Ramtha predicts sending snow to Australia in their summer

– “Bitter summer freeze bites eastern states as summer gives way to snow and cold”
By Dana McCauley in
In Summer, December, 2010.
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– “NSW [New South Wales] hit by snow, wind, floods – and locusts”
In Summer: December 21, 2010.
By the AAP in the New Zealand Herald

Ramtha spoke of impending snow he would send to Australia

“Hello, Australia. With all the good news that is about to snow on you, Christmas has already arrived. But don’t take it for granted. If you do, you will have lost the wonder of possibility, and I never want you to lose that.

I know it is your summer, but I do want to send you some snowflakes. So be that.”

– Ramtha
December 2, 2010
Ramtha’s Video Campaign to Australia

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