Student Accomplishments:
Pam Paizs is blessed with win attributed to RSE teachings

Pam Paiz

RSE student Pam Paizs describes her learning’s from her study at RSE. Here is Pam’s story in her own words:

“Attending the Assay in July, I had gone through quite a learning. When we had gone to our discipline at the casino on Tuesday July 9, I was not present and was steadily losing my money to the Red Wind.

I stopped and paused, got something to eat and refocused. I decided to go back one more time and just focus. I walked by a machine, looked at it, remained standing, put in my ticket, got present and immediately hit a bonus and netted over $500.00.

I was so excited because I had not given up.

I was quite jazzed and decided to give one of the folks a ride back to the RSE campus because the time to return was almost at-hand anyway and I had totally forgotten about the 6:00 PM drawing. As I learned shortly, as everyone was returning, my name had been drawn and I was not there to receive the money.

Yes, I was irritated with myself, but I decided to stop and know that these are all runners and learn from them. I knew I had not given up; I was moving forward and would just continue.

So on July 31, I decided to go back and know I was a winner. I played a machine I had not played previously and wasn’t quite sure how it worked, but I just stayed present. All of a sudden it started ringing and I looked down and saw I had won $23.00 and I went ‘Wow, $23 dollars and only an 80 cent bet.’ The guy next to me looked over, smiled and said – ‘you better look again.’
It was then I realized it was $2,300. I had hit a jackpot!! [Net win = $2,299.20]

I must add that I am truly blessed, as none of this could have been achieved without the fabulous teachings from JZ and Ramtha !!!”

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