Ramtha: “Stay Away from Water”

In the wake of the Japan tsunami,
“These aerial photos show locations in Japan before and after the 8.9-magnitude earthquake and tsunami that struck on Friday, March 11. Use the slider below the images to reveal the changes in the landscape.”
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UPDATE: April 1, 2012
“Japanese experts warn of earthquakes that could produce 34-metre tsunamis”

“Report following disaster last March finds waves pose bigger threat than previously thought and could inundate Pacific coast,” quoting the Associated Press in Tokyo posted in UK’s Guardian.
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Ramtha has spoken about staying away from water many times since the mid-1980’s:

“Stay away from the water. Get away from it. The water is beautiful but in a moment it can rush a wave over the landmass and destroy everything in sight, including you. If the Earth’s crust is vulnerable, go inland and stay there because if it is unstable, the bulk of the wave or the reaction of the shockwave moving through the oceans will create a dangerous place to be.”

— Ramtha, Australia Q & A, July 22, 2007, CD0708

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