Science catching up with Ramtha:
Life once on Mars

“Did life on Earth actually come from the Red Planet?”
“Mars is dry now, but it might have been more habitable than our planet billions of years ago”

“If Earth had two or three times the amount of water that it has now, there’d be no dry land sticking up,” geophysicist Norman Sleep with Stanford University, told Discovery News.

The nearest place that fits the bill is Mars. Though dry today, Mars is believed to have had liquid surface water in the past, albeit never in the amounts found on Earth.”

“Life also could have evolved more quickly there than on Earth because Mars is smaller, cooled faster and didn’t have its surface vaporized in a massive collision that formed a moon. It also was more protected than Earth from asteroid bombardments.

‘Mars was open for habitation before the ‘For Rent’ sign goes up on the Earth,’ Sleep [geophysicist Norman Sleep, Stanford University] said,” quoting Irene Klotz, Discovery News.
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– Ramtha’s predictions of life on Mars spanning the decades
1. “If they had not intervened on this planet throughout civilizations, it would be sterile this day. Know you the planet Mars? Did you know it once was like this planet? That is what happens when you leave human beings alone. Now if you haven’t seen a good photo of that place, I will send you one.”
– Ramtha
UFO Interdimensional Understanding: Making Contact
Yucca Valley [Ca] Retreat
August 11-14, 1988

2. “So the Gods took flight and left. They abandoned their bases on Mars, the moons, and here and set up a standard of cohesive, intelligent society and civilization. But whoever was to rule was to follow a codex, a law, and the law was called Pharaoh. Pharaoh is not a person; Pharaoh is a law. And those who were initiated within the law become the embodiment of that law.”
– Ramtha
Opera of the Lampshade
The Peter Principle/The Ancient Egyptians
Secondary Retreat, Part III
Yelm, WA
March 24, 1998

3. “In my day, no one had seen the sun. We lived in a cloud cover like the Earth inside of a womb. It was healing. The Earth has had many close calls in its extermination, but it is the canvas upon which the work is being done here. If there are Gods everywhere, then the canvas of Jupiter, the canvas of Uranus, the canvas of Neptune, and even once the canvas of Mars all had life created upon them that was frequency specific to their harmonic. And so all planets had creatures vastly different than you, organisms vastly different and alien, and they have all gone through tumultuous pasts indeed to be who they are today, and they will continue to change.”
– Ramtha
Change – The Days That Are Here
April 14, 2007
CD 0705
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