Student Accomplishments:
Michelle Enos wins lotto –
attributes school’s teachings to her win

Michelle Enos displays her Match 4 lotto win, March 16, 2011

“I had created a card for fabulous wealth for Fieldwork® at the Blue College event (February, 2011). My card had gold coins falling out of the sky all around me. I didn’t put any expectations on how the wealth would manifest just that my God would bring it to me. I worked on the card throughout the whole event. I self-corrected every few steps no matter how tiring it became. I was determined to hone my focus the way Ramtha taught us. I found that card twice. I also did Fieldwork® at my home for two weeks before the event using the same card and found it many times. Early one morning two weeks after the event was over, I went to my mailbox and found a nice tax refund check in the mail. I was very excited for the abundance and held that excitement throughout the day.

On March 16, 2011, the thought occurred to me to go into downtown Tenino to pick up the mail. While I was going down the main road I immediately thought I want to go buy a lottery ticket. I hadn’t bought a lottery ticket for awhile before that. I went into the pharmacy and did a quick pick of the Match 4 game. Quick pick means you let the computer randomly choose the numbers for you. When I looked at the numbers they really caught my attention. I thought that I never would have chosen those numbers on my own because they were so sequential. The numbers were 2-3-12-13. That evening I turned on the computer to see the results of the lottery drawing for Match 4.

I screamed with glee to see that I had matched all numbers and won! My card had manifested in a way I least expected. I know that the self correction was a key in the manifestation of my card and I continue to do it very intently in my walk also. The thought to buy the ticket was part of the new ‘neighborhood’ of winning the lottery.
Focus Works!”

Michelle Enos

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