Student Accomplishments: 6 ladies & their Gift of Giving

Ramtha introduces Yael Klein, Linda Evans, Janice Meador, and Rebecca Capezio.
Not pictured having returned to their homelands: Diana Nemes & Jenny Gifford.

Four of the six ladies who attended the last recent Private audience with Ramtha were invited on stage during Ramtha’s December 12, 2011, Christmas Celebration. As a result of the learnings from this grand collective, Ramtha refunded their entire $48,000-plus and asked them to purchase gifts so all of the children of RSE could know bounty and abundance.

The ladies humbly accepted their task and for the next ten days purchased, wrapped, and set up the children’s section of the Great Hall. While Diana Nemes and Jenny Gifford returned to their homes in Romania and South Africa respectively just prior to the Christmas event, their impact was also noted. The ladies described this experience as a “joyous opportunity.” The entire audience in the Hall and online from around the world were touched and moved at the significance of this gesture and in seeing the glee in the faces of our School’s children.

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