Student Accomplishments: Mary Abramson leads local OCCUPY Movement

THRIVE’S Foster Gamble with Mary Abramson in Olympia, WA

RSE student Mary Abramson recently led the local OCCUPY Movement in Olympia, Washington and was responsible for bringing THRIVE Movement co-founder Foster Gamble here to meet with area citizens and officials. Here is Mary’s story, in her own words:

We are stardust. We are golden. And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.
— Joni Mitchell

“Our master teacher Ramtha has always encouraged us (when ready) to move into the “village” as we read that Jesus did in Nine Faces of Christ. Whether I was ready is highly debatable, but I moved anyway — children, my grandchildren, and the FUTURE generations seemed to demand my action.”

“I used Ramtha’s teaching of how Nature dreams the blossoms of the spring in the quiet of winter as the model. The OSSF here in Olympia would provide the winter dreaming state for the American Occupy movement to plan its spring events/blossoms. Everything I wanted — every participant, speaker, venue — every detail manifested perfectly and MORE. Since the idea was lofty and noble, the Universe responded quickly and completely. I was in a state of JOY throughout the whole time, which is very important to the manifesting process as Ramtha has so beautifully stated to us numerous times and in numerous ways. I BECAME a little child again, full of love and joy. As long as I moved forward in love and joy, my light shown. When little doubts came forth, the light dimmed and so did the speed and quality of the manifestation.

I encourage everyone to be involved with the Occupy movement. It is becoming the Beloved Community envisioned by Martin Luther King and sung about by John Lennon in his song Imagine. Come into the “villages” and let YOUR LIGHTS SHINE. Make yourself and your teacher proud. We meet in Sylvester Park Sundays at 1 p.m.”

Read more of Mary’s full story.

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