October snowfall records in NE USA –
Ramtha predicted a “rigorous” 2011 winter, last year

– “Snow in Northeast could cut power to millions”
“‘This is just wrong,’ says one local of wintry storm during what should be fall season”

“It’s a recipe for mass power outages: up to 15 inches of snow forecast in parts of the Northeast on Saturday [Oct. 29]— much of it landing on trees that have yet to shed their leaves in fall.”

“October snowfall records could be broken in parts of southern New England, especially at higher elevations. The October record for southern New England is 7.5 inches in Worcester, Conn., in 1979,” quoting NBC News.

– “Snow smacks Northeast; power could be out for days”
“Lights out for 3 million; travel snarled; 2 feet of snow in areas; 3 deaths blamed on storm”
Read more form MSNBC.

Read more of the storm’s affects from the AP on October 31, 2011.

Ramtha spoke in September, 2010 of a rigorous winter in 2011.

“But there is a force pulling on the Earth that at once will hurt it but in the end will be its salvation. And so what does this all mean? If none of this were to happen at all and your icecaps continued to break down — Oh, no, it won’t take thirty years. They tell you that. They don’t want anyone panicking, you know. They don’t want you to panic. No, it would take one event to bring the icecaps to melting when the sky catches on fire, and there is a reason it will do that too. Just with that continued melting and the change of the ocean’s temperature — just that — will create the most severe storms and supercells in the strangest of places. As that intensifies, it is going to get more rigorous in winter, and in the year that comes, you will see more storms and then a lull.”

– Ramtha
September 24, 2010
London, England Campaign

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