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Isabel Reyes used disciplines to create family’s sovereignty

Isabel Reyes

RSE student Isabel Reyes from Mexico shares how she used her training with school’s the disciplines to create something extraordinary in he life – sovereignty for her and her family.
Read Isabel’s story in her own words:

“So, everyday, I began doing my disciplines; Neighborhood Walk®, C&E®, candle focus, Twilight® visualization of my dream card and all of them with a lot of passion. I listened to Ramtha’s CD teachings and everyday for many days I listened to his ‘Fearless to the Future’. All of the time, I had a voice inside of me that told me, ‘Begin building,’ and I said. ‘How? I do not have enough money.’ So, the voice said ‘Just do it’. Then I began building a safe house for me and my two children.”

“I began to rely on only me, to trust my Inner self, to leave everything in the hands of God, as my beautiful Teacher Ramtha has taught me.”

“Bottom line: I learned and experienced that doing my disciplines everyday with passion, I can now manifest everything I want. The value is in “DOING THEM WITH PASSION EVERYDAY,” not just doing them once in a while.”

Click here to read Isabel’s full story of her journey.
Neighborhood Walk®, C&E®, Twilight® are trademarks JZ Knight and are used with permission.

– Isabel achieved another remarkable milestone in accurately applying what she learned
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