Student Accomplishments: Mark Stanley publishes ‘Solar Flare Survival’ book

Congratulations to RSE student Mark Stanley for an amazing achievement in completing his book project Solar Flare Survival: Protect Yourself And Your Electronics From The Sun And EMP’s With Faraday Cages.

Mark states, “I find new developments fascinating. Is it not one of the most admirable facets of our human consciousness–to wonder, learn, explore, and grow?”

Mark’s book is published under his pen name Mark Remillard:
“We now know that the question is not if a major event will occur–But when? Solar Flare Survival first discusses what our scientists have learned so far about the Sun and how it affects our planet. Furthur chapters illustrate how the Sun can, and has in the past wreaked havoc on worldwide national power grids, spacecraft, and electronics.

Key questions are discussed objectively drawing from some of the latest technology and current scientific studies.
– How do solar flares affect the human body?
– Can solar flares trigger earthquakes?
– Is a Faraday cage that has been designed to withstand a geomagnetic storm adequate for an EMP attack as well?
– Faraday cage theory, design and construction for the common man. Where to get current alerts and information about extreme space weather, and how to understand them,” quoting the RSE’s Online Store.
Read more and order your copy.

UPDATE: July 5, 2012
Marc was interviewed on Beyond the Ordinary internet radio.
Click here to download his hour-long session.

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