Ramtha’s perspective on the recent tornadoes, floods and dust storms

– “Dry Forecast Has Some Thinking ‘Dust Bowl'”
“A number of sizable dust storms, ongoing drought and intense heat this past summer have many wondering if another Dust Bowl is in the works. The Dust Bowl Era was a series of drought years spanning the early and middle 1930s, which was made worse by wind storms that blew away a large amount of topsoil on the Great Plains.

The most recent dust storm in Lubbock, Texas, along with other large storms near Tucson, Ariz. in early October and the haboobs in Phoenix during July, to name a few, certainly are signs of the times.

Much of the region has been in the throws of a drought since last fall. Phoenix only receives an average of 8.50 inches of rain per year. However, as dry is the place normally is, only 4.50 inches of rain has fallen since October 1, 2010.

Lubbock has received only about 30 percent of their normal rainfall since Oct. 1, 2010, which is a mere 6 inches or so, compared to a normal of 20.50 inches,” quoting Wisconsin Ag Connection.

– “Bangkok Underwater”
“Heavy monsoon rains have been drenching Southeast Asia since mid-July, causing mudslides and widespread flooding. The deluge has now reached Bangkok, with rising water and associated problems affecting most of the city’s 10 million residents. Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said that parts of the capital could be inundated by up to 1.5 meters of water and remain flooded for up to a month,” quoting Alan Taylor in The Atlantic.

– “Bangkok residents make run on lifejackets”
“Worst flooding in Thailand in half a century triggers panic buying”
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– Tornado in SE USA filmed in 3-D
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Ramtha’s perspective on tornadoes and floods and huge dust storms
“Many, many unkind things are going to happen, and the Christians will question God, and they should. It is an irony that God doesn’t stop tornadoes and floods and huge dust storms that cover a city. God must be something else.”
– Ramtha
Ramtha’s Assay, Live Stream
July 9, 2011

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