Rose Marie Knowles on Jackpot wins –
Listen to our God & overcoming doubt

Rose Marie Knowles

RSE student Rose Marie Knowles, who hales from the Bahamas, shares her magnificent story of how winning Jackpots is just an awareness away through overcoming doubt and listening to our God.
Here is Rose Marie’s story in her own words:

“Since the Million Dollars event, I have not stopped winning. On my way home I stopped in a Casino in Florida and won a Jackpot and then went to another one and won a Jackpot. About $2,500.00 in all. At home, I hit the Keno Jackpot of nine out of nine and won $500.00 on a 5 cent bet.

I have won 8 out of 9 on the Keno several times, had my bet up and won $675.00 each time. Then I play cash3 and play4 and I win every week $150.00 in a boxed position, So I have won over $5,900.00. and I am still winning.

That event made me realize that with every win, I lose my doubt which is what have been the problem blocking many of my jackpots.
Doubt is the loser, for The God does know the answer and Ramtha has taught us well.

You can doubt Ramtha and JZ but you can’t doubt the message, for it is beyond all teachers on this plane.

You cannot win at Keno unless you focus.
I look at it like Fieldwork®, this s the Name Field and my card marked ‘JACKPOT’ is out there.
Then I close my eyes and wait to see where my sonar pick it up and go there. Sometimes I hear, the nine line and that’s how I won the last 9 out of 9, but I did doubt and argue with the God that I had lost on it the night before. But I decided to do it and on the 4th game they all rolled in.

What a feeling that was, for I did exactly what I heard and I did that in the casino, too.
I became quiet, and webbed the machine and ‘listened’ to the god – those webs really work and being still. I will continue to win. I won twice for the week again on keno and cash 3.

I am after the big lotteries now.
God bless the day that I heard the name RAMTHA and then met him and JZ Knight.

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