Student Accomplishments:
Laverne Strunk’s $3,800 wins owed to RSE training

Laverne Strunk

RSE student Laverne Strunk used the training of focus learned at RSE in winning $3,800 by applying what she learned at the April Primary Retreat.
Here is Laverne’s story in her own words:

I am writing to share my story of winning at the Casino after attending the streaming of the Primary Event in April. During the event I went to Little Creek Casino armed with what I thought was the new teaching and failed miserably. Drove home in tears and felt like the biggest loser. At the end of the event we were told to get a high powered EMF pump which Ram said we need but that some of us really needed a generator. A good tool. I promptly ordered it. I have been running it when I sleep for a few nights and have had great dreams.
On Tuesday April 23rd I had a dinner date with a friend at 5 o’clock at the Casino Grille. I decided to go an hour early to play with a new attitude and with my spinning bands. I won $550.00 net playing $35.00. Really a good feeling.

So today [April 24] I decided to go by myself to win enough money to pay my overdue taxes of $3,000.00. From the beginning the machines kept paying bonus after bonus where at one point the machine spit out a ticket for $1,900. All I could say was “I AM A WINNER”. The total winning was $3,800.00 and I started with $40.00. I am ecstatic!”

Laverne Strunk

Note: EMF pumps are not allowed inside casinos.

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