Study supports what Ramtha said years ago –
Plastic food packaging is potentially harmful

– “If the food’s in plastic, what’s in the food?”
“In a study published last year in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, researchers put five San Francisco families on a three-day diet of food that hadn’t been in contact with plastic.”

“The findings seemed to confirm what many experts suspected: Plastic food packaging is a major source of these potentially harmful chemicals, which most Americans harbor in their bodies. Other studies have shown phthalates (pronounced THAL-ates) passing into food from processing equipment and food-prep gloves, gaskets and seals on non-plastic containers, inks used on labels — which can permeate packaging — and even the plastic film used in agriculture.”

“The government has long known that tiny amounts of chemicals used to make plastics can sometimes migrate into food. The Food and Drug Administration regulates these migrants as “indirect food additives” and has approved more than 3,000 such chemicals for use in food-contact applications since 1958,” quoting Susan Freinkel in the Washington Post.
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– Ramtha spoke about the greater “consequences” of using plastics
“The Earth has turned on you. It has turned on you because you have sucked its blood out of its veins, its oil. You have dug up its metals and you have poisoned the mountains and the stream and the trout and the flower and the water necessary for all life. You have thrown your trash into the sea. You have made products convenient for you without understanding its consequences because you don’t want to wash pottery. Pottery is biodegradable; a plastic cup isn’t. Long ago a child’s loincloth was woven from reeds, beautiful linen, that could be broken down simply, but not today. It is made with dangerous gases and plastics that will never break down. How many children were born to six and a half billion people? How many of them were not put into linens, whose waste the Earth can only tolerate by putting it in its fires to destroy it? Now its creatures are sick.”

“Change – The Days That Are Here”
April 14, 2007
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