Ramtha: We call it sending-and-receiving

January 2009

“Our journey is to master our mind and indeed to master our bodies.  You do not want to create reality for the sake of an emotional rush.  You do not want to create reality for the sake of your image, your sexuality, the way you look, your religion, your economics. You don’t want to use this brain for your image except for its resources, its frozen thoughts, its frozen memory.  You want to make that brain fire that memory without any emotion.  And if you can do it without emotion, you won’t have any judgment.

“You want to look across the room at any one individual and capture their face and freeze it into your frontal lobe and hold it.  You know that your yellow brain is going to judge that face. If you insist on no judgment, you will take it to the psychic part of the brain.  If you hold the image until it reaches the midbrain, you will know what they are thinking. It is called ESP, extrasensory perception. We call it sending-and-receiving. It is called ‘to know.’  You can know anything about anyone if you know how to use the brain and if you can get past that monkey-mind brain. That is the journey. You can know anything.

“You don’t know how beautiful a master is.  They are such an unusual being.  They look like you but they don’t act like you.  When they look at you, you know you have been looked at.  It is almost as if you can feel they have scanned everything in your brain.  You will feel it from them. That is an indication.”

— Ramtha

May 1998

Excerpt adapted from: Ramtha, Creating Personal Reality – Video. Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment. May 2-3, 1998. Copyright © 1998 JZ Knight.

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