Unforgettable One-on-One Session with Ramtha

December 2008

“All the nervousness that I had felt was put to rest with Ramtha’s warm welcome. He kissed my hands and my cheeks and gave me a huge bear hug. We toasted with wine that I brought him in front of a crackling fire. We munched on his favorites: goat cheese, olives, and bread. Ramtha shared with me wonderful information for my evolution and answered my questions. The experience was the apex of my long time in the school. He left me to contemplate his words, “If you can manifest this time with me, Master, what can’t you do?” I still feel empowered and continue to walk on clouds. The time I spent with my beloved Teacher has changed my life.”

— Michelle Caniff 

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Posted: May 20th, 2010 - Ramtha, Ramtha Events

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