Analogical ArcherySM at the Phoenix Rising School

Photo Credit: The Phoenix Rising School
Copyright © 2011, used with permission.

“What do Phoenix Rising School students and England’s Prince William have in common? Both have done archery while blindfolded, although for very different reasons. The royal heir was attempting to experience what life is like for blind former servicemen and women while visiting St. Dunstan’s, a center which offers services to disabled vets. For PRS students, however, blindfolded archery is part of the curriculum which shifts brain chemistry, develops focus and gives immediate feedback on intent.

‘It sharpens will and concentration better than anything I know,’ says neuroscience teacher Sonya El Debssi, who also acts as liaison with Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment where blindfolded archery, aka Analogical ArcherySM is a regular discipline,'” quoting the Phoenix Rising School.
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Prince William
Photo Credit: The Phoenix Rising School, Copyright © 2011, used with permission.

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