Student Accomplishments:
3 RSE students weigh-in with published letters online

Yelm resident Laura Mooney

– “Videotape destroys context of its content”
Published in The Olympian – November 11, 2012 by Laura Mooney

“It is not difficult to figure out the game Virginia Coverdale is playing. Coverdale spliced Ramtha School of Enlightment teachings together, destroying the context of their message.

The problem with Coverdale’s game is that she is defaming not only JZ Knight, RSE and those that work for the organization, she is defaming students from around the world who have found meaning in the message taught at RSE.”

“The people in the Republican Party and their supporters responsible for this ad have lost touch with any sense of what it means to be a leader. And, anyone who would stoop to such a low should not be followed.”

“I have been an openly gay student of RSE since 1989. In 1999, I became part of the staff and am now a teacher. I have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from USF and a masters degree in criminal justice administration from Troy State University. I served in the U.S. Army as a commissioned officer actively and with the inactive reserve from 1982 -1994.

The education I have received during my tenure at RSE has been exemplary. The doors of RSE are open to everyone; or you can take courses online. The courses offered should be investigated, rather than following the derisive actions put together by a wanna-be conquerer (sic).”
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Eatonville resident & The Mountain News Publisher Bruce Smith
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– “Ramtha, Democrats, and f-bombs – an insider’s view”
Published in The Mountain News – November 11, 2012 by Bruce Smith

“At the heart of the recent flap over the release of a doctored video clip showing Ramtha the Enlightened One lambasting the pedophilic priests of the Catholic Church in words peppered with tons of salty language, was the cry that the subject matter was taken out of context.

In an effort to provide some of that ‘context,’ Ramtha’s channel, JZ Knight, and her organization offered a corporate-style announcement via her Los Angeles-based PR firm that described the offending video as a snippet from a commentary on the corruption of the Church. However, it did so in language as dry as the sands of the Sahara, and as a result the deeper meaning of what Ramtha was talking about and why he was so profane has not been told in words that have any real impact.”

“Normally, I would not inject myself into a story, but the circumstances here call for me to do so. I was not at the events that found their way onto the videos used against the Democrats, and even though I have not been an active student for a few years, I have been at plenty of similar events to those filmed where Ramtha was just as passionate, addressed the same subject material, and dropped the f-bomb just as frequently. If JZ Knight and Ramtha won’t provide any meaningful context to what has been flung around cyber world in the past couple of weeks, perhaps I can.”
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Yelm area resident Diane Dondero

– “As Coverdale shows, no seat belts at RSE”
Published in The Olympian – November 12, 2012 by Diane Dondero

“Virginia. Coverdale appears to have fallen victim to the hungry agenda of Republican politics. The outrage of the Freedom Foundation over Knight’s contributions to the Democratic Party should be followed up with a full disclosure of ALEC, who is hiding their funding inside organizations such as the Freedom Foundation.”

“RSE is not a religious nonprofit organization, as are churches that can not legally support political candidates or policies as an organization because of the 501(c)3 status.

Ramtha does not comment on hypocritical conditions (pedophile priests) to become famous, nor does he try to convince anyone of any belief system. Every student is self-chosen, just as every Christian, Muslim, Jesuit or Buddhist is self-chosen.

There are no “seat belts” at RSE, as Coverdale demonstrates. People are free to come and go, take what they want or consume nothing.”

“It takes guts to engage the political arena of the 21st century. Who has done their homework and cultivated the vision to take us forward? That’s the leadership that can engender hope for a better day.”
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Originally published on the Yelm Community Blog, November 12, 2012.
Copyright © 2012 Stephen R. Klein. Used with permission.

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