Student Accomplishments:
Jan Ferrari’s matching Remote View

Jan Ferrari’s Remote View for April next to the news picture
Photo Credit on right: © 1996-2012 National Geographic Society

During the Advanced Retreat on February 19, 2012, Ramtha presented eight envelopes labeled “Group A” through “Group H.” He assigned each of the eight seating areas in the hall to one of the letter groups. He also had an envelope labeled “Stream Group.” He held up the appropriate envelope for each group to focus upon and then record their individual impressions of the contents of their envelope. Finally, Ramtha choose a Group Leader in each section to whom he gave that group’s sealed envelope.

Group G was instructed to focus on their envelope marked “April, 2012” and record what they saw.
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Jan Ferrari recorded her Remote View with stunning accuracy, as the news photo from National Geographic verifies.

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