Student Accomplishments:
Nicole Dostaler’s “Fieldwork® on the Ocean”

Nicole Dostaler

“What is the probability that someone, carried away at sea by a strong marine current, incapable of swimming with her arms, makes it through the turbulence of the coral reef and drifts to high sea, then be pulled up against the current, survives the crossing back of the reef despite exhaustion, finds herself returned to the same beach, lands to safety on the warm sands six or seven hours later, and finally finds a little dog still there?

In 2007 at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, while eating at Charlie’s restaurant, I shared the memory of my adventure at sea with a fellow student named Ron. My story moved him a lot, and he reminded me of what Ramtha had been teaching us for years. Ron said:

‘When you put a picture in your frontal lobe and you are totally present to this picture long enough, without any association of thoughts, time, desire or objection, your body will automatically and necessarily attract or be attracted to live the experience of this picture. The human being is the only creature having this power.’

When Ron told me that it all became clear. I said to Ron: ‘I will have to write my story one day.'”
Read more of Nicole’s story, Fieldwork® on the Ocean.

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