Ramtha on the OCCUPY Movement

“I really love the protesters of Wall Street. Their sense of inalienable liberty is so contagious. It is around the world. The protesters in Libya marched for the victims of Oakland, not for Mohammed but for the victims of the Oakland police. Listen: Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, they are all for Wall Street so never tell me that language divides. But liberty and freedom absolutely connects us together. Twelve people started a movement against Wall Street — twelve people.”

– Ramtha
Blue College Follow-up
Yelm, WA
October 29, 2011

– Australia RSE student George Helou, aka MPC produced this incredible video “99 to 1”
Click here to see the entire 5 minute clip.

– “Ghetto Physics” was prescient in describing the onset of the Occupy movement.
Click here

Posted: November 9th, 2011 - Featured Articles, News Headlines, Ramtha

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