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Annie Rae attributes RSE disciplines in finding lost tooth

Annie Rae

RSE student Annie Rae of New Zealand shares her experience of applying RSE training through the disciplines of Fieldwork® card focus and Consciousness & Energy®, affectionate called C&E®. Here is Annie’s story in her own words:

“Our teacher had told us never to come to his audience wearing metal. So I had taken my tooth out while I was listening and was fiddling with it. (This tooth had taken the place of one of my four front teeth since the mid sixties.)

After a while I had had the thought that I might ‘lose’ it, so I placed it in my joey pocket for safe keeping.
During the afternoon it had got hot and I had taken off my cloak.

When the teaching had finished, we packed up and went back to the house.

That night I remembered that I hadn’t put my tooth back in, and went to the cloak pocket to retrieve it, but it was not there!! “Oh dear” I thought.

For the next week or two, I spent many moments focusing on my tooth and seeing it “ found”. I made a Fieldwork® card and put it behind the candle in my candle focus.

One morning, a few weeks later to my great surprise and delight, there sitting in the middle of the kitchen table was my “tooth”!

What I have learned from this experience with my tooth?

I had actually given my God a good look at the problem and then let it go by allowing space for the solution to appear. With this realisation, my philosophy has become my personal truth. I know that I create my own reality where I put my focus. And if I (my God) can have my tooth come home without assistance from the mass to mass method, then ….. what else can I do?
[perhaps regrow a tooth!]
Endless possibilities !!”
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