Giving up freedom for convenience

– Over 30 years ago, Ramtha warned his students of the drastic changes that are coming from natural upheaval and economic/political turmoil. He explained the forces behind these changes, including the true meaning behind the prophecy of the mark of the beast and 666 — the assigning of a number to everyone in order to control their lives, first via a debit card, then a subcutaneous chip implant. Now this news has reached our times in the mainstream media.

– “How mobiles of the future will get under our skin”
“Ask an expert what the mobile phone industry of the future looks like and you’ll get what seems to be a dystopian vision straight from the dark imagination of sci-fi.

With the power to buy, sell and make decisions on our behalf, phones will come to dominate our lives, invading our privacy and, via under-skin implants, our bodies.”

“Hammond goes even further, suggesting mobile devices will become so in-tune with our bodies that miniature components will be implanted under our skin. This, he admits, pushes deeply into the disturbing realm of science fiction.

‘It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea,’ he adds,” quoting by Barry Neild, CNN
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– UPDATE: October 19, 2014
“Nine real technologies that will soon be inside you”
“Wearables will have their moment in the sun, but they’re simply a transition technology.
Technology will move from existing outside our bodies to residing inside us.
That’s the next big frontier.
Here are nine signs that implantable tech is here now, growing rapidly, and that it will be part of your life (and your body) in the near future,” quoiting Mike Edelhart, Yahoo! News.
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– Ramtha on giving up liberty and being controlled
“In your Book of Books there is a prophecy in Revelations — appropriate term — that was not tampered with. If you were John of old, the entity who prophesied hideous things in the last days, and an angel manifested a vision of a very big computer blinking at you — humming, turning, churning, ominous — and you had never seen one of these before, wouldn’t you refer to it as a beast? Yes, of course you would.
John saw through a vision of actual manifested destiny the climax of the very times you are living in, and the beast fed on a number, and the number was 666. The mark of the beast is represented by the beast embossing the number 666 through a tally of gold. Those who take this debit card will be owned and will have given up their liberty and freedom to their controllers. You give up absolute choice and freedom through it. When the vacuum becomes so severe that the vacuum collapses, the law of that collapse is change and those who take the card will be changed.
This is rightfully a prophecy of truth and it is on its way, rolling out in destiny, coming to pass. Why have you been warned you should not take it? It goes back to choice. Remember choice, that you make the decision? You are free to make the decision. You can come and go wherever you choose. You can choose to believe or not to believe.”

– Ramtha
From: Last Waltz of the Tyrants, the Prophecy Revisited
Copyright © 2012 JZ Knight.
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