Student Accomplishments: Bettye Johnson publishes her memoir

Bettye Johnson’s new book has just been released: An Uncommon Education, A Memoir

“This memoir was a life-changing event for me. As a child I wanted to travel the world and would pore over travel brochures that I sent for from magazines. By the time I was in high school, I had placed the dream in the subconscious mind. When I read a Houston newspaper blurb that the State Department was taking applications regarding clerical positions for overseas positions, the dream came forth and I applied for it on my lunch hour. This was in April 1952. In July I received a telegram offering me a position as a code clerk. I had no idea what that entailed, but I took the job and went to Washington, D.C., for three months’ training as a code clerk that encoded and decoded secret messages. I had a top-secret clearance.

The rest is in the book.

The lesson is to never give up on dreams.
Allow them to be placed on the ‘back burner’ and know that it will come to pass. Never say ‘It didn’t happen.’ It is only simmering until the right time arrives for manifestation.”

Click here to read more and to purchase your copy.

Also available for purchase in Yelm at Lemuria.

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