Australia rethinks alliance with the U. S.

Ramtha’s October 9, 2010 prediction has confirmation in the news:

“Australia’s strategic environment is becoming more complex and its alliance with the United States is no longer the guarantee of success it once was, a think tank says.

Australia must make choices about its role and identity as US influence in the region declines and countries like China and India become greater powers, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) says.

The changes were making the Asian security environment more competitive and less predictable, ASPI’s latest report on geopolitics says.

‘Despite the recent vigour of US re-engagement with its Asian partners, the capacity of the US to design and implement a new order is declining,’ the report says,” quoting Adam Gartrell, AAP Diplomatic Correspondent in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Ramtha spoke of an alliance break-up in October, 2010:

Countries Go Independent From USA
“It is a great thing to talk about Australia and, yes, New Zealand. These outcasts from all the drama in the northern latitudes have been able to politically sustain their currency, have their own government, snub their nose at America and the corporations, and that New Zealand defies the U. S. military and says that that nuclear sub cannot dock in our port.”

– Ramtha
October 9, 2010
Ramtha’s Video Campaign to Argentina

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