Student Accomplishments: Ramtha’s Teenage Student, Alex Miller, Nominated to the National Young Leaders State Conference

February 2009

Alex Miller, from Rainier High School, has been nominated to attend the National Young Leaders State Conference (NYLSC) in the Pacific Northwest Region. She has been recognized as one of a select group of students with the scholastic merit, maturity, and responsibility to represent Washington at this unique leadership program for exceptional young leaders.

Alex Miller has been a current student of RSE since age 4. She is 15 now. She shared these thoughts with the RSE Newsletter team:

“The teachings that have impacted my life the most are knowing that everything that I think really matters and that I am able to create how I want my life to be. I always do my Neighborhood Walk® before school. Before tests, I always tell myself I can do this and I have already done it, and then I look back on the results from the future and see how easy it was.”

— Alex Miller

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