Student Accomplishments:
5 ladies take up Ramtha on his suggestion

Yael Klein, Jenny Gifford, Chief Olemaina, Janice Meador, Linda Evans, Rebecca Capezio

On November 29, 2011, Ramtha hosted a group of six ladies who won an Auction for a Private session:
Rebecca Capezio, Linda Evans, Jenny Gifford, Yael Klein, Janice Meador, and Diana Nemes.

As part of the conversation that led to the subject, Ramtha suggested these ladies visit the Maasai, an ethnic group of seminomadic people located in Kenya. Except for Diana Nemes, who lives in Romania, all five eagerly made plans for their January 17, 2012 departure to Nairobi, Kenya for an unforgettable experience.

The ladies’ report of the picture above:
This picture is taken with the elder, who is the head of the manyatta (grouping of a family of huts) with whom we stayed. His name is Olemaina and he is 92 years young. He has seven wives, the youngest being 30 years of age. He has about 52 children!
He loves to wear pink to distinguish himself from the rest of his family.
By the second day of our visit, he truly adored us and loved our company. He slaughtered a goat, which is only done on special occasions. We shared wine with him, although he was very cautious in drinking it.

Yael Klein, Rebecca Capezio, Janice Meador, Linda Evans, Jenny Gifford

The ladies returned home February 2, 2012, totally changed and uplifted.

UPDATE: April 30, 2012
Ramtha spoke of the Masai in 1998 and their lineage.
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UPDATE: June 21, 2012
Rebecca Capezio on her experiences, in her own words:
Our Time With The Maasai
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