Student Accomplishments:
Carla & Eduardo Valdez attribute Casino win to teachings

Eduardo and Carla Valdez

RSE students Carla and Eduardo Valdez describe their $13,500 Lotto win in San Diego, CA. inspired by Ramtha utilizing the School’s discipline of focus in making a Fieldwork® card for their dream. Here is their story in the own words in May, 2011:

“My Teacher inspired me so much that I love to share my manifestation with all the people in the school!

Wohoooooo!! Yeahhh I’m Happy for what I manifested … What happen was that in the Streaming Ramtha told us to draw a card, I drew my card with the dollar sign and Ram said to do the Blue Body® dance but I didn’t do it, I laid down with mu blinders on and focus on my card.

When the Event was over, my husband and I have said that we were going to IKEA (furniture store), we crossed the border to San Diego (since we live in Tijuana, Baja California), and I said to Eduardo that instead we should go to the Casino.

We arrived to the Casino, and I played in several machines. In one I got $1,000.00 dollars, later I went to one machine that had the same pattern that early in the Streaming a Master said she played and won … it was the WILD WILD WILD pattern …. it had in the progressive $13,500.00 dollars. I started to play focusing so much in my card that I was not seeing the machine symbols anymore, in that moment I won the Progressive!!!!!

With that money we went to IKEA and buy some stuff for our provisions! … Gladly I share with you the pictures of my Great Manifestation, it was not about the money but the Manifestation what filled me with JOY!

But the best and the true manifestation was JZ’s invitation to come to the School to explain this to our fellow students and being with the great Master Teacher on that blessed stage, but I was so nervous I did not enjoy it at the time, but two weeks later I was still floating and recalling that moment.
I’m very grateful to you.”

Carla Valdez

Posted: May 23rd, 2011 - Lotto Winners, RSE Student Accomplishments

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