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Pat Richker mobilizes volunteers for Yelm’s families in need

Pat Richker and her volunteers.
Richker is standing in the front row, fourth from right
Photo Courtesy: Yelm Community Services

From the Yelm Community Services Press Release:

“A new event started at Yelm Community Services (YCS) on Thanksgiving Day [November 24, 2011].
Pat Richker is one of the special people who has been connected with Yelm Community Services for many years. One can never know for sure what she might show up with,whether a few hundred pies to give out to people, or some gift cards to go to families with just one parent, or just to show up and ask how she might help out.”

“Pat first met Cindy Marchand-Cecil, Executive Director of Yelm Community Services, in the early 1990s when Cindy was at the local store hurriedly purchasing a bunch of food, just in case they ran out at Christmastime, so that no one would go unserved. Ever since, she has been “just showing up” with surprises of all kinds, just to help out.”

“This year Pat ‘pulled out all the stops’ and put on the grandest show ever with a great deal of volunteer help. Together with Vanessa Ellis, Director of Operations at Popeye’s Chicken for Tacoma/Seattle, and Cindy Marchand-Cecil of YCS, over 300 meals were going to be served on Thanksgiving Day.”
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