Student Accomplishments: Dr. Vladimir Shcherbinin healed Hepatitis B with RSE Disciplines

– Vladimir Shcherbinin described his healing by using what he was taught by Ramtha
“I was born in Russia but most of my life I lived in Ukraine. In 1981 I graduated from medical school and started practicing as a doctor. After all my surgical training, I became a pediatric cardiovascular surgeon and worked in Kiev for 15 years. While performing open heart surgery on patients who were positive for Hepatitis B in the late 1980s, I had two accidental needle-stick injuries. Since then I started having positive blood tests which showed that I had been infected with the hepatitis B virus. Because of my healthy lifestyle I never developed any active form of hepatitis B or its complications, but over 20 years my blood tests have always shown that I have been a hepatitis B carrier. Up to now I have been a completely healthy person and take no medications. In 1997 I emigrated from Ukraine to New Zealand. In 2006 I passed all my Australian medical exams and relocated to Australia to live and practice as a fully registered Australian doctor.”

“For many years I have been searching for extraordinary knowledge of human kind. In the end of 2005 I joined the Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment and became a very passionate student of this extraordinary school of Mind.”

“I have no doubt that my specific C&E® sessions from Assay III Progressing under our Master Teacher instructions created complete cure of my body from HBV with a very high level of immunity.”

“I have been a RSE student for 6 years and based on my multiple experiences of creating and manifesting my personal realities I know that the knowledge that was given to us by Ramtha and all the disciplines we were taught in the RSE always work. But they work only as much as we dedicated to apply them in our daily life. And as Ramtha pointed to us many times, we should do the work and the disciplines will always teach us how to do them correctly because it is always personal way for each individual.”
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Diagram 1 – The first/earliest blood test done in 2008 at Laverty Pathology where shown Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBsAg = persistent infection) is DETECTED! Means it confirmed that I had been carrier HBV at that time.
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Diagram 2 – The test was done in April 2010 at the different brand of pathology lab – “Border Pathology” where first time it was detected that my Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBsAg = persistent infection) is NOT DETECTED! Means through my C&E I burned that virus completely from my body!
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Diagram 3 – Again the second test which I’ve done at Laverty Pathology in September 2011 shown HBsAg = persistent infection) is NOT DETECTED! And because I’ve been tested at Laverty Pathology for HBsAg in 2009 this test is included in the same report and it’s shown that (HBsAg = persistent infection) is DETECTED! I think it’s very good demonstration (and I did not requested that from Laverty Pathology ) in time how my results changed and the history of my healing is clearly documented in progress from different pathology Labs.
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