From an Irish RSE student: “RSE & the kerfuffle…?”

Irish student Fiona Regan

From Fiona Regan in her own words:

“RSE & the kerfuffle…?”

Well, I would like to comment on the recent kerfuffle with RSE & the Enlighten Me Free person/group. A few things spring to mind instantly & I am going to address these things since they keep coming up for the community at large it seems.

There is nothing that would sway my mind nor my heart away from the deep respect & profound love that I have for my teacher. Nothing. Never. And people can offer many opinions about videos; taking things/ language/ words, out of context, into context, this way, that way… Revealing little more, in the process – than their own ignorance of the subject at hand. I want to speak to some of the things that are being said, because I love this great teacher.

Here are the points that I would like to address –

1) Cult
2) JZ Knight is not Ramtha
3) The Master Teacher
4) The Church & its pedophiles

1) The cult issue.

First thing first – Ramtha is not a cult leader, Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment is not a cult, & Ramtha’s students are not ‘followers’/ cultists/ groupies. A friend of mine grew up in a Satanic cult, & was systematically raped & abused as a child, not only by her father, but by all of the male members of the cult. This is not what happens at Ramtha’s school of Enlightenment! At RSE the central tenet is ‘Behold God’ i.e. we are all divine. This is worlds away from the abuse & disempowerment that happens in cults. Ramtha’s whole mission is to empower people & to teach us that we are divine! And we are not followers of Ramtha – we are students. Since he has the knowledge & is teaching us, that is how that works. We don’t follow him. We learn from him, when we choose to.

2) JZ Knight is not Ramtha the Enlightened One.

At the end of the day Ramtha the Enlightened One, is a master teacher who came here to teach us. He is an enlightened spirit. Just like Jesus, the Buddha, St Germain, Mary, Quan Yin & a bunch of other great beings. People keep mixing him up with JZ Knight. And calling him – she/he or something. He is his own spirit. He utilises JZ Knights body when he teaches – channels his spirit through it. He is not JZ Knight. She has been systematically, scientifically tested a few times & the scientists testing her autonomic responses compared to Ramtha’s autonomic responses agreed that there was no way she could fake the responses, since they were so hugely different. When Ramtha is using the body – the brainwave frequency is in delta – that is DEEP SLEEP for mere mortals. Now show me a human being who can teach on quantum physics & how consciousness & energy create the nature of reality for 16 hours while their brain waves remain in a deep Delta state & while their heart is beating at 180bpm!!! And they don’t eat that whole time, nor use the bathroom. Hmmm…maybe he is who he says he is! Of course, much admiration to JZ for becoming a truly powerful woman & a self-made millionaire & for giving so much of her life to channel this great being. However, she is not our teacher. Ramtha is the teacher. That is clear. It is very obvious when Ramtha is using the body compared to when JZ is – it is a whole different experience ENTIRELY. Ramtha is the Master teacher.

3) The Master Teacher

One job of an enlightened master teacher in my current understanding which is always growing – is to take his students through the entire array of emotional responses/ reactions, in order to reveal aspects of our selves to us, which may have been hidden to us prior to that point. Encorporating the infamous tenet ‘to know thyself’. How can we know ourself if we can’t see ourself? Everything is seen to the teacher, he is actually all-seeing, all-knowing, & all-loving….but there’s no point in him just telling us we are ‘this or that’, we would never listen to him. His job is to show ‘us’ to us. A tricky business, & a job for only the most skilled & the most enlightened I dare say.
And he will do & say a lot – to shake us into waking up & seeing ourselves. Some of the things he says may seem offensive – he is trying to get an emotional response – don’t forget! What will he do? well…. use the most colorful language (which I personally find highly entertaining), put us through all sorts of disciplines blindfolded… & so on. Endeavouring to get us to give up our ego & find our spirit! And to find love. That is, I think what we are all after…afterall. If we were to never see ourselves & all of the aspects to us that lay hidden, dormant, then change would be impossible. In order to change something, we first must see it, be totally disgusted with it, take responsibility for it & own it, change & move on. Just a small explanation of what might seem like outlandish behaviour to the uninitiated. It is outlandish behaviour – but the intention behind the behaviour is to teach & to show. Not necessarily to offend. Although if he offends you, you’ve got work to do!
Coming through the processes of this school, I can safely say his methods work astoundingly well. I have changed so much under Ramtha’s tutelage…. And I am deeply grateful for that.

Anyone with any kind of understanding of this process would know that Jesus Christ shared this method with his ‘follower’s’, as did Plato, Aristotle, & other great masters. It is a practice known to those who have done any small bit of research into this. It’s a tool. That’s all. No-one is being raped, abused, tortured, mutilated, no rituals are going on, no human or animal sacrifices. Just the ancient school of wisdom… .

4) Meanwhile …The Church & its pedophiles.
What is most intriguing is the response of people who are so ‘offended’ by the simple & illustrious ‘f-bomb’ (which is used nearly everywhere by nearly everyone, nearly all the time, by the way…& can certainly add emphasis to a point…). And yet these ‘church-going’ individuals (as they call themselves) don’t seem to mind at all that their youngin’s are being raped by their priests!!!! Now that is the height of hypocrisy. Bring on the good old ‘f-bomb’ I say. I cannot stand by & hear that BS. I was raised Catholic, my friend was abused & raped by a catholic priest from age 10 to 15. He was an altar boy. He was the first Irish person to take the Catholic church to court & he won. Really? Really? You are going to tell me you are so offended by someone saying ‘f-bomb’ – but it’s just fine & dandy that the catholic priests are raping their altar boys, & all of this has been going on for aeons, not to mention the Inquisition, the burning of intuitive women at the stake, the treatment of women in general, the dis empowering of so many people for aeons…And that’s all fine!!!?? don’t demean the Catholic church? Really?? This I cannot understand.

Yet this master says ’f-bomb’ & calls out the hypocrisy of the pedophile priests & well, the world will end I just got so offended. If that is the case, then you should stay kneeling in front of your priest cos there is no hope for you!!! Stay there – no, don’t get up. Stay kneeling.

Now that is just the greatest load of horse poop I ever heard in my entire life. And I was raised Catholic, so I have the right to call a spade a spade. Pulllllleeeeeease.

I might add that – I have been a student of Ramtha for 4 years now only & I have learned & grown greatly. Anyone who knows me, could attest to that. I love this great school.
I have never ever met a more loving, gracious, kind, eloquent, generous, mature, wonderful, wickedly funny, wise, intelligent, awesome AND most importantly OUTRAGEOUS being than Ramtha the Enlightened One. LOVE I YOU GREATLY MASTER TEACHER, & I know what love is now……..
thanks to you!

Rock on, let the sacred remain the sacred, away from the profane!!

F-bomb ‘em!!

UPDATE: March 5, 2014
Click here for the official text of remarks by Dr. Miceal Ledwith at Fiona’s Celebration of Life gathering in Tenino, WA., Thursday, 20 February 2014.

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