RSE student Ingrid Plattmann wins $230,000
after buying Lotto ticket on RSE Campus

Ingrid Plattmann
Photo courtesy: Washington Lottery

RSE student Ingrid Plattmann won $230,000 from a “Hit 5” Washington Lottery ticket purchased in the on-campus Quantum Cafe bookstore January 11, 2014. Ingrid cashed her ticket on February 24, 2014.
Here is Ingrid’s story in her own words:

“Three years ago I began living in a cabin built on the land of a retired master who did everything that Ramtha told us to do 25 years ago: the whole sovereign lifestyle, be debt-free, own your own land and home with a well, and stock up on all necessities. I saw in this master and her neighbor how free and powerful they were to speak their truth and live as they chose — very powerful! I wanted this for myself and made a card on financial freedom and worthiness. I observed many aspects of the sovereign state of mind. So I used various disciplines and continued to conquer my limited thoughts. I was also tired of having to please others and play small in order to have an income and survive. Ironically, it was a humbling journey and continues to be so, but I have become more determined than ever.

My favorite discipline is C&E®, especially a process called “The Golden Egg,” published in November 2002, with Ram guiding us through the bands, into analogical mind, and then into our own visions of wealth. I got amazing results in my personal learning about what my bands can do.

In purchasing lottery tickets I looked at what amounts of money I could relate to and use. One day I saw the “Hit 5,” which starts at $100,000, and in that moment made it acceptable, then let it go. Ram taught us to create: dream the dream, become the dream, and let it go. It will unfold when we least expect it. And that’s what happened with me. I walked into the Quantum Café with no particular objective and was invited to buy lottery tickets. It was an easy choice to get a couple of “Quick Picks.” I was in a detached and blissful state of mind during that event (JZ’s Fresh Air II.) I also do the Neighborhood Walk® and candle focus with my card in view.

The one other important point to make is about attitude. There was a moment where I began to celebrate buying lottery tickets because somewhere out there I was making someone rich, someone just like me. Just one dollar and, bingo, I included myself!”

From the Washington Lottery:
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– Ingrid Plattmann was interviewed Monday, March 30, 2014 for her $230,000 lottery win utilizing RSE’s teachings on the Vancouver, BC Canada-based show:
Synchronicity, the #1 spirituality, love and wellness radio show in the WORLD hosted by Marie Benard (according to Google, Yahoo, Alexa, etc)

Click here to listen to Ingrid’s podcast interview.

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