favor. This is what is coming down. You will find that in the economic collapse.”

“If your black pope, President Obama, likens his presidency to Lincoln, he is re-creating the civil war. If master President Obama is likening his incarnation to John F. Kennedy, he is creating the Russian conflict in Cuba. There is a lesson in this. Unlike Lincoln, who is Obama’s redeemer for the American people, he must have a challenge greater than the economic problems facing this, your democracy, and the European free-thought society as a whole. When you liken yourself to a historical figure, you create the reality that supports the figure. If you go out to do Fieldwork® and your mind is on another person, you will find their card and not your card.”

“The purest example is to be an original for the future. Hope is a future, but to anchor oneself into the past is to ensure a battle royal.”

— Ramtha

New Year’s Event

December 31, 2008

 Excerpt adapted from: Ramtha, New Year’s Event. Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment. December 31, 2008. Copyright © 2008 JZ Knight. 

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