Student Accomplishments:
Ikuko Nitta of Japan on learnings from our children

Ikuko Nitta and daughter, Rince

RSE student Ikuko Nitta used the training of focus learned at RSE in employing a school discipline with her infant daughter.
Here is Ikuko’s story in her own words:

“I am Japanese student.
I have a daughter who is one-year-old.
Ramtha named her, “Rince One’ll”

JZ said please choose your children a Lotto ticket or scratch card, etc.
When I heard that, I was wondering if my baby would win.
But for two weeks I tried to get her to choose a scratch card on three different days.
On two different days, she looked at the floor, her clothes, but not a scratch cards.
Then I didn’t buy a scratch card, as she didn’t choose it.
Last time April 4th, she specifically pushed the button of a scratch card.
I bought the scratch card which was chosen by her.
She won $3.00.

Ramtha said learn from children.
I felt deeply that it is important to learn from children.
I will continue to learn Ramtha’s teachings with my daughter.
I am thankful to Ramtha and JZ for the great teaching.

Ikuko Nitta

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