Ramtha’s request to his students of the Middle East

– Ramtha’s perspective on the building drumbeat of a 2012 Middle East conflict
“There is reason I ask my students in Palestine, Israel, Egypt, and Iran to move out of their country until January of next year. They don’t have to but there are reasons I ask them to leave, like I did with the Japanese, to prevent a destiny. There is ongoing conflict and subversion is still taking place.

Recall when I told you that the problem with Israel and Palestine had gotten so awful. Those Israelis that are eating up the Palestinian ground are up for target practice in the future. That should never have been allowed. You know how big New York City is? It is small, but twenty million people live there. You could put twenty million people in Israel in high-rises. You don’t have to take away a vanquished people’s land. Well, the God of the Old Testament said kill them all. Thank God that the people of Israel that are not in the war ministry office are all for giving it back.

I said there was a bomb that fits in a case that is on its way to blow up Jerusalem because all options had dissipated. We were able to thwart that just like you saw what happened with Iran and its attack upon the international fleet. We are not going to fulfill Biblical prophecy, because there is no such thing as the chosen people. Everyone chooses themselves; otherwise you couldn’t be Gods, could you?”

– Ramtha
Primary Retreat
Yelm, WA
March 23, 2012

– “The Spymaster: Meir Dagan [Ex-chief of Israel’s Mossad] on Iran’s threat”
“When President Obama met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this past week [March 11], the subject was how, when and if to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, Netanyahu saying Israel can’t afford to wait much longer; Mr. Obama arguing there’s still time to let sanctions and diplomacy do the job. And he said some top intelligence officials in Israel side with him.

Actually, you’ll hear from one of them tonight: Meir Dagan, former chief of the Mossad, Israel’s equivalent of the CIA. It’s unheard of for someone who held such a high-classified position to speak out publicly, but he told us he felt compelled to talk, because he is so opposed to a preemptive Israeli strike against Iran anytime soon.”

“He worries about a rain of missiles which some estimate could be as many as 50,000.”
[Iran’s retaliation if Israel should strike]

“We are going to ignite, at least from my point of view, a regional war. And wars, you know how they start. You never know how you are ending it.”

“It will be a devastating impact on our ability to continue with our daily life. I think that Israel will be in a very serious situation for quite a time.

Dagan’s other concern is that a bombing attack would not be effective,” quoting Lesley Stahl on the CBS News program 60 MINUTES, America’s most watched news magazine.
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– “Israel Shields Public from Risks of War with Iran”
“The government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been telling Israelis that Israel can attack Iran with minimal civilian Israeli casualties as a result of retaliation, and that reassuring message appears to have headed off any widespread Israeli fear of war with Iran and other adversaries.

But the message that Iran is too weak to threaten an effective counterattack is contradicted by one of Israel’s leading experts on Iranian missiles and the head of its missile defence programme for nearly a decade, who says Iranian missiles are capable of doing significant damage to Israeli targets.”

“The ‘bad news’ for Israel, Rubin told IPS in an interview, is that the primary factor affecting Iran’s capability to retaliate is the rapidly declining cost of increased precision in ballistic missiles. Within a very short time, Iran has already improved the accuracy of its missiles from a few kilometres from the target to just a few metres, according to Rubin.

That improvement would give Iran the ability to hit key Israeli economic infrastructure and administrative targets, he said. ‘I’m asking my military friends how they feel about waging war without electricity,’ said Rubin,” quoting Gareth Porter, Inter Press Service in Truthout.
[Uzi Rubin was “in charge of Israel’s missile defence from 1991 to 1999 and presided over the development of the Arrow anti- missile system.”]
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