“Sun gears up for wild ride” – Ramtha on this subject

– “Solar weather forecasting vital as sun gears up for wild ride”
“Nascent science crucial for satellites, communications, power grids and other tech at risk ”

“Following an extended quiet period, the sun is ramping up for an era of intense activity, and researchers are prepping to prevent solar storms from disrupting life here on Earth.

For the first time, scientists say, it’s possible to predict how solar storms will hit our planet, much like meteorologists predict how hurricanes will hit a coastline. This early warning allows power grids to adjust for electrical fluctuations, and airlines to switch to alternative communication systems that won’t be affected by the vagaries of space weather.”
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Ramtha spoke of solar activity alert systems in early Summer, 2011

“There are applications that are focused on solar activity that will let you know what comes off the sun and approximately how large it is. If you had this little alert system you would know what part of the Earth will be affected, what the northern lights will look like and where they will shine next, and you should be doing that.
Why is that really important? You don’t want to be in an airplane, you don’t want to be in the city, and you don’t want to be lost in your automobile unprepared. Those are minor disturbances: airplanes going down, ships’ engines stopping, computers going down, satellites falling. That is minor. But it will affect your world and the choices you make since you are unaware of your environment.
There is good reason why governments are removing budgets from infrastructure repair and grid repair and letting satellites go into the ocean, because it is a wasted effort. But it looks like a political game.”

– Ramtha
Spiritual Integrity Assay
Yelm, WA
July 9, 2011

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