Mermaids: A perspective from JZ and Ramtha

Courtesy: Discovery’s Animal Planet

Animal Planet Editors Note: This two-hour special is science fiction based on some real events and scientific theory.
Ramtha’s & JZ’s perspective – science fiction writers have been prophets of what has come to pass.

– JZ Knight on Mermaids
“I wanted to share with you that my son Chris had seen a show on the Animal Planet channel. It was about a real mermaid body found. What was stunning about the show was the NOAA scientists that were sharing a fantastic event. Please go to Animal Planet online or YouTube and search for “Mermaids: The body found.”
After watching the show, I took my walk and reset my moral compass to true north. I realized that as much as I have seen and experienced, I should know there are other realities existing. Even though I lack direct experience with them, that does not negate their existence. They are not in a parallel time. They swim with the dolphins, hunt with them, and follow the whales on their migrations. Their voices are recorded on the buoys after getting hit with the sonic sound weapon the U.S. Navy was testing.
This is important to me. Many people heard Ram in the early days talking about our chosen beingness. Long ago, many chose to be aquatic while others chose the land. Ram said there were those who would become whales, dolphins, and other things. When asked about the fabled mermaids he answered, “Indeed.” I always wondered about this. Although seemingly fantastic, the probability factor in this manifestation occurring is real. So after all these years, I heard from scientists that in fact such does exists. Please check the show out. It’s amazing.
Further, the show first aired in 2011 and then there was a cover-up show that aired in 2012 by those creatures who always hide the truth from us.
Much more is happening in our timeline than simply our own reality. And in our own human way, we have programmed ourselves to dismiss the fantastic, even though it has managed to exist right beside us.
I hope you watch the show, do research on your own, and have an amazing, mystical 2013. I will meet you again.”

– JZ Knight
Facebook, December 29, 2012

– Ramtha’s perspective – science fiction writers have been prophets of what has come to pass
“There is evidence that the species that became Homo sapiens was here as far as ten million years ago, which is consistent with what I have told you. And a very advanced group of people came here 450,000 years ago who were great scientific thinkers that advanced the great genetic laboratory of Africa to the Pacific islands and to the Middle East Delta.
For the future generations that would become Homo sapiens, those scientists used a model of the science that was common among them to explain a mystery and make the new species think. These new beings were the successors of this great generation of humankind. The successors could not grasp the depth of a very advanced-thinking society that had conquered many things that today are still only dreamed of in human consciousness and written off as science fiction. But as we know from history, the greatest scientific writers of all time have actually been prophets in their day.”

– Ramtha
Golden Thread magazine interview
May 2001

– Animal Planet’s Mermaids: the Body Found Paints a Wildly Convincing Picture of the Existence of Mermaids, What They May Look Like and Why They’ve Stayed Hidden…Until Now aired the third week of May, 2012
“Two-hour CGI Special Unravels Mysterious Underwater Sound Recordings, Dives Deep into the Aquatic Ape Theory and Questions if Mermaids are Related to People”
“Editor’s Note: This two-hour special is science fiction based on some real events and scientific theory.”

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While the Animal Planet’s story is based on some real events, the following reports support there may be more to this story than science fiction:

– A 2009 historical piece on sonar and strandings
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– Sonar-related stranding in WA in 2003 written up in 2004 and final in 2005
Read more from Wikipedia.

– NOAA’s Nation Marine Fisheries Service
“Northwest Regional Office”
“We administer National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries programs off the coasts of Oregon and Washington, and in the vast inland watershed habitats of Pacific salmon in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.
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– “Scientific Panel Completes Preliminary Report on Haro Strait Porpoise Investigation”
From NOAA in 2004.
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– “Assessment of Acoustic Exposures on Marine Mammals in Conjunction with USS Shoup Active Sonar Transmissions in the Eastern Strait of Juan de Fuca and Haro Strait, Washington”
From the National Marine Fisheries Service, Office of Protected Resources
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– “The Navy’s Active Sonar Could Be the Cause of Beached Whales”
By Mary Kirkland, Yahoo! Contributor Network
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– “Report: Ocean noise harms dolphins, whales”
From USA Today, by Paul Chavez, Associated Press, November, 2005
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– “Military Sonar ‘Killing Whales And Dolphins’
“As Mass Strandings Of Whales Increase Around The World, New Evidence Shows Naval Equipment May Be To Blame”
From The Independent – UK, by Richard Sadler and Geoffrey Lean in
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– ” Active Military Sonar and Marine Mammals: Events and References”
“Congressional Research Service Report for Congress”
From 2005
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– “Low-frequency sonar raises whale advocates’ hackles”
From CNN, 1999.
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