RSE Progress Report Letter: Primary Retreat 2009

May 2009

Dear JZ,

We have just completed our wonderful Primary Extension in Yelm. The students LOVED the event and demonstrated that with their remarkable achievements.

Three students achieved more than five targets in Analogical ArcherySM and over half achieved at least one target during the event. Every day archery improved and by Friday’s session William had 28 targets in his field and I had 24 in mine! Just a handful remained seated when I had bales join targets on the stage. Half the group found at least one card, with several people their first card ever, or since 3 to 8 years. Those who made it to the Void I think were 6 or 7 from this group with a couple more from those who came in just for the day. Once I had everyone who achieved either a target, bale, card, or Void on the stage, there were less than you can count on one hand in their seats and they joined us when I asked about Neighborhood Walk® changes. There was truly much to celebrate.  

I had asked early on who was aware that you and Ramtha were in Mexico and all raised their hands, so no one came with an expectation to see Ramtha. They came for the work and that made it SUCH a delight to be with them. They wanted you to know how much they appreciated this opportunity to go deeper into states of consciousness and evolve themselves through the teachings and disciplines of this event. They were sincerely happy that the students in Mexico were having an opportunity to be with their teacher. 

I am certain the Advanced Retreats around the world are going to be extraordinary!

Much Love,

Michelle Enos

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