Student Accomplishments:
Danielle Graham inspired by RSE training & Judy Wagner

Danielle Graham

RSE student Danielle Graham credits her RSE training and being inspired by student Judy Wagner in her three $1,000+ wins: August 5, August 30 & late September.
Here is Danielle’s story in her own words:

“I have been encouraged to write these stories and send them in to RSE. I truly hope that other students may find value in my humble, beginning experiences.

Prior to doing so, my “standard of worthiness” had been winning $10,000 or more. I perceived that once I had won at least that much, I would be worthy to send in my story. Additionally, since I was unable to attend the 2 major summer events, I was unaware of the request to send in stories of $1000 or more.

Judy Wagner has become a wonderful mentor to me, because her primary focus is not “winning at the casino” – her primary focus is always her disciplines and setting up her wins in mind. She is one of my heroes and has encouraged me to share my humble winnings.

Despite my wins, the casino continues to be a great labyrinth and an opportunity to conquer myself. I am building self-confidence, and a greater sense of worthiness. Also, I’m developing a greater and more acute sense of self-awareness: When I am in a true analogical state, and when I’ve lost that state and but am being stimulated by the “energy of the casino.” So much to master.

I dearly want to thank you JZ for all you’ve given.
Because of you, I’ve learned how to heal myself and have experienced more than one “miraculous/impossible” healing.”
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