Ramtha One-on-One: My Most Spectacular Moment in Time

December 2008

“How can anyone ever put a value on one hour’s audience with the Ram! To sit with a beyond-Point-Zero Master Teacher, who is an absolute gentleman and a gracious host, was the most magnificent mirror I could have ever imagined. I was finally face to face again with my highest reflection — textured, multidimensional, mesmerizing, extraordinary, and spellbinding, to say the least!!!

“I had decided beforehand that I wanted a light review. That way I felt I had a greater chance of living for two hundred years without death. If I had more clarity on exactly what I had to conquer in this life, I would at least have a chance to bring on my new life in one continuum. The Ram knew exactly what was written on my card, of course. He called it ‘the currency of love is truth.’

“I will never forget hearing the truth about myself with that level of clarity and love. My life is profoundly changed forever. What else can I say other than I am totally smitten and filled with gratitude for JZ, the Ram, and my beautiful Self. I would have traveled from the moon for it!”

— Jenny Gifford

Johannesburg, South Africa

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