Science supports Ramtha’s teaching on blessing one’s food

– “Can One Literally Eat “Positive Thoughts?”
“Chocolate infused with ‘good vibrations’ may improve mood”

“In a unique scientific exploration, researchers executed a double blind, randomized, placebo controlled trial to investigate if dark chocolate candies infused with “good intentions” would enhance mood and attitude more than plain chocolates. Good intentions were infused either though meditation-experienced Buddhist monks or a Mongolian shaman, who performed a one-hour ritual involving sacred songs, chants and drumming.”

“The results showed that mood improved significantly in those who received the intentional chocolate. Those who weren’t regular chocolate eaters showed the strongest mood improvement. Overall, well-being, vigor and energy increased by an average of 67% and up to nearly 1000% in some subjects.”

“The authors concluded that mood elevating effects of chocolate are enhanced by intention. Other studies have suggested that this concept of “mind-matter interaction” can influence physiology, health and even Petri dish cell growth”, by Martina M. Cartwright, Ph.D., R.D. in Food For Thought, Psychology Today

– Ramtha on the value and purpose of blessing one’s food
“How often should we be present, and indeed should we ever not be present? Conquer your mood, conquer your emotions, and don’t be enslaved by the past experiences that gave them to you. Be clean and present. You are about to go to foodstuffs. And you are going to run to the latrines and get ready to go to the hall to a well-deserved feast. But do you leave behind what you just heard here, or are all things worth your focus?
Bread is a gift of the Gods. Wheat is not indigenous to the Earth. When you break bread, look at it and be present with it. The moment you focus on it, you are showing it to your God. That is going to change what it does to your body. Before you ever pick up your food, look at it first and let your God take a great look at it. The purpose is to change it. Now you are eating not toxins, biological wastes, but divine things. The blessing of the food and bread doesn’t involve saying to God, “Thank you for this.” You only have to show them to it. And by doing so you are humbly grateful for them. Their structure will change, because you are looking at them.”

– Ramtha
Excerpt, South Korea Campaign
August 22, 2010

From: The New Genesis, CD 1012, Campaign: South Korea
22 August 2010
Volume 31, #12
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