Ramtha One-on-One: A Godly Meeting — Ram, My Mom, and I

December 2008

“It was a godly threesome: Ram, my mother, and I! What an experience looking into those eyes of a conqueror, my Teacher, with eyes from the other side of Point Zero! I was mesmerized staring into forever in those eyes. Ram reminded me of the old days and said I am still his little girl. Then came the light review — truth, the currency of love — and some exotic projects focused on glamour, reincarnating into the same life for the future-Now, plus a new name, Dagmar, an empress from Russia, and a challenge to become a femme fatale. The night of the auction, my mother and I focused on expanding ourselves to encompass being with the Ram. My mother called herself Golden Egg, and by the time we had won, she felt as if she had laid one! We stayed up all night and celebrated. A few days later we flew from South Africa and arrived the night that Obama was elected president. A black man as president of the U.S.A. was voted in the same night that I arrived from South Africa to be with my cinnamon-colored, 35,000-year-old ascended and immortal Teacher. Finally I feel as if I am home. Who could ask for more?”

 — Amanda Gifford

Johannesburg, South Africa

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