Student Accomplishments:
Heather Singleton & Justin Wood win $10,000 Lotto-
attribute success to RSE’s Remote-View discipline

Justin Wood and Heather Singleton

RSE students Heather Singleton and Justin Wood (also on event staff as a campus Blue Lead) share their experiences with their second Lotto win using the School’s discipline of Remote-View.
Here is Justin’s story describing their win, in his own words: (click here for the video)

“My beautiful partner Heather Singleton (whom had previously won a $10,000 lottery from the Create-Your-Year 2011 event) and I joined forces via Remote-View and have won another $10,000 prize from Washington’s Lottery by correctly Remote-Viewing 4 of 4 winning numbers on the Match 4 game.

Our story goes as follows:

Everyday we participate in a Remote-View through the website and on Sunday (10/7/2012) Heather was focusing on the target image for that website but was frustrated because all she was receiving were “numbers”, those numbers were 14, 16 & 12. They were recorded and left as we went on with our day. Our evening discipline of Remote-View is on the lottery. Heather’s number’s “kept morphing” at which point I reminded her of the numbers she had seen earlier that morning. As the numbers continued to morph, Heather asked me if I could help with the fourth & final number. During my Remote-View I was only able to see one outcome based upon the criteria (12, 14, 16), which was the number 4. So unbeknownst to Heather I filled in the fourth number.

The next morning we went to the Washington’s Lottery website to view the winning numbers and see how we did. I begin reading the numbers out loud and believed that “those might be our numbers”. I quickly checked our tickets and alas screamed to Heather “WE DID IT! WE DID IT AGAIN!!!!”

Super excited about the disciplines and the resulting reality we experienced.
Thank you so much, JZ, for all your inspiration, the Great School and everything.”

We Love You,
– Justin & Heather

Click here for the official Washington Lotto report of October 8, 2012.

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