Superconsciousness Magazine Publisher Jair Robles –
“Hijacking Modern Democracies”

– “The social unrest that is taking place throughout the world has made much more clear for me the connection that exists between spiritual growth and social change. On a personal level I perceive that my awareness is expanded through my interest in social issues, while at the same time my perspective on social issues is being enriched from a growing spiritual understanding. It is for these reasons that I decided to begin writing a personal blog.”

“As a consequence of the financial crisis that began in 2008 and its global effects, we are witnessing a new form of coup d’etat, this time perpetrated by international financial interests.

Even though democratic systems have not been able to solve all the problems in those societies that have embraced them — when compared with authoritarian governments — they are, nevertheless, by its own nature much better at protecting the basic rights of its citizens, such as freedom of speech, creed and association.”
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– Ramtha’s School in solidarity with democratic uprisings
““Ramtha’s School supports the democracy movements in North Africa and the Middle East. It is time for the tyrants to leave,” quoting YouTube.
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