Student Accomplishments:
Jan’s consistent casino wins attributed to school’s training

“Jan” continues her wins after receiving this Lotto check
(the date of the check in the picture is incorrect, was paid January 22, 2013)

After winning $10,0000 in Washington’s Lottery Match 4 after participating in the School’s online Workshop January 18-20,2013 by applying what she was taught by Ramtha, Jan has recently won $5,000 NET at the slot machines. Here is Jan’s story in her own words:

“I’ve been hitting smaller jackpots consistently in the last few weeks ($400-500 range) but I started focusing using the Candle and C&E® disciplines, on seeing the slot machine winning symbols line up the way they do when they win, and it really made a difference for me. I also am understanding more about creating a detached winning “state” when I go to the casino. I had just sat down at the slot machine and started to focus on seeing the winning symbols in my mind, I was very detached yet jazzed. Within just a few rolls the wheels starting spinning and I hit the jackpot just as I had seen it in my focus. I was stunned to see it unfold exactly as I had seen it, and so quickly. In the last few weeks my net earnings have been over $5,000, $3,000 Meltdown Slot Machine Win alone.

I’m so jazzed!!!!
I love this work!!!


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