Student Accomplishments: Italian Rosa Nadali donates lottery winnings to Phoenix Rising School’s children

“What would you do if you won the lottery? For many, the answer might involve travel, investing in a home or buying a new car. But when Italian Rosa Nadali won 9,000 euros, she decided to make a different kind of investment. Although her children are grown and she lives thousands of miles from Yelm, she chose to donate more than $4,000 to the Phoenix Rising School.”

“Upon her return, she went to have coffee at a local coffee bar and bought a pre-printed lottery ticket called “Win for Life.” Initially, she won ten euros, enough to buy her coffee and a croissant. A little money was left over, so “I decided to play again, betting two euros. After a few hours I came back to the bar to see what had occurred and they told me I had won 9,000 euros. They were surprised, as I was not jumping for joy, but my great joy was what I had felt when I saw the photos of the children.”

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